How to Get Developer Options on Android and also Disable It

There is a menu of options on your Android device that the majority of individuals are not familiar with, which is called the Developer Options. Moreover, some technical developers don’t know to enable developer options on Android devices. Read through this blog and follow the guidelines, it enlightens users more on how to get Developer Options on Android and More about it.

How to Get Developer Options on Android

The Advantage of the Developer Options is that it helps increase your Android phone’s efficiency and performance. There are most tools in the developer options menu, that can make this a little confusing, but it is very easy once you might have got a hang of it.

What Is Developer Options

The Developer Options on Android is an Android Software Development process in which applications that are created for devices run the Android Operating System. It is the Settings application on Android devices which includes a screen called the Developer Options where you can easily configure system behaviors that could help debug and profile app performance.

The Developer Options menu is intended to be used by Android developers. It is a hidden menu that is located in the Settings application and has lots of options and features that aid in testing and debugging apps.

How to Enable Developer Options

The Developer option on Android allows users to configure system behaviors in order to improve their device performance. The list of developer options that you find depends on the version of Android that your device is running. Here are steps that you can follow to enable developer options on your Device:

  • Navigate to the Settings of your Android device.
  • Scroll till you find the About Phone or About Device option and click on it.
  • Click on the Software Information
  • Now you have to rapidly click on the Builder Number 7 times.
  • Enter your Password, PIN, or Pattern to enable the Developer Options.
  • Go back to your Main Settings menu or the system settings, there you will find the Developer Options Depending on your device it may appear under Settings> General > Developer Options.

These are the possible steps that you can follow for you to be able to enable the Developer Options on your available Android device.

How to Enable USB Debugging

For you to be able to enable USB debugging on any Android device, you first have to go to the developer Options menu. On some Android devices, the Developer Options are on the main screen of the Settings, while others are in the System Section of the Settings app. Follow the procedure below to turn on USB Debugging on your Android Device:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll till you find About Phone or System Settings and click on it.
  • Select the Developer Options.
  • Scroll down and look for USB Debugging under Debugging.
  • Click on the slider/toggle button to turn it ON.

Whenever you connect your Android device to a PC using a cable for the first time, it will prompt you to allow USB Debugging. You can click the Allow option and select Always Allow From This Computer to never do it again.

How to Disable Developer Options

These are the guidelines that you must follow if you would wish to disable the Developer options on your preferred Android device.

  • Launch Settings on an Android phone.
  • Enter the About Phone tab or scroll down till you find System Settings.
  • Click on the Developer Options.
  • Click on the toggle/slider button that is at the top right corner of the page.

NOTE: Same steps are applicable to all Android devices.


What Does Developer Mode Do?

The developer Mode Speed Up Device Animation. You can dive into your newly enabled Developer options menu and there you will see options for Windows Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale, and then the Transition animation Scale.

Is it safer to Enable the Developer Mode in Android?

Enabling it does not affect the performance of the phone itself, then making the answer NO. The developer options as the name implies, give users access to enable some options which are already present in the smartphone Android phone. But there are settings that can affect performance issues if you are not being careful.

How do I Unlock Developer Options on Android 11?

Enter settings on your phone. Click on the About Phone option and select Software Information. For you to enable the Developer Mode, you have to rapidly tap on the Builder Number 7 times in a row.

How do I Use Developer Options?

The precise locations of the developer option depend on the version of Android you are using and the Device Manufacturer. Most devices (recent smartphones and tabs) place their developer options close to the bottom of the main Settings screen, while some move them to a System menu or some other locations.




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