How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death. Nowadays, we count on our smartphones for quite a few aspects of our lives. We often make use of the for work when it comes to attending meetings or taking notes we make use of them for our music, and many of us also rely mainly on them for things like navigating to new and unfamiliar places.

How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

Android Black Screen of Death

However, we have been faced with issues here and there with our devices. One of the most frustrating and scary issues is when your Android screen goes entirely black for no apparent reason and it seems like there is nothing that can be done to fix it. Sometimes it is referred to as the “Black Screen of Death.”

Luckily, this malfunction issue with your Android device screen is often something that you can fix with just some troubleshooting techniques. Though there’s always the chance that something bigger might have gone wrong with your device that would necessitate a service appointment, which includes a display malfunction. Before spending money on a trip to a technician, I would be stating some things that you should try out if you want to fix the black screen issue.

How to Fix the Android Black Screen of Death

If the screen of your android device is dark and won’t turn on, there could be a number of issues causing the phenomenon, such as an app that is not working properly that’s causing system issues or something stuck in the charging port keep it from charging. You should make sure you try out all the basic troubleshooting steps before resorting to more drastic solutions.

  1. First inspect the buttons on your Mobile device, ensuring that none of them are Jammed, preventing the power button from working.
  2. Make sure you have a clean charging port. Dirt can build up within a charging port and can prevent the phone or tablet from properly charging. If you are trying to clean the charging port yourself, be sure to make use of wood or plastic toothpick; metal tools can damage the port and cause a short.
  3. Try force restarting your mobile device severally. Most times, this would fix the problem. In other to do this, hold down the power button for about 15 seconds or so, then attempt to turn the device on once again.
  4. If it does not work, charge the device for about 15 minutes and the force restart it again.
  5. Take out the battery on the device and then reinsert it and attempt to restart the device. Unfortunately, a lot of android devices now come with built-in batteries that cannot be removed. Instead, you may need to let the phone in, let it charge for a bit, then attempt to turn it on by holding the power button.

What Causes Black Screen of Death

This might take some time for you to narrow down the issue and then fix it because there are tons of possible reasons the phone’s screen is dark. If you have successfully downloaded the app from a dubious source, such as an APK from a third-party website, it might be buggy and responsible for the issues. It is also possible that the display on your device got disconnected, the display itself has malfunctioned and needs to get replaced, or the phone is not charging for some reason.

If this problem has anything to do with a power problem, this could indicate that the battery needs to get replaced or that the charging port is dirty, preventing the phone from charging. Also, it is possible that the charging or the power cable or power brick might be faulty or just malfunctioning, meaning that a replacement should fix the issue.

Also, it is possible that the charging port might have developed a short, causing the device battery to drain and leaving you with no way to recharge the device. You would likely need to take your device to see a technician to aid in diagnosing the hardware problem.


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