How to Fix Alexa App not Showing Devices

It is surprising to see how most people are able to manage their surroundings using voice commands now that virtual assistants like Alexa have entered the market. But, it’s not unusual for these gadgets to experience odd problems that need immediate attention, such as when your Alexa app not showing devices.

How To Fix Alexa App Not Showing Devices
Fix Alexa App Not Showing Devices

Moreover, this article offers various ways how to fix Alexa App not showing devices.

How To Fix Alexa App Not Showing Devices

If your Alexa app isn’t properly loading devices, you have come to the right place to fix it. We will go over some easy fixes in this article to assist you address the problem and restarting your Alexa.

For Alexa App Missing All Devices – Here is how to Fix

You can try these fixes and see if they help if your Alexa app isn’t loading any devices:

Restarting the Alexa App

Restarting the Alexa app is the first step you should take when it stops loading devices. Any temporary issues should be resolved with a fast restart, which should enable the app to load your devices once more. Simply close the program, wait a few seconds, and then open it again to restart it.

Since most smartphones don’t undergo a hard reset for weeks or even months at a time. Try switching off your phone, then turning it back on, and then opening the Alexa app if it has been a while since you last did so

Also, you can try resetting your phone if restarting the Alexa app doesn’t fix the problem. The phone should restart to clear any RAM-clogged processes and allow all applications, including the Alexa app, to launch from scratch.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Alexa App

If the problem still persists, there is probably a defect in the version of the software you are using right now. As a result, uninstall Alexa and then reinstall it. Alternatively, you can update the application and check to see if it fixes the problem.

Try Checking for an Active Internet Connection

As obvious as it may seem if you do not have an active internet connection, the Alexa App will not be able to load your gadgets. So, double-check if your Wi-Fi is working or if your cellular data isn’t exhausted if you are using it.

For Alexa App Missing some Devices – Here is how to fix

You can try the fixes below supposing your Alexa App is loading only on some devices:

  • The difficulty is with that specific device, not Alexa if you observe that all the other devices are appearing except for one.
  • Hence, test whether restarting the device that isn’t showing up fixes the problem.
  • As an alternative, you may also try restarting your phone to see if it fixes the issue.

How to Manually Discover the Alexa-Enabled Devices

Attempting to manually find the devices is an additional option. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to “Devices” on your Alexa App.
  • From the top right corner of the screen, click the plus (+) icon.
  • Then select “Add Device” from the list of options.
  • Scroll down and click “Other.”
  • Proceed by clicking on the “Discover Devices” button.
  • After that, wait until the Alexa App rediscovers devices.
  • Any Alexa-enabled devices should be found by the Alexa app, and you should be informed of the number of devices found.
  • Once done, press “NEXT” to finish the device configuration.

How to Use the Alexa Web Client to Add the Missing Devices

If the aforementioned solution did not resolve your problem, you can try connecting the devices to your Alexa through the web client.

These are the steps to consider:

  • Launch your browser and visit the Alexa web client.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account to access the portal. Create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one to continue.
  • Select “Settings” on the sidebar menu.
  • Tap on the “Begin Setup” menu.
  • Choose the Amazon device you want to set up from the list.
  • Then click the “Continue” button.
  • Use your login information to verify the Alexa device you choose above, then click “Continue.”
  • To continue, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Don’t forget that you must connect your Alexa device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

These are all the steps to consider to add missing devices to through the Alexa Web client.


What Happens when you Deregister a Device on Alexa?

When an Echo device is deregistered, your name, login, password, and other personal settings are all entirely erased from an Amazon device when it is deregistered. Moreover, the gadget gets removed from your online Amazon account’s list of devices.

Can you Use Alexa Without Wi-Fi?

With a little planning, you can still use your Alexa as a Bluetooth device even if your home does not have Wi-Fi or if you are going on vacation. Using Alexa without Wi-Fi can be done in one of two ways: Employ a portable hotspot. Link Alexa via Bluetooth.

Why is my Alexa Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

To identify whether the problem is with your Echo device or your network, test the connection with another device. Restart your modem or router if additional devices are having trouble connecting to the internet.

Unplug the power adapter from your Echo device for three seconds, then plug it back in while your network hardware restarts.

How do I Update my Alexa App on my Phone?

You can either opt to Update all to complete all of your updates at once or check to see whether Alexa is present. Open the “Google Play Store” on your Android smartphone, and choose “Manage Applications and Devices” under your Profile in the upper right corner. Check to see if there is an update for the Alexa app.

Which is the Latest Alexa?

Newest Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) – 5.5″ screen smart speaker with clear audio and Alexa (Black)

Why is my Alexa Red?

Don’t be perplexed if you are wondering why your Alexa is showing Red. What it means: When the microphone on/off button is pressed, a solid red light appears. It indicates that Alexa is not listening since the device’s microphone is turned off.



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