How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11 – Theme Customization

Are you interested in How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11?  Are you tired of the plain old white background that is always on display in your windows? If you want something new, and you happen to be using Windows 11, then you need to check out the dark mode. In case you haven’t heard, Windows 11 is packed filled with tons of amazing features that would get you fired up.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11

All thanks to the windows 11 dark mode settings, we would be doing a lot of playing around with the colors of the operating system. Luckily, when it comes to how to Enable Dark Mode Settings, the process is not that hard to go by. Just read this content well, and you would be on dark mode yourself.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11

Here, I would be giving you all the steps involved in how to Enable Dark mode on windows 11. As I stated before, this process should not be that much of a problem to follow for you. the steps include:

  • First off, use the shortcut Windows Key + I to launch settings or you can access the setting manually via the start menu
  • On the left-hand menu, select personalization
  • Right from the main panel, choose colors
  • Open “Choose your mode” dropdown and the click dark

Select custom if what you want is to enable dark mode only for windows 11 system elements or for apps.

If you scroll down the settings page, you would be faced with tons of interesting customization that you can enable on your windows. You would find elements like taskbar icons. In other to change this, set this dropdown to Manual. Select default color or select view colors for a much wider choice to locate your favorite dark color.

Windows 11 Theme Customization

You can also customize your PC theme even more by choosing an accent color. This is the color that pops up on windows elements that needs contrast to be easily visible, like the notification icon found at the bottom-right corner of the taskbar, or the selected buttons found on the action bar.

By default, you would be given an accent color based on the colors of your desktop wallpaper. This looks quite pretty and contributes to a consistent theme.

How to Enable Dark Contrast on Windows 11

Windows 11 has also offered a contrasting theme for reduced vision or light sensitivity. You can choose to apply a dark contrast theme that would lead to a change in color of more elements than the dark mode outlined above.

  • Press Windows + I to once again launch the settings
  • The select accessibility from the left-hand menu
  • From the main pane, select contrast themes
  • Makes use of the contrast theme dropdown to choose a dark theme (e.g, Night Sky or Aquatic).
  • Select edit if you want to further customize the theme. Or probably you just want to tone down the brighter color elements.
  • Select apply.

And with this, you are set and ready to make use of a much darker theme on your Windows 11.


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