How to Create a Gradient Background in Canva

By carefully blending one color into another, color gradients let you give backdrops and form a more pleasing transition. Although, finding the right balance between a straightforward layout and a stunning, eye-catching graphic or image is never easy, how to create a gradient Background in Canva.

How to Create a Gradient Background in Canva
How to Create a Gradient Background in Canva

Despite the fact that you may create gradients with many colors, they are frequently employed to transition between two distinct tones.

How to Create a Gradient Background in Canva

In addition to conveying a sense of distance, proximity gradients add depth to an image. However, you can generate color gradients with Canva in a variety of ways, giving your images more depth and vibrancy. Learn how to make gradients in Canva for backgrounds, text, and shapes as you keep reading on.

To create a gradient background on Canva vary on what device you are using whether a mobile device or a PC.

How to Create a Gradient Background in Canva Using a PC

Here are some easy steps to consider to finally create a gradient background on PC:

With any browser go to the homepage of Canva and sign in.

  • After that, tap on “Create a design.”
  • From the popup page, scroll down and click on the option you would like to apply.
  • On the left side of the editor control panel, select the “Uploads” option.
  • Then upload the image you want to design by tapping on “Upload Media.”
  • Tap on “Elements” above uploads, after uploading the image.
  • On the search section, enter “Gradient” and click enter.
  • Scroll through Canvas gradient options and tap on the one you want to apply.
  • Drag the gradient’s corners after it has been applied so that it covers the important part of your image.
  • On the top right click the edit imagine panel or click the “More” icon if you do not see the panel.
  • To adjust the gradient solid color, lower the transparency and select the gradient.
  • in the top right menu, click on the “Position” option.
  • To position the gradient behind any other photos, simply adjust it back as many times as you want.
  • The gradient colors will display in the top-right corner of your Canva window after you click it. Choose the color combinations you like best.
  • After that, you can share your design on the top right.

On a PC, you can use editing tools more easily and the bigger screen makes it easy to create a gradient background.

How to Create a Gradient Background on a Mobile Device

It’s quite easy to set a gradient backdrop on a mobile device, but you have to swipe back and forth to see how the change affects your image.

  • First, click the “+button” located at the bottom corner of the image editor.
  • Tap the Background icon after swiping up to it. If the symbol isn’t visible, slide to reveal the “More” icon, where you should find Background.
  • Just below the search box, choose a color tile, then click to apply.
  • To get back to your design, swipe the editor panel downward once again.
  • Click the “Palette” icon to select a different color for your background.
  • Afterward, select the “+ Add a new color” option located at the bottom.
  • You can now choose your new color to complete the process.

These are the steps to easily create a gradient background on the Canva mobile app than on a computer.

How to Create a Gradient On Text in Canva on a PC

When text has a gradient, it can stand out against backgrounds with flat colors by giving the text a sense of depth. On a PC, gradient text can be produced in two different methods.

The first is a workaround that lets you create this text using the free trial edition of the software. To speed up the process the second uses some premium features.

1st Method: Using the Free Version of the Software

You must create a custom gradient inside Canva before you can apply it to text using the free version options.

To begin:

  • Go to Canva, log in to your account, and tap on “Create a design.”
  • On the left-hand sidebar, click on “Element.”
  • Enter “Gradient” in the search option and choose a free design.
  • In the upper left corner, you will find the two color options and select the color you want.
  • Then download your new file as a PNG and save it.
  • Now you are ready to use it to create a text effect after obtaining a gradient.
  • Then open a new page and select “Elements.”
  • Enter and tap the “Letter a frame” option.
  • Next, select the letter you need and drag it into position.
  • For each additional letter needed, repeat this procedure.
  • Then find the gradient PNG file and drag it into each letter.
  • Double-click each letter to select it, then resize your gradient image to fill the entire page.
  • On the top-right menu, select the gradient, then choose Position to Backward.

These are the steps to follow to create a gradient using the free version of Canva.

2nd Method: Using a Premium Feature

The premium features allow you to use the background removal tool from Canva after subscribing to the service.

To begin:

  • First, open a new page and tap on “Element” and add a gradient to the background you want.
  • Again, select the “Element” option and navigate to “Letter a frame.”
  • Drag the letters you select onto the page.
  • After, set the transparency of every letter to 35% after selecting them all.
  • You can now download the complete image as a PNG.
  • Enter Canva with the updated PNG file and “Add Page.”
  • Simply drag the new page into the uploaded PNG file and click the “Edit Image” option at the top.
  • Next, click “Background Remover” and wait for some seconds.
  • Finally, click on “Apply.”

Now you don’t need to drag a PNG file into each letter repeatedly to get gradient text.

How to Create a Gradient In a Shape on a PC

The process for adding a gradient to a form is the same as adding one to text. Before applying the gradient image to the shape, you must first construct the gradient image.

Below are the steps to follow to create a gradient in a shape using a PC:

  • First of all, click on “Create new Design” and then select “Custom Size.”
  • Select the “Elements” icon and enter “Gradients” on the search features.
  • After that, click enter, and select a design.
  • Next, to fill your full page, drag the gradient’s edges and select your color options.
  • As a PNG, simply save and download your image.
  • The next step is to make a shape to which you may apply the gradient image that has been stored.
  • Then open a new Canva template and go to “Elements.”
  • Tap on the “Frames” option and select your shape.
  • As prompted, resize the image.
  • Drag your new PNG file just created over the shape in the new template after uploading it.
  • To change the image’s size, use its rounded corners.
  • Crop the image by double-clicking it to make it fit the shape.
  • Simply click on “Done” immediately after you are finished.

Above are the steps to follow in order to create a gradient in a shape on a PC.


There are numerous methods to put your own individual touch on a design. Making a unique gradient is one approach to differentiate your designs from the competition. To create a custom gradient in Canva is simple to make and only requires a few simple steps.



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