How to Create a Google Meet Link for Students

How to Create a Google Meet Link for Students might need to be clarified. Although Google Meet is wholly connected with Google Classroom, you may make a separate Google Meet link for each class. This article will consider how to create a google meet link for students to connect to Google Classroom.

How to Create a Google Meet Link for Students

More so, each class’s designated meeting place is the link, which makes it simple for you and your students to participate.

How to Create a Google Meet Link for Students

You can use Google Meet as a platform for video conferencing to interact via phone, video, and chat with students.

If you are a teacher, you must ensure that a class or classes have already been created on Google Classroom before generating a Google Meet link. Students should enroll in the course earlier in addition to this. Google allows users to instantly create a Google Meet link on Google Classroom.

You may consider the following heads-up when setting up a Google Meet link in Google Classroom:

  • For each class in Google Classroom, Google offers lecturers and educators the ability to create a unique Google Meet link.
  • For various courses, this link serves as a dedicated meeting location.
  • Teachers must confirm that a class has previously been formed on Google Classroom before generating a Google Meet connection.

Steps to Create a Google Meet Link for Students

The following is necessary to generate a google meet link for students with google classroom.

To start:

  • Go to using your browser and sign in using your account details.
  • After that, the teachers must select the class they would like to create a google meet link.
  • On the stream page, tap the “Generate Meet link” button.
  • Then, hit “Save.” Once done, the Stream page and the top of the classrooms page will display the produced link.
  • Once the Meet link has been saved, teachers or authors should click on the “Meet link” to launch Google Meet whenever they wish.
  • After clicking the link, the meeting officially begins, and students can participate.

Nevertheless, before the link’s author clicks on it and starts the meeting, no students can access it.

When to Hide the Google Meet Link From Students

  • Before you meet with the students, hide the Google Meet link from them.
  • Navigate to your class in Google Classroom, find the Google Meet link, and click “Join now” when ready to meet with students.
  • Make sure students can access the Google Meet link.
  • Maintain “Quick Access” on (default setting).
  • The Google Meet will be open to all of your pupils.
  • Disable “Quick Access.” Any additional participants must knock and be accepted by the host or moderator. Check out the host/moderator.
  • Ensure everyone leaves the Google Meet after the lesson is over. As the last person to go to Google Meet, ensure you are. Remove any participants who remain after class, if required.
  • Return to the Google Classroom class and hide the Google Meet link from students.

You can reset the connection to Google Meet (this will create a new Meet link for the next class).

How to Prepare Students for Online Learning Through Google Classroom

As an online meeting room between people, including teachers and students, you can prepare students for online learning.

To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Share this information with students and decide how you will communicate with them.
  • With students, demonstrate how to join a session; document and distribute this procedure so students can access it.
  • Whenever you are presenting, tell the students to turn off their microphones.
  • Encourage and instruct students to use the chat option to ask inquiries.
  • Stress that students should refrain from making pointless comments in the chat feature.
  • You can unmute students and ban them from the conversation feature.
  • After your lesson, set aside some time for students to ask questions.


Is Google Meet Free for Students?

As a student, you can use Google Meet for free with Education Foundations throughout your school community. So, you may enroll in Education Plus, Education Standard, or Teaching and Learning Upgrading.

Can I Host a Google Meet without a Google Account?

To create a video meeting, you must be logged into a Google Workspace account. With a link, anyone inside or outside of your company can join.

Can Anyone Join a Google Meet with the Link?

Send them a link or the meeting code to invite someone to the meeting. Visitors must create a Google Account or login into an existing Google Account to join the free edition of Google Meet.

Do I Need a SIM Card to Join Google Meet?

You need to confirm your phone number before using Meet on a mobile device with a SIM. If you decide not to add a phone number when using a tablet or a mobile device without a SIM card, you can still make and receive calls using your Google account.

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