How to Create a Digital Signature

Since most people still make use of hard copies for signing their names on documents, creating signed documents using electronic signatures can be seamlessly difficult sometimes. In this article, you will learn how to create a digital signature easily while electronic techniques for creating digital signature is getting more popular by the day.

How to Create a Digital Signature
How to Create a Digital Signature

How to Create a Digital Signature

You might be puzzled why you should use digital signatures instead of handwritten ones if you’re new to electronic signing. However, due to advances in technology, it becomes increasingly common to create an electronic signature.

Here are some common ways to create a digital signature:

Using Draw and Scan

This is the most straightforward and easiest way to create a digital signature. This method of creating signatures is less secure than utilizing specialized software. Here is how you can create an electronic signature using a draw and scan. The steps are as follows:

  • First, using a ballpoint pen write your name on a piece of white paper. You can either use Black or blue ink which you preferred.
  • Next, take a photo or scan the image of your signature using a home scanner or even using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Neatly crop your handwritten signature to an appropriate size using digital tools such as your smartphone editor or an online photo editor.
  • You will need to convert your signature file to PNG format if it was created in a JPEG format when signing digital documents. You can use any online conversion tool like JPG to PNG to easily convert your file type.
  • Immediately, you have created a PNG file of your signature, you may sign documents in Microsoft Word and Google Docs by dragging and dropping your new signature above the document’s signature line


Automatically, this will add the image of your signature to a document, although this will not be the same as electronically signing a document with a secure digital signature. We recommend combining this approach with an online signing to maximize authenticity and security.

During the signing process, you can upload an image of your signature to generate papers that are both highly customized and legally enforceable.

Using a Free Online Signing Tool

There are various types of free tools available to assist you to create electronic signatures online. These tools basically permit you to sign online documents by typing or drawing your signature or downloading the image in ready-to-use PNG format.

These tools are something you can count on if you want an image of your signature for your document signing process. The following are the steps to consider creating a digital signature using a free online signing tool.

They are as follows:

  • Visit any of the online signing tool websites like the CreateMySignature and then select the “Draw Signature” option.
  • Next, using your mouse cursor or touchscreen device draw an image of your signature.
  • Also, you may use the eraser button in the top right to try again if you are not satisfied with the outcome.
  • Then hit “Save” when you have got the signature your preferred.
  • Tap or click on “Download” on the next screen to download a PNG version of your signature.
  • Finally, for a fast and easy signing drag and drop the signature image into a word document or Google Docs file.


If you need a secure digital signature, you may upload the image to the electronic signing solution you want.

Using Microsoft Word

For years now Microsoft Office has been the industry standard as a document creation suite. Word is always the preferred choice for document generation for most companies around the world though it has been surpassed by Google in terms of shareability

The following are the steps to consider creating a digital signature using Microsoft Word. The steps are as follows:

  • First, move the cursor where you would like your signature line to start from in your word document.
  • Subsequently, navigate to the insert tap, and under “Text” click on “Signature List,” then on “Microsoft Office Signature Line.”
  • In the setup box that pops up, complete the fields about signature details.
  • select your preferences for the signature box.
  • Next, right-click on the signature box in the document and choose “Select Image” to upload an image of a signature that you have before.
  • While doing that you can also type a printer version into the signature box or draw your signature using a touchscreen device.

This is how you can create an electronic signature using Microsoft Word. Also, PandaDoc offers an integration tool with Microsoft Word to make electronic signing easier.

Using Preview (Mac)

While you will need a PNG-friendly version of your signature, Preview offers a simple and easy way to sign PDF documents. You can create this signature using your trackpad or built-in computer camera. This will import your signature into the Preview App for easy and fast use.

Since the signature is attached to the app, you can be able to use it when editing any document or PDF. Below are the steps to follow if you are using Preview to create a digital signature.

The steps are as follows:

  • First, open the PDF document that you need to sign using Preview.
  • Then, add your signature to the document using the “Sign” button.
  • To add the date, drag your signature image over the signature line and then use the text tool (if required).
  • Finally, to save the signature close the document.

There are the steps to follow to successfully create a digital signature using Preview (Mac)


Nonetheless, bear in mind that doing so is not the same as creating a secure digital signature.

Using Acrobat Sign

Acrobat Sign formerly known as Adobe responsible for the PDF format is one of the oldest electronic documents for decades now.

Collaborating with Adobe Sign will put you in control of a user-friendly signature application that employs drag-and-drop tools very similar to other contemporary e-signing applications. You can edit a PDF in Adobe Sign by just uploading it.

The following are steps to consider to create an electronic signature using Acrobat Sign. The steps are as follows:

  • Use the “Upload” button on your dashboard to start uploading your document.
  • To continue, create a free Adobe account or sign in with an existing one.
  • Click the “Add signature” button in the left sidebar after scrolling to the page where you want to add your signature.
  • Enter your name by typing, sketching, or uploading a signature image (such as the one you made using CreateMySignature or by utilizing the earlier-described “draw and scan” technique).
  • Then click on “Save” When you have finished signing the document. Instantly, the signature will appear in the sidebar.
  • Next, drag and drop your signature onto the document.
  • Once finished, click the Download option at the top of the screen to get the document that has been signed. By selecting the “Request e-signatures” button, you can also add more e-signatures to your request.

This is how to get or create a digital signature using Acrobat Sign.

Uses of Digital Signatures

The digital signature has many functions as well as benefits in various industries. Here are some of the uses of digital signatures.


In the healthcare sector, digital signatures are used to speed up administrative and therapeutic procedures, boost data security, enable e-prescriptions, and manage hospital admissions.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act must be complied with when using digital signatures in the healthcare industry.


While utilizing digital signatures, the majority of government organizations are required to abide by strict laws, rules, and guidelines. Smart cards are also widely used by businesses and governments to identify their workers and constituents. These are physical cards with an integrated chip that has a digital signature that enables the cardholder access to an institution’s systems or physical premises.

However, digital signatures are used by governments all over the world to process tax returns, confirm business-to-government transactions, ratify laws, and manage contracts. In fact, the U.S. Government Publication Office disseminates electronic versions of congressional bills, public and private laws, and budgets.


Digital signatures are used by manufacturing organizations to streamline operations such as product design, quality control, production improvements, marketing, and sales. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Digital Manufacturing Certificate and the International Organization for Standardization both regulate the use of digital signatures in manufacturing.

Financial Services

For contracts, paperless banking, loan processing, insurance documentation, and mortgages, the U.S. financial sector uses digital signatures.

Moreover, digital signatures are used in this highly regulated industry, which pays close attention to the rules and recommendations provided by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Trade Act (E-Sign Act), state Uniform Electronic Transactions Act regulations, and other relevant agencies.


Digital signatures are used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to verify the blockchain. As a means for users to demonstrate ownership of money or their participation in a transaction, they are also used to maintain cryptocurrency transaction data.


Can I Create a Digital Signature For Free?

For signing documents electronically on virtually any device, DocuSign provides a free electronic signature tool. Freely affix an electronic signature to a document. With a computer, tablet, or smartphone, quickly and easily sign documents, contracts, and agreements.

How Can I Electronically Sign Documents Using Linux?

Xournal does not have the ability to generate encrypted signatures or provide digital certificates, but it does allow you to add PNG signature images to PDF files.

In this case, we advise using PandaDoc, an online browser-based electronic signature application, to complete the task. These platforms don’t require the installation of any software and work with a number of operating systems.

What is the Best Way to Generate or Create a Digital Signature?

The most effective electronic signatures go beyond simple imitations of your handwritten signature. These are digital fingerprints that can be used to verify authenticity that is encrypted and protected.

Focus on software solutions that take electronic security into account when producing your digital signature so that every time you sign a document, you can be confident that everything is legal.

Can I Use PDF Element For the Digital Signature?

With the help of the Android app PDFelement, you may easily, whenever, and wherever, add your electronic signature to documents. In addition, PDFelement is a fantastic tool that lets you organize PDF documents with customizable folders.



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