How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac

Is the Mac Mail application hogging your Storage? We are not demeaning it, it is indeed an excellent application, having said that, over time when the emails start to pour in mostly the ones that are with attachments, you might see a huge dip in the storage space. That is exactly what this blog is here for, it enlightens you on How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac, so read through carefully.

How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac
How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac

How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac

The Mail storage is consumed by many attachments which come with the emails that you receive. These attachments range from the sent documents and some other files to signatures from subscribed company newsletters. If you might have been in search of ways that are effective for you to clean your Mac Mail storage to make your Mailbox clean and organized, then this blog gives the right guidelines to do that.

How to Clear Mail Storage on Mac

In Mail, locate the message that has the attachment that you would want to delete. Follow these guides below on how you can be able to delete and clear mail storage on Mac:

  • Click on the Message application.
  • Select the message menu that is in the menu bar.
  • Click on Remove “Attachment”.
  • Repeat this for every message that owns the attachment you want to delete.

You can be able to remove attachments from multiple messages at the same time by just shift-clicking on the message to select them and choosing Message > Remove Attachments, as well as the attachments themselves. You can select all messages that have attachments in one, and delete them.

How to Remove Mail Attachment

If you have many attachments remove one message at a time, and there is another way. Mail stores attachments that you have downloaded in your Library folder. You have to locate them and then drag them to the trash for you to free space. However, that can only delete the attachments that you have downloaded and even free up space on your Mac. Here are how to find and then remove them:

  • Go to the Dock and then click on the Finder icon.
  • Choose the Go menu.
  • Tap Go to Folder.
  • Type the following in the text box: ~/Library/Containers/ Downloads
  • Press Return

Finder windows will open at a location, showing you the contents that are of the Mail Downloads folder. Inside the Mail, Downloads are lots of other folders. Inside those folders are attachments that you might have downloaded. For you to find out what is inside each of the folders, you have to open them.

However, if want to delete everything Mail has downloaded, you will just have to drag all the folders to the Trash.

How to Stop Mail Applications from Popping Up on Mac

Most users are complaining that their Mac email app could keep popping up on the split screens. This could be an intimidating experience. Here are ways to stop the app from popping up:

  • Open the Mail Applications.
  • Click on “Mail” from the menu bar.
  • Select on “Preferences” option.
  • Select “General”.
  • Now you have to deselect the “Prefer Opening Messages in Split View when in full screen” box and then you are done.

Follow the steps above so that you can be able to stop annoying emails on Mac.

How to Delete Junk Mail

There are a few tips that you can use for clear Mail storage on Mac. To delete Junk mail and then delete the items.

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Choose the Mailbox in the upper menu.
  • You will see two options that say:

Erase Deleted Items Erase Junk Mail

This method will help in removing all the junk mail that is on your Mac.


Why is Mail using so much Storage on Mac?

Mail storage could be consumed by various attachments that come together with emails. These attachments range from the sent documents and even other files to signatures from subscribed company newsletters. After you might have an attachment on Mac, it then automatically gets downloaded onto the computer.

How do I Free Up Mail Storage?

How to clear space

  • In the search box, type has attachment larger: 10M
  • Then click search

NOTE: “10” with a higher number to delete the larger files

  • Choose the emails that you do not need, and click on “Delete”.
  • Click on “Menu” on the left side of the page
  • Click on the “Empty Trash Now” option at the top.

How do I Clear my Apple Mail Cache on my Mac?

Like most other applications, the Mail app on your Mac has a cache.

  • Before you can clear the Mac Mail app’s cache, you will need to use Finder to find the application’s internal data.
  • Once you might have located the Mail app data with the Finder, you just have to delete it.
  • Clearing the Mac Mail app’s cache will force the application to redownload your messages.

How do I Clean up Mail Downloads on my Mac?

Delete email attachments

  • In the Mail application on Mac, select a message that includes one or even more attachments.
  • Then choose Message > Remove Attachments. The messages remain in Mailbox and the annotated to indicate that all attachments were manually removed.



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