How to Check BVN on MTN Right Now

Are looking for an easy way to check your BVN? Look no further, because this article provides a full guide on how to Check BVN on MTN.

How to Check BVN on MTN
How to Check BVN on MTN

As a form of identification for various channels, the Bank Verification Number (BVN) is used by Nigerian banks to keep track of account activities. Nevertheless, the use of BVN was mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2014. The BVN is matched to your fingerprint, signature, and face portrait.

How to Check BVN On MTN

So how can you check your BVN through MTN? First of all, make sure that your BVN is registered with the phone number you want to use. In fact, you cannot use another network provider to check if you registered your BVN with MTN.

The following are the steps on how you can check your BVN via the USSD code *565*0#:

  • To start, open and dial *565*0# on your phone dialer.
  • Be patient, until the 11-digit number appears on your screen.
  • Once it comes up, simply copy the number for use or save it to use later.

Above are the steps to check your BVN through MTN easily.

Note: To check your BVN through MTN cost a little, a fee of 20 naira is charged per transaction. Thus, it is advised that people who are unable to pay the fee each time they check their BVN save the number for later use.

How to Verify your BVN on MTN for Any Bank in Nigeria

To check your BVN code number using your MTN line with any bank in Nigeria, carefully follow the steps outlined below:

  • Dial *565*0# for First Bank.
  • Dial *565*0# for Stanbic IBTC.
  • Dial *565*0# for UBA.
  • Dial *565*0# for Zenith Bank.
  • Dial *565*0# for Access Bank.
  • Dial *565*0# for Union Bank.
  • Dial *565*0# for Ecobank.

Take note that there is a transaction cost of 20 Naira, so it is advised to store the BVN number for later usage. Besides that, be sure to use the MTN line that you used to register your BVN.

How to Get a BVN

Please follow the listed steps below to obtain a Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria:

  • To begin simply visit your bank and provide a valid form of identification, like a driver’s license or voter’s card, to get a BVN enrollment form.
  • Fill out the form and then allow the bank to capture your photo and fingerprint.
  • You will get a ticket ID immediately after doing that.
  • Then you will get your BVN number a few days after registering.

It is important to note that a few banks allow customers to register their BVNs online. After receiving your BVN, you must link it to each of your other bank accounts by completing a form at your bank.

Enrolling for BVN

Simply follow the steps below to obtain your Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to any branch of your bank
  • Complete and submit the BVN Enrolment form.
  • Submit your biometric data, such as your fingerprints or a picture of your face.
  • An acknowledgment slip including the transaction ID will be provided to you.
  • Your application will be approved and your BVN created within 24 hours. To pick it up, an SMS will be sent to you.

These are the steps to follow when enrolling for BVN.

Benefits of BVN

Have you ever wondered what the Bank Verification Number (BVN) means? There is more to it than just a collection of random numbers.

  • It provides numerous advantages that can enhance the security and convenience of banking experience.
  • All Nigerian banks accept the BVN as a legitimate form of identification because it is a distinctive number.
  • Likewise, it makes it possible for customers’ identities to be easily verified and authenticated through a variety of electronic channels.
  • The BVN can also be used by financial companies to track and monitor consumer loan repayments.
  • The BVN reduces the risks involved with online transactions by acting as a deterrent to cyber fraud.
  • In contrast, the BVN database has pertinent bio-data that may be searched to find out details about a person, including names, contact information, residences, and dates of birth.
  • The BVN can aid in accelerating financial transactions by decreasing lines in banking halls, leading to a more streamlined and efficient banking operation.
  • Overall, MTN’s BVN checking service is a useful tool for reviewing financial data and personal identification.
  • It provides a dependable and user-friendly platform that makes it possible for anyone to easily access financial services and execute transactions.


How Can I Check my BVN details Online?

There is only one authorized method that an individual can use to check their BVN phone number. And the BVN validation gateway is used for that. Through the NIBSS BVN Validation Portal, you can quickly access and confirm your BVN information.

Can I Check my BVN with my ATM Card?

Simply visit any ATM that is nearby and then Insert your debit card into the machine, then check the options that are shown on the ATM’s screen. When you click “Check BVN,” your BVN pin will appear. It is easy.

What is the NIN Code for MTN?

You can use the following channels to verify the progress of your National Identity Number (NIN) submission for FREE: Sending NIN to 785 through SMS or USSD is *785*3#.

How Do I Get a BVN with a USSD Code?

At the point of banking activities, it is used for quick identification and verification. Dial *737*6*1# on your registered phone number to obtain your BVN. You can also get your account number and balance with this code. Additionally, by simply dialing *737*20*BVN# on your registered mobile number, you can link your BVN to your bank account.

How Can I Check my BVN Name and Date of Birth Online?

Just dial *565*0# with your MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile (Etisalat), or any other Nigeria-registered telecommunications provider to check the name and date of birth on your BVN. Then, copy your BVN and go to any of your bank branches to request this information.



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