How to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

It is quite obvious that millions of individuals flock to Kik because of its lively group chats and fun messaging features. On the other hand, changing your profile look is the best way forward if you want to stand out from the crowd on Kik. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to change your chat theme on Kik.

How to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik
Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

You have a lot of options to make your page stand out graphically because Kik invests a lot of time and effort in this function. You should make use of all the customization options that Kik has to offer, from basic themes to vibrant ones.

How to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

You can customize your page in a variety of ways when it comes to chat themes. You can pick from a variety of vivid colors, modern styles, and even a fashionable, eye-friendly dark mode setting. So, let’s examine those possibilities.

Nevertheless, they may probably end up sticking around because of the fun customization options that Kik offers its user. The ability to customize your chat theme is one of the coolest ways to make your experience on Kik more unique.

It is very easy to change your Kik chats. We will go through the procedure together so you can edit your appearance whenever you want.

The steps are as follows:

  • Launch Kik on your mobile device.
  • Go to the chat screen, where you will find all your conversions.
  • Tap and hold chat and a pop-up menu will display. Click “Chat Info.”
  • Select “Chat Theme” from the list of options.
  • Click on the theme you prefer.
  • Return to your chats and demonstrate your new aesthetic once you’ve discovered a look that suits you.
  • Finally, send a few screenshots to your friends to impress them, and switch themes as often as you like.

If your chats look too dull and you’re ready for an upgrade, then it’s time to learn about Kik’s chat themes and revamp your page.

Different Types of Chat Theme Options

There is a variety of themes available to choose from. Do your study before digging into the Kik settings. Listed below are a handful of our preferred chat topics.

  • Default Theme: This straightforward but useful choice has remained a staple on Kik. It retains the level of clarity and professionalism you seek while still being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Color themes: Pick one of Kik’s strong, vibrant colors for your chat theme if you’re feeling more expressive. Try using colors like an energizing yellow palette or relaxed cool blues to convey your personality.
  • Dark Mode: Some users prefer a sleeker design with less color. This futuristic design provides the benefit of substantial eye comfort throughout use, even during gloomy hours. It’s best to use this ultra-modern stance when conversing in a dimly lit area.
  • Custom Themes: You can further personalize them if you’re feeling inventive and want to go beyond the options offered. There are many more background images and color variations you can choose from to make your chat theme one-of-a-kind.

Additional Customization Options

The only way to make your Kik stand out is to change your chat theme. Here are some additional ways to make your Kik completely unique if you want to take your customization to the next level.

Chat Backgrounds

Themes for chats are only the beginning. The next logical step after starting to personalize your Kik is to alter your chat background. You can submit any image, thus there are endless ways to go here.

Select either a Legends of Zelda landscape or an Andy Warhol painting. Some users want to add a well-known view or landmark from their city or country to serve as a reminder of where they are from.

If you’re stuck for inspiration or don’t have any fresh ideas, browse the stunning artwork on an art museum’s website.

Font Styles

Consider changing up your font style when conversing on Kik for more flair. Pick from a stylish pink script or large, blocky letters. You can utilize a variety of font styles to allow your personality to shine through in the language you employ.

Sticker Packs

Sticker packs are an underutilized tool for enhancing the visual appeal of your chats. Kik offers a seemingly limitless selection of cartoonish images.

From lovely settings populated with cuddly forest creatures to odd attitudes and clever metaphors, they have it all. Download a pack and start firing off a few to lighten up a somber conversation.

Do I Need to Buy Chat Themes?

On the contrary, paid chat themes are not required, but if you’re ready to spend some money on Kik, you can get much more done. To make the chatting experience will be much cooler if you’re willing to splurge a little. they provide premium chat themes.

These themes feature complex patterns, unique images, and even animation. This is not a major deal if you’d prefer to utilize the free chat themes. Already, there are countless patterns and ways to customize your account.

The degree to which you are concerned about improving your chat themes will depend on your personality and style.


With Kik, there are countless ways to express who you are as a person. Modify the chat’s theme so that your distinctive personality shows through. Chat backdrops, font choices, and stickers let you further customize your conversations. We guarantee that you’ll want to check in for much longer throughout the day.


Can you Change Kik’s Ringtone?

You must modify the SMS sound in your phone’s settings in order to adjust the Kik sound. To access the settings, tap the gear symbol. Then select “Notification sounds.” Click “Sound.”

Why are My Kik Messages Red?

One of the rarest symbols on KIK is a red exclamation point. That indicates that there was a problem, and your message could not be delivered. Simply try sending the message again, potentially from a different place if your smartphone is experiencing poor reception, to resolve this issue.

What is Not Allowed on Kik?

Kik will defend you from anyone who threatens, mistreats, or stalks you. We forbid any malicious content that insults or encourages violence to any group, person, or their property, including chat bots, on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, or handicap.



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