How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Do you want to take a break from Apple Music? If you do, then you would need the available steps on how to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Apple Music Subscription

Apple Music is one amazing platform that music streaming platform, probably the best music streaming platform out there. Apple Music has over 70 million songs available for stream and has been the most dominant streaming platform on Apple devices.

You can access Apple Music on your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Android device, newer Apple device, the web, and Newer Apple TVs. The service offers a three-month free trial, and sometimes 6 months on another platform like Verizon.

With all those amazing features, I do not see why anyone would want to cancel their subscription. But for whatever reason you choose to cancel the subscription, this article is here for you.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Below I would be giving you all the steps available on how to cancel your Apple Music Subscription Across all devices. To kick off the list:

On iOS or iPadOS

  • First, you need to navigate to the settings
  • Then [your name] > Subscriptions on your device and tap on the Apple Music entry.
  • At the edit subscription screen, tap on the cancel subscription button and then confirm the cancellation.
  • With this, you can now cancel your subscription right from the Apple Music app by tapping on the listen now icon
  • and then tapping on the profile icon located in the upper right.
  • Then head to the account page, and tap manage the subscription to cancel or modify your subscription.

On Android Devices

Android users that have subscribed to Apple Music can tap on the listen now icon, then open the three-dot settings menu, and then select account. At this point, select manage subscription and then tap on cancel subscription.

If your subscription was made via the Play Store, you can cancel it directly through the storefront. Launch the hamburger menu located in the app and select subscription to access all your current and your former subscriptions. Tap on the Remove link located at the Apple music entry in other to cancel the service.

On Mac

If your mac is running on the macOS Catalina or Big Sur, click on the Apple icon, open system preference, and then select the Apple ID. Click Media and Purchases on the sidebar and then click on the Manage button next to the subscriptions.

There you would see all the available subscriptions. Click on edit right next to your Apple Music subscription and then click on Cancel subscription. Confirm your cancellation and then click on done to close the subscription window.

You can also choose to cancel it via the App Store and manage your Apple Music subscription. Open the app on your Mac and click on your account name and image located in the lower-left corner. Click on view information, and then sign in using your Apple ID pass if prompted.

Scroll down to the account information screen until you get to the manage section. Click on the manage link next to subscriptions. Click on Edit and then link next to Apple Music subscription, click cancel the subscription, and confirm the cancellation.

Via Web

Apple Music can also be accessed via the website, where you get to listen to music and then cancel your subscription. Click the try it free button, then click sign in located at the pop-up window, and then enter your credentials.

Immediately after you are signed in, click on your profile icon located in the upper-right corner and then select settings. Scroll down the settings page and then click on the manage link in the subscriptions section.

Click on the cancel subscription button in the edit your subscription window, then confirm the decision to cancel.

Via Apple TV

This service is available on the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4k. you can choose to manage your subscription directly from the Tv by heading to settings > users and Account > [your account name] > Apple Music Membership. At this screen, you can choose to cancel or make changes to your subscription status.


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