How to Add People on Snapchat (Step-by-Step Guide)

Snapchat social part of the platform is also pretty big. and in case you do not know, there is a whole new world on Snapchat aside from just taking photos. And, one of them is the reason why I would be giving you how to add people on Snapchat, trust me you would want to know how this goes.

How to Add People on Snapchat

This article will explain how to add people on Snapchat and add them to your friend list. These instructions would work pretty well for Android and iOS users.

How to Add People on Snapchat

There are tons of methods available when it comes to adding people on Snapchat and, we would be discussing all of them. The steps include:

  • Via Username
  • via contact list
  • Scan their Snap code
  • Subscribe to users by finding them on a Map

Via Phone Contact List

When it comes to how to add people to Snapchat via a contact list, there is no big process here. As long as you have the person’s phone number or email on your device, follow the steps stated below:

  • Head to chat, Camera, or the stories tab, and tap on the add friend icon located at the top
  • Select “All Contacts”
  • Select Continue, and after that follow any prompts to give the app permission to access their contact list. This would sync your contacts with the app.
  • Search through the list, or you can choose to browse manually and then tap on add next to anyone that you wish to add.

Via Username

If you know the username of the person you wish to add, follow the steps below to get them added to your contact list.

  • Tap on the search icon located at the top of any screen
  • After that, enter the person’s username in the box
  • Select Add to the right of the person that you wish to add.
  • If you cannot find them in the list, click on “Choose More” to expand the results. You can also choose to tap their profile image and choose to add a friend

Via Snapcode

In case Snapcode is new to you, they are Snapchat images that look like QR Codes. They are unique to every user on Snapchat as they contain each person’s username. Users can scan them to easily get contact info.

This method involves two ways of scanning, that is if the image is or is not stored on your phone.

  • Launch the camera tab
  • If the image is not saved on your phone, point your phone camera at it, and press and hold until the username has been identified
  • If the image is saved on your mobile device, tap on the add friend icon located at the top, and then tap the Snapcode icon to the right of the search box. Select the image;
  • Tap Add friend

Find Snapchatter Via the Snap Map

Although it is not quite the same as becoming friends, you also get to subscribe to people on Snapchat close to you. this is one great way to find other users in the same area as you, but it works only if the other users have a Snapchat public profile.

  • Launch the snap map from the leftmost tab at the bottom of the app
  • Browse the map, tapping hotspots or Snapchat that you are interested in
  • Select view creator
  • Then tap on Subscribe in other to follow updates from that particular user.

You also get to see their username here, which you can then search for via any of the steps stated above if you want to add that person as your friend.

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