How to Activate and Use CleanMyMac X Properly

It is a perfect resource that helps to ensure that your Mac is reliable and stable, most especially critical in some inexact periods. This blog post is here to enlighten you more on how to use CleanMyMac X, so keep on reading.

How to Use CleanMyMac X
How to Use CleanMyMac X

However, the CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one toolkit that is designed mainly for Mac users, to help them keep their Macs on the Go, organized, speedy, and free from all harmful things that could affect their Mac.

How to Use CleanMyMac X

The CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple and iF Design Award 2020. The application has over 15 million downloads. The App is a powerful Mac cleaner, health guard, and speed boost and is designed to help your Mac run at full accelerator again. Whether you are working back at the office or remotely, Mac is a critical piece of the kit. Because of its importance, you are going to make sure that you can trust it to perform its job.

Clean Up Mac

The end of the system Junk, tons of the available cache files are finally done with your Mac. YOU can mass remove unused DMGs, incomplete downloads, and then the rest of the old baggage.

Space Lens, Storage Visualized – This app tool could help in building an interactive map of your entire drive. You can be able to visually spot the largest space-wasters to quickly free up space on your Mac.

It sweeps away large hidden files – You can be able to locate massive old files that were swept under the rug. Do you need to filter out just movies or even months-old documents? Then no problem with that, the CleanMyMac X app can help you.

Speed Up Mac

Full-scale Mac optimization – The App can help you find and then disable applications that cannibalize memory resources. Switch off background plugins and then fix small errors like an Apple genius.

An army of maintenance tools – Whenever Mac stalls, you can free up its RAM in just one click. And you can also run Maintenance scripts for you to make your apps more responsive and works as expected. Now your Mac is unstoppable.

For Protection

In the Protection section of the App, you can be able to find CleanMyMac tools whose aims are especially focused on security privacy. In Malware Removal, you can be able to run a scan that is meant to identify Mac threats and their vulnerabilities.

As with more aims and focus anti-malware apps, CleanMyMac X can remove and disable threats to your Mac. The privacy tools allow you to quickly remove browsing history without requiring you to wipe the cache on your web browsers.

It could get rid of browsing history, trace your online or online activities, and autofill items.

Applications and Files

The Applications and Files tabs of the CleanMyMac X let you exercise deep control of most items on your Mac, whether they are files, applications, or media. For example, users can be able to easily find apps that have pending software updates in the Update tab.

If an app is giving you trouble whenever you try uninstalling it, you can properly remove it from your Mac using the Uninstaller tool in the CleanMyMac X app. The Extension tools also allow you to stay in control of various widgets, system extensions, and other plugins.

In the file section tab located in the sidebar, you can find a few tools that can make it easier to find and then delete awkward files on any of your Macs. The Spaces Lens, in mainly, is a great way to visualize what is consuming up your Mac space on your Hard drive.

Large & Old File identifies big files that you have not touched in a while.


How does CleanMyMac X work?

The applications and files tab of the CleanMyMac X allows you to be able to exercise deep control of the items that are on your system if they are applications, media, or files. For an instance, users can be able to easily find which applications that have pending software updates in the updates tab.

How do I Run CleanMyMac X?

Nothing special here: all you just need is to open the App Store and then find the CleanMyMac X application using the search bar. Then, click Get, after downloading, click on Open. That’s it, the application is now on your iOS device. For more details, see Download applications from the AppStore by Apple support.

How Do I Activate CleanMyMac X on a new Mac?

These are steps on how you can activate CleanMyMac X on a Mac:

  1. Launch the CleanMyMac X app and click on the unlock the full version.
  2. Click on the Activate Now
  3. You can only sign in with your MacPaw Account Credential (email and password). Or you can even enter your license number and then click on the Next
  4. Then finish signing in.

Is CleanMyMac X good for my Mac?

While the CleanMyMac X performs most of its only functions admirably and then it provides an excellent means of clearing gigabytes of some unused system detritus/gunk off your Mac device, it needs to catch up equally well where each of its units is concerned.



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