How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu. Windows 11 came to us with a redesigned start menu that looks a lot better and even more organized, but that also brought some inconvenient changes.

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

With the latest iteration of its PC operating system, the company has placed it focus on more on simplicity, adding a pinned section on top while trying to push the app list behind a click on the dedicated all Apps button located in the top corner. The big change did not get to its users as expected, which also explains the reason for the so many third-party start menu replacement options that are available out there.

Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

Well, windows 11 was built win a secret start menu that was developed for power users, but at the moment, only a few users are aware of it. And the best part is that you do not need a long command chain to access it. This secret start menu was created to offer, users, much faster access to some of the most crucial tools and dashboards that users feel are buried deep into the system.

For a start, in the secret start menu offers users some click access to windows 11’s core apps and features dashboard in the settings app, located inside the section for apps. Then, there is the windows mobility center button that would launch a window with quick controls for volume, battery level status, mode change presets, display, settings, And system sync tools – in one place.

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

For you to be able to gain access to the windows 11 secret start menu, all you have to do is to follow the steps that I would be stating for you below. The steps include:

  • You can choose to double-tap on the trackpad of a laptop to do the same
  • If you like making use of keyboard combos for your computing need, just click on Win + X combo to open windows 11’s secret start menu.

Hidden Start Menu Content

Just as previously stated, this Hidden Start menu is a treasure trove of some clean utilities.

  • The power option would take you directly to the straight main power and battery dashboard
  • The system tool would offer you quick access to the about page that shows all the key hardware information about your PC
  • People that make use of core system elements like Storage drives, networks, adapters, connected peripherals, and other input/output tools, more often can access it by clicking on the device manager tool
  • For power users, this hidden start menu would also allow you quickly run a command line from the run option
  • The windows Terminal for opening the windows PowerShell is just one tap away.

There are other quick actions listed on the lesser-know windows menu, and they include the network connection to quickly visit the network and internet dashboard, task manager, Disk Management, File Explorer, and computer management.


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