How Much is GOTV Decoder

GOtv has firmly established itself as a leading cable TV service in Nigeria, providing millions of viewers with a diverse range of channels to cater to various entertainment preferences. This popularity can be attributed not only to the array of channel bundles available but also to the accessibility of these packages at different affordable prices. In this article, we’ll look into the cost of a GOtv decoder and the factors that affect the price in Nigeria.

How Much is GOTV Decoder

Price of GOTV decoder

The cost of a GOtv decoder can fluctuate based on several factors, but the price typically falls within the range of N9,000 to N11,000. However, it’s important to note that the specific cost can be influenced by the following considerations:

Factors that Affect the Price of GOtv Decoder

The total cost of a GOtv decoder package in Nigeria varies, it is primarily influenced by the following factors: Here’s a breakdown:

1. Place of Purchase:

The location where you choose to buy your GOtv decoder can impact its price. Prices may vary slightly between authorized dealers, retail outlets, or online platforms. Exploring different purchase options allows you to make an informed decision based on the available deals.

2. Package Options:

GOtv offers several bundles to suit different viewing preferences. The cost of each package may differ based on the variety and number of channels included. Potential subscribers can choose from a range of options to find the package that best aligns with their entertainment needs.

 3. Period of Purchase:

The timing of your purchase can also play a role in the cost of the GOtv decoder. Periodic promotions, discounts, or special offers may be available during certain times of the year, providing an opportunity to secure the decoder at a more favorable price.

What’s Included in the GOtv decoder package?

A comprehensive GOtv decoder package includes

  • One decoder,
  • One antenna (commonly known as GoTenna),
  •  and a complimentary GOtv subscription that is immediately activated.

This ensures that subscribers can start enjoying their favorite channels right from the moment of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the price of GOtv decoder and their short answers:

What is included in the price of a GOtv decoder package?

A GOtv decoder package comprises one decoder, one antenna (GoTenna), and a free GOtv subscription that is activated immediately. Depending on the bundle purchased, this subscription allows access to several channels.

Are there multiple bundles with different prices?

Yes, GOtv provides several channel bundles to meet a variety of entertainment needs. The price of each package varies depending on the variety and quantity of channels included.

What effect does the location of purchase have on the price of a GOtv decoder?

The cost of a GOtv decoder package can vary depending on where you buy it. Prices may differ slightly among authorized dealers, retail shops, and online platforms. Investigating several purchase options to compare prices and potentially take advantage of any ongoing promotions is advisable.

Are there any further expenses after getting the GOtv decoder package?

The initial cost of the GOtv decoder package includes the decoder, GoTenna, and an activated subscription. However, depending on the plan selected and payment frequency, users could incur additional expenses for subscription renewals.

Are there any specials or discounts available for GOtv decoder packages?

Yes, GOtv may provide seasonal promotions or discounts at specific times of the year. Check with authorized dealers, retail stores, or the official GOtv website for details on any ongoing promotional offers.

Where can I get a GOtv decoder in Nigeria?

A GOtv decoder can be purchased in Nigeria from authorized dealers, retail shops, or online stores. Research numerous options to locate the most convenient and cost-effective purchase.


GOtv Nigeria stands out as a preferred choice for many households seeking quality entertainment. With a lineup of diverse packages, GOtv ensures that there’s something for everyone, making it a versatile and widely embraced cable TV service in the country.

The cost of a GOtv decoder is determined by a number of criteria, including the package chosen, the location of purchase, and the exact services included in the bundle.

Whether you are a first-time subscriber or you are considering an upgrade, consider the factors listed in this article to make an informed decision that fits both your entertainment interests and your budget.

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