How Much is Fubo TV Subscription

A less expensive option than conventional cable, FuboTV offers its customers real-time access to a large selection of channels on most streaming devices. Nevertheless, you may be curious to ask how much is Fubo TV. Find out as you keep on reading.

How Much is Fubo TV

How Much is Fubo TV

While there are many streaming services that may provide you with a live TV experience similar to that of cable, Fubo dominates this market with hundreds of live channels and regional sports options that other services simply can’t equal.

With some on-demand content and DVR features, it offers users access to at least 144 stations in real-time and up to 360 if you buy everything.

How Much is Fubo TV a Month

Fubo Tv offers three main plans, priced from $75 to $95 per month, along with a Spanish-language plan for $33 per month for subscribers. You can also customize your bundle by choosing from a number of add-ons. Now, let’s look into these plans one by one.

Fubo Pro:

The Fubo Pro package is the entry-level choice. At $75 per month, you can get 144 live channels with this plan or more, depending on where you reside. Also, it comes with 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage, so you won’t have to worry if you can’t get home in time for your preferred weekly program. Also, you can stream on up to 10 devices at home and two mobile ones.

Fubo Elite:

For those who want additional sports and news coverage, the Fubo Elite plan, which costs $85 per month, is a terrific choice. Elite offers at least 48 Fubo extra sports and entertainment channels in addition to the 145+ channels in the Pro plan, as well as 12 News Plus channels, for a total of 204+ channels. It offers 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage, as well as the ability to stream on up to 10 home devices and two mobile devices, just like the Pro plan.

Fubo Premier:

The Fubo Premier plan is the highest package available in this streaming service. Everything from the Elite plan is also included, along with nine more channels of Showtime live and on-demand programming for a total of 213+ channels. It is quite expensive, coming in at $95 per month. On the other hand, it has one of the most comprehensive content bundles of any streaming service.

These are the major plans, perhaps you can subscribe to on FuboTV. Apart from these plans, there is still one plan remaining which is the Spanish language plan in earlier mentioned.

The Fubo Latino

The Latino package on Fubo, which basically caters to viewers wishing for a Spanish-speaking option, is one of the service’s most distinctive features. At least 47 live Spanish-language channels are included in this $33 monthly package, along with up to 250 hours of cloud DVR storage. With this package, you can view on two screens simultaneously.

What Premium Channels Add-ons and Extras does Fubo offer?

For people who want more high-end entertainment from their TV subscription, Fubo has great add-on packages. These add-ons include service upgrades that start at $6/mo., premium channels that start at $6/mo., and channel grouping add-ons that start at $3/mo.

Thus, if you enjoy sports and want to increase your access to more sports channels, foreign sports, and other options, this is extremely welcome news.

Fubo Add-on Price and Extras

Provided below are some add-on premium channels and extras available on Fubo:

  • Adventure Plus for $5/mo.
  • fubo Extra for $8/mo.
  • Entretenimiento Plus for $10/mo.
  • International Sports Plus for $7/mo.
  • Latino Plus for $20/mo.
  • NBA League Pass for $15/mo.
  • News Plus for $3/mo.
  • Starz for $9/mo.
  • Showtime for $11/mo.
  • Showtime + Starz + MGM+ for $20/mo.
  • Sports Lite for $10/mo.
  • Sports Plus w/ NFL RedZone for $11/mo.
  • Pantaya for $6/mo.
  • Portuguese Plus for $15/mo.
  • RAI Italia for $9/mo.
  • TV5MONDE for $10/mo.
  • Unlimited screens for $10/mo.
  • Cloud DVR 1,000 for $17/mo.
  • Family Share (three simultaneous streams) for $6/mo.

Final Words

You may try out the service risk-free with a free seven-day trial available for each of the four Fubo subscriptions. Another interesting thing about Fubo is that the first month of the Latino package comes with a $8 discount.


How can I get Fubo TV for free?

Currently, new customers can join up for a free trial of FuboTV. Nevertheless, when you set up your account, you must input your payment card details.

How long is Fubo free?


Fubo offers a seven-day free trial option with its subscription options, which start at $75/mo. Comparable live TV streaming services include YouTube and other popular ones.

Do you need an account for Fubo TV?

Absolutely, you need to create an account to start watching. Nevertheless, your plans and channels are available to you depending on where you live.

Is Fubo TV like Netflix?

On-demand services like Netflix and Hulu are different from services like FuboTV. Presently, they now have access to live TV networks, which were previously available only through cable and satellite, thanks to FuboTV and its rivals.

In that regard, Fubo has a lot to offer if you’re seeking cable without the cable. But there are a lot of other things to think about, such as “How much does a Fubo subscription cost,” while looking for a new live TV streaming service. And “How many Fubo plans are available for selection?”

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