How Many Users on Threads

Instagram just launched Threads, last week. However, user uptake has taken place remarkably quickly. Even though the platform presently has no limit to iOS and Android users and is yet to have a web-accessible version. The rate of adoption among users has been thought of. To be enlightened more on How Many Users are on Threads, then you have to read through this blog post.

How Many Users on Threads

How Many Users on Threads

First, everything that need to do is download the Threads app if you already have an Instagram account. Then, all your personal information and past actions will be carried over. Instagram additionally lets you follow people you already know automatically, enabling, unlike-anything levels of widespread acceptance.

The Twitter competitor is now the most rapidly expanding online platform after more than 100 million users joined Meta’s new Threads platform in less than five days.

Important Facts

  • There are more than 103 million users of Threads.
  • Within just 5 days, Threads reached the astounding milestone of 100 million users.
  • The app Threads gives users a chance to upload videos and pictures while also giving posts of text priority.
  • All required to start using Threads is an Instagram account.
  • There are Threads stores in over 100 different countries worldwide.
  • Posts on Threads have a limit of 500 characters in length.
  • Users can upload videos with a maximum running time of 5 minutes to Threads.
  • There is no built-in direct messaging system available in Threads.
  • The distinction of having been the most downloaded app on the Play Store and App Store belongs to Threads.

Mark Zuckerberg Talks on High User Counts on Threads

Since Threads became accessible to all on July 5, Mark Zuckerberg has given updates on the number of users who have subscribed to it. The founder most recently disclosed his most recent user count update, which shows there are currently 100 million sign-ups. The adoption rate is astounding, and Zuckerberg said in an article that the number was “Way beyond our expectations”.

The tracking of Threads badge numbers, which informs users of how many they were to sign up for the platform, contributed to the upgrade to 100 million users. With numerous users flagging various flaws on the site. Zuckerberg states that “We’ve got a lot of work ahead” to finish the app. At the moment of writing, the number of users exceeded 100 million. And as additional regions learn that the application is available, it’s probable that the total will increase.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the timeline’s presentation, including being unable to access multiple accounts on one device. And the inability to limit the timeline to simply show content compared to those you are following. Any user on the site will be able to observe that this is just the start of Threads and that it remains too early for Zuckerberg and the firm to claim another Social Media victory.


How many Users are on Threads?

Mark Zuckerberg released updates on the number of users who have subscribed to Threads ever since it became accessible to the general public on July 5. The most recent number of users update, which indicates that there are now 100 million sign-ups, was most recently disclosed through the founder.

What is Threads Used For?

It is simpler for active Instagram users to recreate the same level of engagement on Threads. It is because Threads users have the choice to follow the same profiles they do on the photo-sharing app.

Is There a Limit on Threads?

The number of threads users can establish is not restricted by the firm. They are free to create multiple threads as they like. Does Threads support multiple users? As of this moment, Threads only supports a single user ID per login.

What is the Limit of Threads?

The maximum number of threads is controlled by the kernel option threads-max. /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max is the file where this option is defined. The output 63704 in this instance shows that the kernel is capable of running up to 63,704 threads.

Can I Use Multiple Accounts on Threads?

Despite the fact that Threads is a separate app from Instagram, users must sign up using an Instagram account. Which becomes locked and cannot be instantly switched to a different account.

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