How Does Call Tracking Work

Call tracking is one of the main ways marketers get valuable insights into all their campaigns. But, how does call tracking work? This article will consider how call tracking actually works.

How Does Call Tracking Work
How Does Call Tracking Work

It might be challenging to track phone calls without a call tracking system, despite how simple it is to track what works on your website or with your pay-per-click advertising.

Nevertheless, the primary benefit of call monitoring is that it can assist you in better understanding your potential customers and which marketing tactics are effective for your company.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Having a call monitoring software installed on your website, linking it to a phone number, and posting that phone number as your main contact information. The software automatically starts up and starts recording data, including the caller’s location, employer, and address when someone calls.

Moreover, anytime you launch a new marketing campaign, you can set up new phone numbers to track. This enables you to determine which marketing tactics are working for your company and which ones aren’t producing the desired outcomes.

Details Captured By Call Tracking

The call tracking system captures some details such as:

  • The keywords for which you were found resulted in a call
  • The channel, campaign, ads group, and webpage that make the call.
  • The name and number of callers
  • The time and date of the call
  • The geographical location of the caller
  • Whether the call was answered
  • The time period the caller had to wait to connect to an agent
  • The services and products that interest the caller
  • Whether he calls results in a conversation

You can even obtain a transcription of the call’s recording (sent to your email).

kinds of Call Tracking

Call tracking is categorized into:

  • Organic Call Tracking
  • Offline Call Tracking
  • Paid Call Tracking

These are the 3 different kinds of call tracking. Thus, call tracking is a fantastic tool to gather information about your potential clients so you may more successfully target them in the future no matter how you utilize it.

In this way, call tracking software plays an important role in marketing and tracks incoming calls from various campaigns both online and offline.

However, this monitoring system records certain information about various calls that your company received and the marketing campaign they were responding to.

Why is Call Tracking Important?

Call tracking plays various roles in order to help marketers in more than one way. Hence, call tracking helps business to:

  • Analyze which keywords are driving calls
  • Identify trends in customer behavior
  • Provide the exact transcripts of phone conversation.
  • Determine the return on investment of each marketing campaign
  • Detailed information about your marketing ROI

These are some of the primary reasons why so many firms find call tracking effective. There are additional benefits as well, but for now, let’s look at call-tracking best practices.

What is a Call Tracking Number?

An advertising campaign or marketing strategy can be tracked via a service called call tracking. You start the process by establishing or acquiring a special local and toll-free tracking number that customers can contact to get in touch with your company.

Among the many services that monitoring apps and solutions provide consumers with is a call tracking number. By displaying a personal phone number’s location and basic carrier information, it enables users to trace it.

Unique phone numbers that are assigned to marketing campaigns or sessions are called call tracking numbers. Every incoming call from a trackable phone number is forwarded to your company’s main line, making it simple to obtain numerous call-tracking statistics related to the specific digital campaign and strategy.

The user will then be given these special call tracking numbers as they click on your advertisement, enter their information in your lead generation form, etc. These numbers will also show up on their caller ID when they phone you back.

In What Ways Does Call Tracking Help Businesses?

Call tracking can be used to examine calls from all client contact points, including:

  • One of your website’s ads
  • You disperse information at trade shows
  • A promotion codes
  • a lead generation form that sites visitors or business prospects fill out when they are interested in your company.

Also, you can monitor the effectiveness of any marketing strategy and campaign that produces results with the aid of online call tracking.


To make it simpler to identify the campaigns that are performing the best, call monitoring leverages DNI to assign each of your campaigns a distinct number. You can improve strategy optimization and maximize your efforts by tying inbound calls to marketing initiatives. Employing call tracking to raise the effectiveness of your sales team can go long way.


Is Call Tracking Illegal?

It may not always be lawful to trace someone using a cell phone, despite the fact that it is technically possible. It is typically forbidden to use an individual’s cell phone to track his or her physical whereabouts without that person’s consent unless you are a member of law enforcement and have the warrant to do so.

Why Is Call Tracking Important?

Customers may be disappointed when their calls go unanswered because of congested lines. Every time a call is lost, call tracking immediately notifies the user via email or voicemail. Once call agents are available, this will enable them to act right away. Boost conversion rates and reclaim abandoned leads.

What is Call Tracking in Marketing?

With the help of call tracking, marketers can give specific phone numbers to each product, advertisement, geographic area, or other segments they choose and direct those calls to the designated destination (usually a contact center). With call tracking, a phone number may be turned into a lead source that can be tracked and analyzed.

How Can You Know If Someone is Tracking Your Phone?

There are certain common indications that someone is keeping an eye on your phone, though. They include a rise in data usage, dubious files and programs, odd text messages, and odd or broken device behavior like overheating.

Can Two Cell Phones Receive The Same Incoming Call?

A single incoming call can reach several devices at once and ring numerous devices concurrently with the function of a simultaneous ring. These gadgets might range from desk phones or PBX systems to smartphones and even PCs (thanks to VoIP technology).



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