How do I Get the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag

Crunchyroll is an anime fan website for streaming anime, with over 5 million subscribers. However, subscribers with ultimate fan memberships are eligible to get a Crunchyroll swag bag for free once a year.

Crunchyroll Swag Bag

To follow Crunchyroll’s lead, you need to pay for a premium subscription to their website. Then you can get your swag bag and encourage others to collect their promo products on Crunchyroll.

This article will discuss why you should get the latest version of the Crunchyroll swag bag or even obtain better bags by visiting their booth at the annual Anime Explorer.

What is the Crunchyroll Swag Bag?

What is the Crunchyroll swag bag? According to reports, the Crunchyroll Swag Bag contains a variety of items. Several products are reportedly included in the Crunchyroll Swag Bag, including but not exclusive to:

  • Apparel
  • Licensed merch
  • Figures from series actively streaming on Crunchyroll

Since the contents of the swag bag differ from year to year, most times they can include wonderful promotional products at times, while at other times they contain items that are destined for the junk drawer.

Contrary to the anime-related items Crunchyroll offers, customers who have received the swag bag have claimed that their merch contained pop sockets, sunglasses, stickers, power banks, and drawstring backpacks with the Crunchyroll logo on them.

Who is Eligible for the Crunchy Annual Swag Bag?

Being a premium Ultimate Fan subscriber to the streaming service entitles you to the free Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag. It is made up of unique merch that changes annually.

The Crunchyroll swag bag was recently introduced to promote Crunchyroll’s new membership tiers:


This allows you to stream content and access digital manga with ads for free.

Fan (Premium)

Also gives you access to digital manga and picks from over one thousand titles to stream ad-free.

Mega Fan (premium)

Plus, all the benefits of the regular Fan membership, you’ll also have access to exclusive coupons for the Crunchyroll store as a mega Fan.

Ultimate Fan (Premium)

A free swag bag and member-only access to exclusive merch, in addition to all of the other Fan benefits

Although swag bags with a subscription service is a new concept, customers claim they really like swag bags with them.

How do I Get the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag?

On the contrary, this may sound too good to be true. A whole bag of Crunchyroll items simply for being a member? Not at all, it takes a whole lot more.

To obtain the annual crunchy swag bag:

  • Go to the Crunchyroll official website and sign up for the ultimate Fan membership.
  • Then, maintain the membership for at least 90 days.
  • Subscribers will receive an Ultimate Fan promo code via email after that period.
  • To redeem your swag bag, visit and enter your code.

With this seemingly easy process, you will be eligible for the free annual gift. For any complaints regarding the Ultimate Fan promo code, please likely visit their help page for assistance.

Is Crunchyroll Swag Bag Worth It?

Of course, the Crunchyroll annual swag bag is definitely worth trying. But it is probably better to go with more reasonable plans like the Mega Fan subscription since the ultimate Fan membership comes with almost all of the same benefits as the lower subscriptions.

The only things you actually give up with a Mega Fan membership are the “swag bag” and member-only access to exclusive merchandise, which practically only means that you won’t be the first to find out about pre-orders for new releases and merchandise as they go on sale in the Crunchyroll Store.


How do Swag Bags Work?

Swag bags, also known as goodie bags, giveaway bags, and similar terms, are little gift bags or assortments of products that are provided to attendees of an event or conference to supplement the experience. These things are frequently used as a tactic to make attendees happy right away and make them look happy.

Is Crunchyroll Owned by Netflix?

Sony now controls both Crunchyroll and Funimation, giving the firm significant influence over anime in the US at a time when many other media companies are still figuring out how to market their anime offerings. Netflix has also made significant investments in both obtaining licenses and creating its own anime content.

Should I Get a Crunchyroll Fan or a Mega Fan?

Depending on the plan you have, the answer varies. Only one stream is supported by the Free and Fan plans. Nevertheless, the Mega Fan plan and the Ultimate Fan plan each support up to four streams concurrently.

Can You Buy a Year of Crunchyroll?

Get a premium annual account for 12 months to gain access to the most recent episodes and better streaming quality anytime you need it. On a Laptop, an iOS device, or an Android device, you can utilize the premium version.

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