How to See Hidden Friends on Facebook

It is common knowledge that as a social media user, a specific part of your life is seen by the general public since it is an open space easily accessed by anyone. Due to this fact, most social media users love to restrict at least the number of people who can see their posts and likes.

Hidden Friends on Facebook

People also hide their friend lists on Facebook because they don’t want anyone to know who they are friends with. It is because in case it is a shady relationship that could get them in trouble. People also hide their friend lists to preserve a particular image of themselves they are portraying so people don’t know how they are.

Hidden Friends on Facebook

Facebook, a social media outlet, aids this desire as it has a system where its users can hide their friend list from everyone. It restricts people who want to see their friends and activities from having access to it, thereby keeping it private.

However, due to our inquisitive nature as humans, we will always love to have access to what is hidden. This article aims to ease our curiosity by revealing the few tricks that allow you to view hidden friend lists on Facebook.

What Are Hidden Friends on Facebook?

Hidden friends on Facebook are not displayed publicly on a person’s page, as they should be visible to everyone. Hiding Facebook friends is part of Facebook’s privacy settings to protect whosoever wishes to make his friend list hidden. This Facebook feature maintains privacy for persons who want to do background checks on Facebook users.

How To See Someone’s Hidden Friends on Facebook

The tricks to use when discovering someone’s hidden friends on Facebook are written below

Discover Your Mutual Friends on Facebook

The first way to access the hidden friends of someone on Facebook is by discovering the mutual friends you share on Facebook.

How Do You Do This?

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Please search for the profile of the Facebook user you want to see his hidden friends.
  • Search for the user profile of your mutual friend.
  • Enter the Facebook ID of the mutual friend in the given URL.

Use: name/ friends? And =friend-of-target.

  • Proceed to hit the enter button, and the hidden friend list will be revealed.

Use the social Revealer on Facebook to view someone’s hidden friends

To use social revealer to discover secret friends on Facebook, you must first

  • Have a Facebook account
  • Install the social revealer app on your phone via the Chrome web store.
  • Log in to your account, then move on to the person profile whom you want to see his hidden friends
  • Open the social revealer app extension and click on ”see friends.”
  • The person’s secret friend list will be revealed

Use The Graph Search

Use the graph search feature on Facebook to your advantage by searching for people in the same space as the person you are searching for his hidden friends on Facebook.

Let’s say; for example, you want to see a hidden friend list of Mary Bello, who resides in Lagos and works at Dangote Refinery. Then you can type into the search ‘people working at Dangote Refinery’ in the search bar. By doing this, you will see a list of people who may probably be on Mary’s friend list.

With this search method, you can reveal hidden friends.

Download The Friend Mapper Extension

This method allows you access to the private list of hidden friend list,

To use this means to see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook, you must have the file. Also, to have the file, you will need to download it from the Chrome browser.


Can I see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook without being their friend on Facebook?

If you want to see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook. You must first be a mutual friend to that person on Facebook. You cannot see a person’s secret friend list without, first of all, being their friend on Facebook.

Is social revealer reliable in terms of seeing hidden friends on Facebook?

Social Revealer is very reliable when you wish to access private profiles on Facebook. It is because you only see what the user wants you to see, not what is on their profile. Social revealer is relatively safe to use and requires no unnecessary activation permissions. It has earned its name and can be counted on.

Does Facebook Allow Anyone to Hide Their Friend List on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook permits its users to hide their friend list through their privacy settings and who can view their friend list and who cannot. Facebook Users may decide to make their friend list public to everyone, visible to only friends, or visible to only themselves. They can also hide certain friends from their friend list so they are not easily accessible by the general public on social media.

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