How to Get Verified on Threads

The definition of a verified account with a blue check mark has changed ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Additionally, Meta swiftly embraced the new standard and started requiring users to verify their social media profiles.

Get Verified on Threads

On Instagram’s new social media platform, you can additionally verify the account you have, and Threads is no exception. However, the procedure for verifying an account on Threads is a little different. You do not have to worry about the steps and guides on How to Get Verified on Threads, because this article is here to help, all you need to do is just to follow the guides in it.

How to Get Verified on Threads

Users won’t need to sign-up for or pay for separate verification because according to the official blog post. Their Instagram account identities and verification will transfer over to Threads. Users need to get Meta Verified in order to become verified on Instagram Threads.

Users should check their username, profile name, date of birth, and profile image before moving on with the steps since they will not be able to make any changes after the procedure has begun.

You will have to validate your Instagram account before getting confirmed on Threads, and the same verification status then transfers to Threads. If your Facebook profile gets verified, for some strange reason Meta knows why it does not have the same impact on your Instagram or Threads account.

Although Threads has a profile verification option, it directs you to Instagram’s legacy verification option in the preferences section.

Verification Eligibility

Speaking of which, the following qualify a person for a profile verification:

  • Be the age of at least 18.
  • Have an entire profile that is either public or private, adheres to naming rules, and has a profile photo with your face in it.
  • Be able to complete two-factor authentication after payment.
  • Satisfy the basic activity standards, like having a record of posting.
  • Have a government-issued ID that matches the name and photo on your profile.
  • abide by the community’s guidelines and terms of use.

You now have all the information you require regarding how to become verified on Threads by Instagram.

How to Get Verified on Instagram Threads

Like Twitter and Instagram, Threads offers the option for users to verify their identity in order to obtain access to some premium services. You must pay a monthly fee for being confirmed on Threads, much like on Twitter. As you set up your verified Threads account, keep the expense in mind. For more instructions on how to get verified on Instagram Threads, see the steps below:

  • Make sure you have an account before trying to get verified on Threads. You will not actually be able to get verified through the Threads app once your account is just created. You must instead launch the Instagram app and access your profile.
  • Once you’ve arrived at your profile, click the Icon (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  • Choose Meta Verified from the available options.
  • After choosing it, you ought to be directed to the Meta Verified menu within the Meta Accounts Center; but, if you are not, choose Meta Verified again at the bottom of the screen. You will see all the advantages associated with being confirmed on the Meta confirmed menu.
  • Choose Subscribe.


  • Verify the profile displayed on the following screen is the one you are registering for the Meta verification procedure. After that, click Sign Up.
  • Examine the payment details on the brand-new website. You must pay $15 per month to subscribe to Meta Verified, which is going to be charged to the card on file. If you’re satisfied with paying that, click Pay Now then choose the credit card connected to the app you want to store. You may be asked to enter a card if there is none on file.
  • Select Subscribe once you have located your card.
  • After subscribing, Meta will review your profile to ensure that you meet the requirements for its verification procedure, which may require up to 48 hours. Be aware that you need to have 2FA activated, and have your full name listed on your profile, as well as a profile photo that properly identifies you in order for Meta to verify you. You will receive a refund if Meta declines the request for verification for any reason.

You’ll be verified on your Meta accounts shortly as your verification application is approved, which will result in you receiving the blue checkmark on Instagram and Threads. Keep in mind that you won’t get Facebook verified while doing this.


How Do I Get a Blue Tick in Threads?

Threads will verify if you possess anĀ Instagram account. As soon as an individual sign-in with the same Instagram account, all verified profiles will receive a blue tick next to their username on Threads. This is so that once you download the app and create a profile, your Threads account is immediately linked to Instagram.

How Do You Get Verified on Instagram without Posting it?

Be Authentic: You must be the actual you, your brand, or your company. Your ID issued by the government or official company documents serve as your proof of identity. Memes, fan accounts, and feature accounts are unable to be validated.

Is it Hard to Get a Blue Tick?

Qualifications for the blue tick.

Your username (@handle), display name, or profile photo cannot have recently changed on your account as well. There has to be no proof that your account is inaccurate or deceptive. There must be no indications of platform manipulation or spam activity in your account.

Why am I Not Getting Blue Ticks?

Your voice message was heard by the designated party. If your voicemail or sent message doesn’t have an “Opened” label or two blue checkmarks next to it, it hasn’t been opened. In the privacy settings, read receipts may be manually disabled by you or your receiver. Maybe you were prevented by the recipient.

Can you Buy a Verification Tick?

The new Meta Verification subscription bundle, which is aimed towards creators who want to grow their communities and boost their security and reach on these well-known social media platforms, now allows Facebook and Instagram users to pay for the blue verified tick.

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