How to Get a Moniepoint POS Machine

Moniepoint POS can make you profit on various kinds of transactions such as transfers, withdrawals, airtime purchases, and more. Furthermore, the company boasts one of the best networks in town; thus, the issue of “no network,” which is common with many POS centers, would be far from your business.

How to Get a Moniepoint POS Machine

What Can You Do with a Moniepoint POS?

  • Cash Withdrawal.
  • Money transfer.
  • Settlement is immediate.
  • Check the balances of your customers’ accounts.
  • Utility bill payment.

Things to Know About Moniepoint POS 

  • Moniepoint POS is not for sale, i.e. (it is the company’s property)
  • POS Terminals Purchased on “RENT” Are Expected to Be Used Daily; Otherwise, They Will Be Returned To The Agent
  • From Monday to Saturday, Moniepoint’s daily target is 50k withdrawals. If your weekly performance falls below 150k, your POS will be retrieved.
  • The agent must agree to return the POs when it is no longer in use (in the event that the agent leaves the POS business or has another financial problem).
  • The POS refund is 10,000 naira when returned.
  • You can get a Moniepoint POS device within 24-48 hours for N25,000 (twenty thousand Naira only).

What are the Moniepoint POS charges and commission structure?

 The volume of transactions via the terminal determines the charges by Moniepoint POS. However, as a starting point, here are some of the commissions and charges by Moniepoint POS.

  • For withdrawals between N1 and N20,000, Moniepoint POS charges only 0.5% of the transaction amount.
  •  For transactions above N20,000, Moniepoint charges a flat rate of N100 (charges may change at any time).

Rules that apply to the use of Moniepoint POS?

A daily withdrawal value of N50,000 (eighty thousand Naira) is required. If a company has any reason to withdraw your Moniepoint POS device within a year of issuance, you will receive 10,000 Naira of the N25,000 paid during registration. You can visit the website to get more information on how to apply; here.

How to Get Your Moniepoint POS Machine?

STEP 1: Make a Business Account and Sign In

After you enter the necessary information, a business account will be created for you instantly. After that, go to your business dashboard and select the POS menu.

STEP 2: Request a new POS system

Follow the instructions after clicking the Add a new POS button.

STEP 3: Pay for the terminal and fund your account

Complete the request by funding your newly created Business Account with a minimum of 21,500 for the POS Terminal. For one year, the ₦21,500 covers ₦10,000 caution fee, ₦10,000 logistics fee, and ₦1,500 insurance fee.

STEP 4: Your POS will be delivered within 48 hours

Moniepoint will immediately assign you a dedicated Relationship Manager. Within 48 hours, the Relationship Manager will deliver the POS terminal to you, train you on how to use it, and answer any questions you may have.

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