Free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

WordPress is a full-featured web content system for websites of all types, providing dynamic WordPress options to all. This award-winning platform has over 68 million websites run on free WordPress hosting on google cloud platform.

Free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform
Free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

On the contrary, this software allows a vast number of developers to contribute unique themes, plug-in modules, and widgets to customize websites. Providing powerful and easy-to-use administration tools.

Free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

As one of the best CMS tools for building Websites, the free site offered by WordPress often comes with annoying advertisements on your web. Then if you decide to remove the ads, you can remove them and subscribe to the service.

However, it requires a host’s servers to meet a few requirements in order to install and run it. Servers need to have the following software in order to execute the 3.1 version: PHP 4.3 or later and MySQL 4.1.2 or more are required. PHP 5.2.4 or later and MySQL 5.0.15 or more are necessary for version 3.2.

As a result, the platform can process data requests through the Internet quickly, and effectively. To interact smoothly with the server. Due to the large demand for WordPress hosting, almost every reputable business offers it, and there are a number of solutions available for a variety of needs and price ranges.

Hence, a shared WordPress plan may be chosen by someone who only wishes to publish a personal blog online, while major businesses frequently prefer to rent one or more complete servers.

How to choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Deciding which hosting provider to use can be difficult at times. The following are several factors to consider when choosing a host suitable for you. They are:

Easy to use

Through a significant control panel application, remote access to your website should be a straightforward task.


Your host should ensure a minimum uptime of 99.9% for your website, and all browsers should be able to load pages promptly.

Customer Support

Your host should be accessible 24 hours of a day by phone, email, and online chat to respond to your inquiries and address issues.


The cost may change significantly between various systems. You must take your budget into account when deciding which firm is best for you.

You should also think about the features you need. Most offer practical comparison tools that let you rapidly assess each package on offer. The following list of typical packages is explained:

Shared Hosting

is the lowest amount that is offered, however for many users, it is sufficient. With this package, a single server is divided so that multiple clients can use it and share its resources as required. Although it is the least dependable and least secure, this type is also quite reasonably priced.

E-commerce Hosting

For individuals who intend to do sales using a WordPress website, is a dedicated bundle. It has a number of functions, including credit card processing and an electronic shopping cart.

Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive package is dedicated hosting. You can rent out a whole server with this bundle for private usage. You have the option of having your own IT team manage the server or paying the provider to do so. Although it is the priciest, this kind also provides the most flexibility.

VPS Hosting

A shared server that has had its resources completely partitioned for two or more clients is known as a virtual private server (VPS). This makes sure that you always have access to the same set number of resources and that no customers’ resources ever overlap.

Businesses, websites with high traffic volumes, and websites that need specialized software installs should all use VPS hosting.

How to Get a Google Cloud Account?

You can host WordPress for free using Google cloud free tier. The following are simple steps on how to create a Google cloud account.

There are as follows:

  • First of all, to claim the Google Cloud free tier simply register to Google Cloud.
  • Next, it is important to select an appropriate server setting on the next page.
  • Then, select one of these US regions such as Oregon: US-West1, Iowa: US-Central1, or South Carolina: US-East1.
  • After that, select N1 series / f1-micro (1 vCPU, 614 MB) under the Machine type option.
  • The WordPress application will take some time to set up the necessary dependencies (Package/database) for you when you click the confirmation button.
  • With the External IP of the instance, which is shown on the VM instance list page, you can browse the WordPress website.
  • Congratulations!! You now have a new, cost-free WordPress website to use.
  • You might need to make certain adjustments to your WordPress if you’re an advanced user. To access the WordPress instance using SSH, go to the cloud console.

The new browser will then open for you and connect through SSH to the instance, allowing you to alter, edit, and manage the database or make any other settings.

How to Install a WordPress Application?

To install a WordPress application there are some necessary steps you need to follow carefully. The step as follows:

  • First, you will need to enter the root password to access the DB root.
  • Create a new database and grant full control or permission to a user.
  • Immediately, changes will take effect without restarting the DB service.
  • After that, run the exit command and change your directory to the HTML folder.
  • Install GNU Wget and then download the latest WordPress version.
  • Extract the archive file and assign ownership.
  • Now, launch the browser and access the WordPress file (basically the WordPress website).
  • Next, select the language, then click Continue and Go.
  • To connect the database with WordPress, modify the DBName, Username, and Password (values when creating a new DB) and click Submit.
  • Run the installation after entering the data for the WordPress site you are creating, and then click Install WordPress.
  • All that is left to do is log into your WordPress dashboard after that.

These are the needed steps to follow to install the WordPress application on devices.


After showing you how to run a WordPress website on a Google VM instance. You can now follow the instructions in this article to install WordPress on the Google Cloud while staying within the Free-tier restriction.


Can You Host a Website on Google Cloud for Free?

The fantastic news is that the Google cloud platform offers stable and cutting-edge technology that you can use to host your website. It also includes an incredible free tier that you can use to host your website free of charge forever.

Can I Host WordPress on Google Cloud for free?

The hosting services provided by Google Cloud improve the speed, almost infinite scalability, security, control, and customization of your WordPress website. Following the expiration of your free trial, you can continue to host your website with WordPress on Google Cloud for as little as $12.71 per month.

Is WordPress on Google Cloud Good?

For WordPress websites, Google Cloud hosting offers a fully configurable and performance-based solution. Together with access to the vast Google Cloud network and its cutting-edge security features, you’ll have control over which resources and Virtual Machines (VMs) your website may use.

Does Google cloud Provide a free Domain?

By selecting the custom name server option, you can set up your DNS resource records with a different DNS provider after setting up your name servers using Cloud Domains.



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