Free AI Art Generator you can use Right Now

Do you know you can turn your imagination into art? Due to advances in technology, with the help of a free AI picture generator, you can create beautiful works of art, illustrations, and photos in a matter of seconds.

Free AI Art Generator
Free AI Art Generator

However, this article provides a list of the top best AI art generator and also provides heads-up on how to use some of them.

Free AI Art Generator

With this cutting-edge innovation, you can now take a sentence you input and transform it into a picture or a painting with the help of this AI. You can currently give it a try. Enter a few phrases, and watch as these AI art generators turn your text into wonderful artwork.

Top Best Free AI Art Generator

Here are some of the top-notch free AI text-to-image generators if you want to make AI art from your words:

  • Starry AI
  • Craiyon
  • Dream by Wombo
  • Pixray
  • Canva
  • DeepAI
  • Bing Image Creator
  • Blue Willow

Starry AI

Similar to the other applications on this list, Starry AI transforms words into AI artwork graphics. But unlike many others, it provides precise control over certain components, making the outcomes far more individualized.

To use it:

  • You must first establish an account.
  • You can now enter your prompt, select the styles, or canvas size, and optionally add your own Start Picture to serve as a base, all before generating art.
  • The procedure is the same when creating a photo, except there are no available styles.
  • After making the necessary selections, click “Create,” and Starry AI will work its magic. One of the five complimentary credits is used for each photograph you produce.
  • It allows you to earn free credits every day or week by watching advertising or sharing your creations on various social media platforms, so you don’t always have to pay for these credits.


Craiyon is the simplest text-to-image AI generator and gives unlimited free trials, unlike other programs, which can be further customized or enhanced.

This program picks up descriptors that it then applies to any phrase you write by scanning the captions of other photographs on the internet,

To use it:

  • You can submit as many attempts for your photographs as you like without creating an account.
  • Enter the Negative words (items you don’t want in your image) after typing your phrase (being as explicit as possible), then click Draw.
  • After some waiting, Craiyon will eventually present you with nine distinct visuals derived from your text. It also allows you to save any photo to your hard drive.

You can utilize Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini), an open-source variation of the original AI model that is accessible to the general public if you don’t wish to register. Members of its team worked on the DALL-E Mini project.

Dream by Wombo

Among the popular freestyles nowadays are Ghibli, Unrealistic, Anime, Line-Art, and Surreal. Wombo allows you to create all of these images, and then you can ask it to create another or download the one you liked right away. Both the web app and the mobile app are available for use.

All categories of apps offer a nearly identical set of functions. For additional information on how to use the mobile app consider the steps provided below.

To use it:

  • You don’t need to register to start making art using Dream by Wombo.
  • Simply enter a statement, pick a style, include an optional input image, and click Create.

The Dream by Wombo application is available for free purchase for both Android and iOS users.


Pixray is a free text-to-art generator that may be used with an API, which can be accessed either through your computer or any web browser. It offers an easy-to-use user interface; you will enjoy using the adjustable AI engines.

But, as described in the thorough Pixray documentation, there are a variety of ways you can modify the AI parameters. Through adjusting the settings for the drawer, picture display, filter, or video.

You may also add artists or styles, choose quality, or scale, iterations you prefer, and even learn in-depth ways to alter your artwork.

To use it:

  • The UI is basic by default. Start by adding your prompt as you would normally in any program. After that, pick one of the various AI render engines from the drawer.
  • Pixel creates pixel art which generates GAN images (which are frequently trippy or realistic), and clip drawing and line sketching create images based on strokes as if they were created on paper and then erased.
  • You will receive wonderful shots from this on its own, but the Options portion at the end is where the fun is.


Another free AI art tool is DeepAI. This text-to-image generator generates passable results and is quite easy to use. Many image styles are available, and about half of them are free on Deep AI. Among the free ones are simple text-to-image, endearing animals, fantasy worlds, cyberpunk, vintage, renaissance art, and abstract.

Similar to the other tools on this list, each of these styles creates graphics depending on the theme you use.

In addition, you may also utilize a logo generator to come up with inventive logo concepts from these types. This is especially helpful for artists who are trying to find ideas to build on or get over a wall.

Bing Image Creator

Similar to the other tools on our list, Bing Picture Maker only requires you to enter the prompt and press Create to produce images. The outcomes are respectable, and by thoroughly describing your images, you can create more focused works of art.

To integrate AI into Bing, Microsoft entered into a partnership with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and DALL-E.

Microsoft quickly added Bing Picture Maker to the mix after the launch of Bing Co-Pilot, giving users a whole AI package for free.


One of the most well-liked photo-editing and design applications for the web and mobile devices is Canva. It has also entered the AI realm with a free AI art generator of its own, much like Picsart.

This capability makes it a potent program for creating art when combined with the other things it provides. By using these helpful suggestions, you can make the most of Canva.

Blue Willow

When looking for a simple way to produce amazing photographs, Blue Willow is a fantastic option. This AI-powered program creates graphics that appear to have been designed by a professional using cutting-edge technology. The best thing, though? It is free.


Which AI Can Draw Pictures?

You may create NFTs from the art using StarryAI, an AI art generator. There is no requirement for input from the user. Instead, with a machine learning system it interprets photos.

Why is Midjourney No Longer Free?

AI-powered image maker Due to an unexpected surge in new users, Midjourney has stopped offering free trials of its service. David Holz, the CEO, and founder of Midjourney announced on Tuesday, initially citing “extreme demand and trial abuse” in a Discord post.

Is Blue Willow Better than Midjourney?

While MidJourney AI is a premium tool that produces extremely detailed and realistic photos appropriate for more professional use, BlueWillow AI is an excellent free alternative for quick and easy image synthesis.

Is NightCafe Free?

Definitely! Although, the majority of projects require credits. You receive free credits every day and can increase your earnings by being involved in the community. Some creative types are credit-free, making them practically cost-free.



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