How to Find Someone Stalking Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is a platform with billions of active users who constantly post their personal lives which makes it a great platform for spying and stalking.

Find Someone Stalking Your Facebook Profile

With billions of users, you never know who is watching your every move. Are you pondering on the idea that someone is stalking your profile? If they are, it’s very disturbing.

Nevertheless, there is no cause for alarm, as this article is here to show you the different methods you can use to easily find out if someone is stalking your profile as well as arm you with steps to protect your accounts from such digital spies. Most users won’t know or can’t know if someone is stalking their Facebook profile, only if they find a way to.

Ways to Detect a Facebook Stalker

There are several ways to detect a Facebook stalker, some do not give absolute results but below are the most promising ones which have proven to be more efficient:

Check your active sessions

Once you get a hunch about a Facebook spy, to confirm such a hunch, quickly check your active sessions. Your active sessions reveal all devices and locations where you may have logged into Facebook recently.

If you notice any unusual and suspicious occurrence like an unfamiliar device or location, then your hunch may have been confirmed.

Third-Party Apps

If you suspect someone may be stalking your Facebook profile, one way to detect if your suspicion is indeed true is by downloading a third-party app.

The application helps you identify the individual stalking your profile, however, the downside of third-party apps is that some of them contain software that can tamper with the safety of your device.

To be on the safe side, ensure to read reviews on the app you wish to download before you do so.

Check out Your Suspect

You may have your eyes on a particular Facebook friend who is constantly commenting on your posts and liking all of your pictures, sometimes, pictures you posted from long ago, Facebook notifies you of this user commenting on them.

The action may indicate the user’s interest in you and that is quite suspicious.  you can choose to check out the suspect. You can check them out by checking your mutual friends to know how you may be connected and who knows them physically, in other to be on the safe side.

Take Note of Suspicious Activities

It is easy to be online and just have fun watching your favorite videos but it is crucial to monitor all activities online and take note of suspicious ones, for example, someone keeps sending you a friend request with different names but the same picture or different pictures and the same names.

Sometimes, it could be someone creating fake accounts with your name and photos, other times it could be incessant video calls and messages. Be wary of such suspicious activities, you can also block and report such accounts because they may have ulterior motives.

Modify your Privacy Settings

If you cannot deal with any of the above, simply modify your privacy settings to prevent just anyone from accessing your posts or your profile.

With privacy settings, not everyone can comment on your post or even see them. You can ensure no one spies on you or makes you uncomfortable online.

Go to your settings and customize the specific people you want to have access to you online while you restrict all the others.

How to view Stalkers

There are some ways to view persons who specifically stalked your profile, below are some of the ways:

Use profile source code

They say curiosity killed the cat, but sometimes, curiosity saved the cat’s life. Below are the steps to take when using profile source code:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Click your name to open your profile.

Step 3:

On your profile, right-click.

Step 4:

From the options, select “view page source”.

Step 5:

Enter ctrl+ F to open the search bar.

Step 6:

Enter ‘’buddy-id”.

Step 7:

From the results, you will see the list of people who view your profile frequently.

Use tracking links

Below are the steps to take when using tracking links:

Step 1:

Choose any site you can share on Facebook that others will find interesting enough to click on.

Step 2:

Copy the URL of the site.

Step 3:

Open a new tab and enter

Step 4:

Paste the URL you copied and click on “CREATE URL”.

Step 5:

To confirm your action, click on “I agree and create a URL”.

Step 6:

Copy the newly created URL and share it alongside the post which will spike people’s interest.

Step 7:

After some time, visit the access link, and you will see a list of people who clicked on the link, do this frequently and observe the persons that keep popping up.

Step 8:

If you do this repeatedly and you keep getting the same results, then you should e wary of the persons on the list.

How can I Protect Myself from Facebook Stalkers?

Do the following to protect yourself from Facebook stalkers:

  • Ensure you adjust your privacy to restrict just anyone from having access to your account.
  • Be mindful of the friend request you accept.
  • Do not share too much personal information on Facebook.
  • Use two-step authentication on Facebook.
  • Change your password at intervals.

What do I do if I Confirm a Stalker?

Do the following when you confirm a someone is stalking you on Facebook:

  • Unfriend the person
  • Block the person
  • Report the person

Who is a stalker on Facebook?

Stalking in the context of social media refers to someone who constantly checks out your activities on social media in an uncomfortable way.

For example, someone you do not talk to physically who happens to be your Facebook friend and they are constantly checking you out, knowing everything about you, such a person is a stalker.

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