FAO Internship 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The FAO Internship Program is now available. Application for 2023 FAO Internship Without IELTS. Your monthly salary as an intern is going to be $700. This stipend will be offered to each intern for the entire time they participate in the internship program. The FAO Internship is expected to last between 3 to 11 months.

FAO Internship
FAO Internship

In order to cover your expenses, you are going to get a monthly stipend, that’s actually an exceedingly reputable sum. More than 130 nations are eligible for an FAO internship. employees who work for the UN-affiliated FAO.

FAO Internship

The FAO Internship Programme, its criteria for admission, its application procedure, benefits, and additional relevant details will all be addressed in this article. This post will give you useful information regarding the Internship Programme, whether you have been a newly graduated or an undergraduate seeking internships.

Internship Overview

The FAO Internship Programme aims to give students as well as graduates an opportunity to interact with experts while assisting FAO’s initiatives to accomplish food security, promote environmentally friendly farming, and eradicate hunger.

Food and Agriculture Organization is referred to as FAO. It is a global group that strives to end hunger, boost nutrition, and ensure the availability of food. Anyone who is considering applying for the FAO Internship Program is urged to do so, including students who are presently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs or recent graduates.

The work experience will assist you understand more about the functioning of the FAO. Below are more details on the FAO Internship Program 2023.

Summary of Internship

Below are the major tips that you need about the ongoing FAO internship.

Country – United Nations

Gender – Male and Female

Required language – Not required

Eligible Countries – FAO Members’ nationalities.

Introduction medium – English

Duration – 3 to 11 months


Workplace – The FAO offers a dynamic, multicultural workplace featuring staff members from over 100 countries who have various fields of skill.

Professional Development – Numerous opportunities for staff development are offered by FAO, including collaborative training sessions, workshops, and individual training sessions. Additionally, FAO utilizes a performance monitoring module to help employees meet utilize of a performance monitoring module to help employees in achieving their targets and goals and promote advancement in their careers within the organization.

Mobility – FAO has a staff mobility program that allows and promotes personnel to move about geographically and to new tasks within their assigned station because the work we do at FAO is global as a result, it ought to our staff.

Salary: Interns receive a stipend each month of not more than US$700 in the nation’s currency.

Medical protection relating to rendered service is offered.

The FAO internship assignment lasts between three and ten months.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates have to be citizens of an FAO member country.

Education: Candidates or recent college graduates must have been enrolled at the point they apply in a graduate or undergraduate program at a legitimate college or university.

Languages: Applicants have to be conversant in at least one of the official languages of the FAO, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, or Russian. Having the capacity to communicate in a second FAO official language is going to be acknowledged.

Age: Candidates have to be between the years of 21 and 30 when the internships begin (i.e., the internship has to start before the candidate turns 31).

Candidates ought to have abilities that include the ability to adapt to a diverse, global workplace; excellent interpersonal skills; and familiarity with the use of fundamental applications for computers.

Just before the start of the internship assignment, candidates should possess the proper immigration or legal residency in the country of assignment.

Candidates are not eligible for the internship program if they have family members who are FAO employees under any kind of contract.

Required Documents

These are the documents that are required for the FAO internship.

  • Form of Application Completed
  • A recent diploma or documentation of enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • proof of proficiency in the language.
  • Visa
  • Letter of inspiration.

How to Apply

If you would wish to apply for the FAO internship then you have to follow the guides that are outlined here below:

  • Click the following link to be directed to the FAO website: https://www.fao.org/employment/young-talent-programme/internship-programme/en/.
  • Find the Click to Apply Now option on the main page and continue filling out the application form online.
  • Ensure that you pay particular attention to the fields for the application to ensure you can fill in exactly
  • Proceed to submit your submissions for the calls for expressions that interest you after that is finished.
  • An inspiring letter outlining the reasons you have for enrolling in the program has to be submitted.
  • If your institute and the FAO agreed on an internship, it has to be stated in the letter.

These are the possible steps that you need for an effective application to the internship.


What do FAO Interns do?

Selected undergraduate or graduate students, as well as recent graduates, have the chance to enhance their academic training with real-world job experience in a subject connected to the work of the FAO through the internship program.

Reasons to work for the intern you choose?

Even while you can quickly mention these requirements if you meet them, it’s frequently helpful to emphasize how the skills and knowledge you acquire during your internship will help you become a better employee in your industry as you develop in your career.

Why are you the best candidate for this internship?

I have the ability and requirements specified in the job description, and if you hire me, I’ll guarantee that the work I produce for the duration of the internship will be of the highest caliber. I’m a team player with outstanding communication skills, and most importantly, I’m a hard worker. All I need is a chance to convince you of it.

How to answer what are your expectations from this internship?

Example: “My expectations include being able to learn how to recognize business challenges, how to select approaches to deal with them, and how to organize and carry out the strategies required to meet these objectives. I can obtain practical knowledge of what it takes to advance business operations by knowing.



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