Facebook Verification Subscription for Users

Recently, Facebook users claimed to have gotten emails, texts, and direct messages from Facebook about a possible charge for using Facebook.

Facebook Verification

This has stirred up alarming rumors leaving billion of users confused about having to pay a fee to use Facebook.

If you are also unsure about this claim, then you have stumbled upon the right article as this article will help clear such confusion, keep reading.

Facebook Verification

Facebook verification is a blue badge just beside your Facebook username. Getting verified was initially free and restricted to only public figures. In recent times, however, Facebook seems to have taken a shift from such thoughts.

Facebook verification is no longer a free service but a paid one. In addition, it is no more strictly for public figures but for anyone above 18 years who has a government-issued ID (the identification will be used to verify the account). Facebook verification henceforth will cost $12 for computers and $15 for smartphones.

there is no doubt that in recent times, Meta, Facebook’s parent company has experienced a huge decline in its stock price. Facebook has therefore put a price on verified accounts to generate more revenue.

meanwhile, according to Meta, verified accounts cost the company more than normal accounts. Therefore, it is a service that should be paid for.

Meta’s announcement to begin charging a fee to Facebook users with verified accounts is what brought about the rumors of an alleged fee to access Facebook.

In the real sense, it is a rumor this article wishes to debunk, as Facebook will indeed charge a fee but not for all users. Only for those who wish to have verified accounts as the verified accounts have become available for anyone who subscribes to it.

Features of Facebook Verification Subscription

There are so many non-public figures who wish to be verified on Facebook but never got the opportunity because they are not public figures.

These persons who can afford $15 on mobile and $12 on the web for a month will readily accept the new improvement and take it for grabs.

However, they will not be at the losing end, as Meta ensures they get services for their money. Hence, there are some features associated with a Facebook verification subscription which can be seen below:

A verified Badge:

The first thing you get after a subscription is a verified badge just after your name. This makes you stand out differently on Facebook and implies that you are the exact person you say you are.

Increased Visibility:

One valuable feature that comes with the subscription is increased visibility. With this, you have a greater chance of being seen by millions of users. On comment sections, search buttons, and even recommendations you are mostly seen first. You gain popularity and visibility with your verification.

Human Support:

One very impressive feature of the subscription service is direct access to human support when experiencing any form of challenge with your account. Speaking with a real person for support on Facebook account issues has proven to be impossible. But Meta promises to allow subscribers access to this exclusive.

Active Impersonation Monitoring:

With a paid subscription, Facebook offers you the service of actively monitoring your account against any form of impersonation.

Facebook users sometimes like to impersonate public figures to get favors from their fans. As a paid subscriber, your account gets a form of attention that prevents impersonators from having their way with your account.

Increased Confidence:

Another huge benefit is your level of confidence increases on the platform. Facebook users tend to respect users with the badge, this fuels a lot of confidence when making a post, posting a comment, or carrying out any activity on the platform.

What do I do to Qualify for Facebook Verification?

To subscribe for Facebook verification, do the following:

  • You must be 18 and above.
  • You must have a government-issued identification card.
  • Your ID must correspond with your Facebook profile name.
  • Set up a Two-Factor authentication.
  • Must have minimum activities on Facebook such as prior posting history.
  • Your account should represent you.

What Countries is Meta Verified Currently Available in?

Meta Verified is available in just three countries for now. India, the UK, and Canada. Other countries will join in soon enough.

What Happens when you Cancel your Verified Subscription or do not Renew?

When you cancel your subscription or do not renew, nothing significant happens. You just won’t continue to get the usual benefits and features of the subscription but in many cases, your account remains verified even when you cancel.

What Happens to Accounts that Are Already Verified Before Paid Subscriptions?

According to Meta, all accounts already verified before paid subscriptions will not be affected by the new changes for the time being.

How Long Will it Take to be Meta-Verified?

After submitting all requirements, you will make your payments and after that, you will wait for 48 hours to get your account meta-verified.

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