ExxonMobil Scholarship 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The application form is available for several students that may qualify for the ExxonMobil scholarship, which is fully sponsored by ExxonMobil.

ExxonMobil Scholarship 2023
ExxonMobil Scholarship 2023

The ExxonMobil Scholarship 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who needs it.

ExxonMobil Scholarship 2023

ExxonMobil provides financial assistance to Nigerian students in the form of scholarships so they can enroll in undergraduate programs at Nigerian universities. This program intends to advance human capacity development and educational advancement.

These annual scholarships are awarded to eligible students in Nigerian colleges by Mobil Producing Nigeria, the company that runs the NNPC/MPN Joint Venture. While the deadline is still approaching, all interested and qualified candidates can submit their scholarship applications.

Benefits of the ExxonMobil Scholarship

  • Regardless of where they are from, including the FCT, awards will be given to qualified and suitable students who are currently enrolled in Nigerian universities.
  • Also, the top 50 candidates in the selection processes will receive a merit prize (10%). Based on quality and a reasonable geographic distribution, the remaining spots are awarded to students from other states, including the FCT.
  • The scholarship grants are given in the subjects of Computer Science, Geology, Geophysics, Medical, Agricultural Science, and related fields, as well as Engineering (Petroleum Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, and Civil).

Required Documents

The following document must be submitted for those who are intending to apply for the ExxonMobil Scholarship:

  • Documentation of your SSCE score or other comparable credentials.
  • Confirmation of the current academic year.
  • Proof of enrollment in a Nigerian university.
  • A current university ID card.
  • Up-to-date passport photos.
  • Certificate of State of Origin with the Chairman or Secretary properly signed

Requirements for ExxonMobil Scholarship

The following are the requirements one must meet to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • The applicant must reside in Nigeria and hold an SSCE certificate or an equivalent qualification to be eligible.
  • At least six subjects should have been passed in one sitting with at least five distinctions.
  • Applicants are not needed to apply if they are already receiving similar scholarships from other oil and gas businesses.
  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students in their first or second year at any Nigerian university in order to be considered.
  • Dependents of workers of Mobil Producing Nigeria, Mobil Oil Nigeria plc, and Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited are not eligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply for ExxonMobil Scholarship

To apply for ExxonMobil Scholarship, follow the steps listed below:

  • First, pay a visit to the Application Portal at https://portal.exxonmobil.com
  • After that, proceed to follow the on-screen process for registration.
  • Finally, you can now submit your application once completed.

Selection Process

Those students who are short-listed to receive the ExxonMobil scholarship must bring both the original and a photocopy of the following records for inspection prior to taking the qualifying exam.

Application Deadline

Not Currently Available


How Much is the ExxonMobil Scholarship?

The ExxonMobil Engineering Scholarship Program will give twelve $2,000 local scholarships and one $20,000 national scholarship to deserving high school students.

How Much is the ExxonMobil Graduate Intern Salary in Nigeria?

Generally, ExxonMobil pays $7,286 for internships in Nigeria (about 2.8 million Naira per annum). Yet, depending on specific factors, ExxonMobil Nigeria’s intern pay could range from $4,169 to $10,048. (1.6 million naira and 3.8 million naira).

Has ExxonMobil Left Nigeria?

Of course not! As a matter of fact, Shell and ExxonMobil are not leaving Nigeria, as confirmed by the vice president of human resources at Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Who Owns most of ExxonMobil?

Besides their control of 60.02% of the outstanding shares, institutional investors possess a majority stake in XOM. Also, this interest is stronger than at virtually every other company in the Integrated Oil sector.



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