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Searching for a sports media break? Your ticket for achievement could be an ESPN internship. For undergraduates and recent graduates wishing to gain practical work experience in the region, the well-known sports network offers a variety of possibilities for internships.

ESPN Internship

Its internship scheme offers practical training and chances to connect with top industry professionals in numerous fields, including production, programming, and social media. In this article, we’ll discuss the ESPN Summer internship scheme and what one can anticipate from it.

ESPN Internship

In operation for the past 36 years, ESPN is a 24-hour sports network. It happened to be the initial network created specifically for broadcasting sports when Bill Rasmussen launched it. With more than 50 corporate holdings, ESPN has become an industry leader in the sporting entertainment sector. For audiences in over 200 countries around the globe, the firm broadcasts 65 sports in 16 languages.

One of the top companies for recent college graduates to launch their careers is this one. Students are given access to possibilities for internships during the fall, spring, and summertime semesters. Students work 40 hours per week during internships, which last 10 weeks. While some internships are offered at other business sites, such as Los Angeles, most of them are in Bristol, CT, and New York, NY.

Students who are currently in their last year of college and currently attending school are eligible to submit an application. A criterion for success at ESPN is having a passion for sports.

About ESPN

For over forty years, ESPN, the world champion in sports entertainment, has been providing unmatched sporting events on an array of media platforms. The network broadcasts professional, collegiate, and other international contests and competitions.

Because of its concentration on live sporting activities, news, analysis, and unique programming. ESPN is now a go-to resource for fans of sports across the world. The network’s broad reach has been rendered possible by a talented group of journalists, producers, and analysts that are committed to delivering comprehensive and compelling coverage of the world of sports.

Because of its dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology, ESPN has maintained a position at the cutting edge of sports media, becoming an established and trusted source for sports information and news.


These are the benefits that the ESPN Internship offers interested interns

  • For sports aficionados, ESPN offers an engaging and dynamic place to work.
  • participation in special sports programs and events.
  • A reasonable benefits package for wellness and good health.
  • An exciting and welcoming workplace that encourages teamwork and diversity.
  • A competitive advantages package, including retirement plans and programs promoting wellness and good health, is offered by ESPN for its workers.


Below are the eligibility criteria that all interested applicants must satisfy before applying to the ESPN Internship.

  • Must be enrolled in a degree program and have a date of graduation that is fewer than twelve months from finishing the internship.
  • A passionate interest in and love for sports
  • Upon graduation, be eligible to work for any U.S.-based firm.


  • For some internships, previous work in sports media or comparable industries might be required.
  • Candidates for internships at ESPN ought to be passionate about the sports media and related industries.
  • The success of an ESPN internship depends upon the intern’s ability to communicate well as well as function in a team.
  • Candidates have to be able to demonstrate that they have legal permission to work in the US.

How to Apply

Simple online applications are offered for ESPN internships. All you need to do is follow the guidelines outlined here below to successfully apply for an application.

  • Candidates ought to initially discover an interest in internship possibilities and descriptions of positions on the company’s official careers page.
  • Create an online profile and upload resumes and cover letters.
  • More assets, such as examples of writing or examples of work, might be needed for certain internships.
  • Candidates might be contacted to schedule an initial phone or video interview after submitting an application.
  • A skills evaluation or a personal interview among the finalists might be required.
  • Then submit your application.
  • Candidates who qualify are going to be extended an offer, at which time they may begin to get ready for an engaging and worthwhile internship at ESPN.


An internship with ESPN could be an excellent chance for undergraduates and recent college graduates who have an interest in sports media. An ESPN internship may assist you start an effective career in the business because it places a great deal of value on networking and practical experience. Whether it be social media, programming, or production, whatever your interests are.

Participating in ESPN’s internship offer could assist you acquire the abilities and knowledge needed for success in the sports broadcasting industry.


Can you work at ESPN Without a Degree?

Most top-tier networks, like ESPN, want to hire people with college degrees. There are numerous degrees that would complement your job, depending on the branch of network marketing you wish to work with. A reporter ought to possess a background in journalism or broadcasting.

What do you need to work for ESPN?

Strong knowledge of some or all of the main sports, in addition to practical comprehension of players, coaches, league operations, and similar topics. Ideally, you’ll have a bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism, communications, or a similar subject.

Does ESPN Pay Well?

From roughly $10.00 per hour for a board operator to $125 per hour for a host or hostess, ESPN’s average hourly compensation ranges. The 311 data points directly from employees, users, and previous and present job adverts on Indeed over the last 36 months are what make up the salary information.

What Major do you need to be an ESPN Analyst?

You normally require an advanced degree in journalism, communication, broadcasting, or a similar field if you want to work as a broadcast sports analyst. You need to have a background in math, statistics, or a similar field if you are interested in specializing in statistical sports analysis.



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