DSTV Online Payment, Application and Sign Up

DSTV offers great entertainment, including local, and international shows, the latest movies, and live sports and it is the best Television entertainment that is at your fingertips. So, if you need a streaming platform that could meet your needs, then you are recommended to use DSTV. This blog will give you more enlightenment about DSTV and how to make DSTV Online Payments.

DSTV Online Payment, Application and Sign Up
DSTV Online Payment, Application and Sign Up


The DSTV is a digital satellite television commonly abbreviated to DSTV and is a sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by Multichoice and based in Randburg, South Africa. MultiChoice is a South African company that operates DSTV. The TV user is given access to watch various sports, boast showing, and lots of the biggest American shows within 24 hours of their original airing.

DSTV offers a wide range of packages that suits its user’s needs, and help them get the best in sports, the latest international movies, reality shows, series, kids’ shows, lifestyle, news, entertainment, and many more. DSTV is the perfect mix for its streamers who would love to be entertained.

DSTV Now App

The DSTV application is a service that delivers television transmission to mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and many more. DSTV offers set-top boxes for over 200 channels, as well as on-demand services and mobile applications for on-the-go viewing.

On the DSTV application users can easily manage their DSTV account. DSTV Now can be accessed online or through the application on tablets and smart mobile phones. The application is free to download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store and available to all DSTV customers.

DSTV Streaming Package

Below are the available packages that DSTV has to offer.

  • DSTV Premium
  • DSTV Compact DSTV Compact Plus
  • DSTV Confam
  • DSTV Yanga
  • DSTV Padi

Purchase any of these packages through this link https://www.dstv.com/en-ng/buy/compare-packages and every entertainment moment would be right at your fingertips.

Online Payment DSTV

Payments are made available for easy transactions with DSTV Africa Self-Service. You can be able to pay for your own subscription or help other users to pay for their Subscriptions. You just have to enter your personal details, and then verify the account that you wish to pay for.

DSTV online payments can be done from home, away from home, and you can pay automatically. And you can pay using a debit order, USSD, QR Code, Instant EFT, Payment Link, Credit Card, Supermarkets, Direct Deposit Absa, ATM, Walk-in Centres, and through MTN MoMo.

Enter this link to start paying for your DSTV subscription. https://www.dstv.com/en-ng/pay/how-to-pay

DSTV Sign Up

How to Sign Up for a DSTV Account

These are the possible guidelines you must follow to sign up for an online account on DSTV.

  • To start the signup process you have to visit the DSTV sign-up platform through this link https://connect.dstv.com/registration/signup
  • Fill out your details in the required spaces such as email address, country mobile number, your password with a minimum of 6 characters.

Finally, select “Create an Account”.

Follow the steps above to create your DSTV account to start streaming its content.

DSTV Sign In

When signed in you will be able to access many important features that DSTV offers such as the highlights, discover the best entertainment, access the best of local, and many more. The sign-in process is necessary for users to stream TV shows and movies from DSTV. If you do not know how to go about the sign-in process, kindly follow the guide below.

How to Sign Into DSTV

Below are the possible steps that you can follow to successfully log into your GOTV account.

  • Go to DSTV’s official web page through this link https://www.dstv.com/en-za
  • Click on the “Sign In” option at the top right corner of the page.
  • Fill out your GOTV details such as your location, surname, and IUC/Smartcard number.
  • Then select the “Remember me” option and click on “Sign In”.

With the steps above you have successfully signed into your DSTV account and you can now start streaming content from DSTV.

DSTV Customer Care

Contact DSTV customer service for any complaints and to learn more about DSTV. You can contact customer service through the link below.



Is DSTV Available in America?

No, unfortunately, DSTV is geo-restricted and only available in South Africa. So, if you reside in the USA, then you cannot stream content on DSTV. No frets, though you can still stream DSTV in the USA with the help of VPNs.

What is DSTV mean?

Digital Satellite Television

It is commonly abbreviated to DSTV, a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service that is owned by MultiChoice and based in Randburg, South Africa.

How Can I Watch DSTV Online for Free?

DSTV.com/tv or download the application from your Android or iOS device. Create a connection ID that you can use to log in to your online account. After you are logged in, use the search option for you to find a program, movie, or series that you intend to watch.

Can I Watch DSTV Outside Nigeria?

Due to the fact that DSTV is only available in South Africa, you will have to connect your preferred device to a VPN server if you are located outside Nigeria to stream DSTV.



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