How to Disable Discord Overlay Right Now

Communication with your teammates plays an important role while you’re participating in a team-based game. Discord is one of the best text and chat tools available, therefore it is not surprising that it has become a common tool among gamers. It pays to be enlightened on how to disable Discord Overlay so that you can focus on your game.

How To Disable Discord Overlay
Disable Discord Overlay

When using the overlay, you are always in contact with every member of your team. Especially when you switch back to playing alone, the overlay loses a lot of its usefulness and becomes more of a nuisance.

How To Disable Discord Overlay

The process is similar if the application is not OS dependent whether using a Windows PC or a Chromebook. You can turn off the Discord Overlay for a particular game or all games on your computer.

Follow the steps provided below to disable the overlay on your computer:

  • Launch your Discord app.
  • If the Discord App window doesn’t open, you can check to see if it is minimized on your system tray.
  • Click the User Settings icon once you are on the Discord Home screen. This can be identified by the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down until you find the “App Settings” from the menu on the left.
  • After that, locate and tap on “Overlay.”
  • Locate the “Enable in-game overlay” toggle at the very top of the new menu that opens.
  • To turn it on or off, click this. If it is disabled, the “Toggle Overlay Lock” option should be grayed out.
  • Move outside of this window. Launch any game while Discord is active. It shouldn’t anymore if the overlay has been correctly disabled.

How to Disable Discord Overlay for a Game

You can use the Discord Settings to remove the Discord Overlay from a certain game. Regardless of whether they are team-based or not, this applies to any game you have downloaded.

Here are the steps to consider:

  • To begin, launch “Discord” on your device.
  • If the window does not maximize, you can simply double-click the “Discord” icon on your taskbar.
  • Sign in to your game. You either push Alt + tab to minimize the main window, or you can exit the game entirely.
  • Go to the “User Settings” menu on Discord. By clicking the “Gear” icon on the lower left part of the Discord screen to the right of your username.
  • Scroll down to the App Settings section of the menu on the left. Locate “Game Activity” and click it.
  • You ought to see your game listed under “Added Games” in the menu on the right.
  • You ought to notice a “Screen icon” to the right of the game. The Toggle Overlay button is located here. By turning this on or off, the overlay will be turned off solely for that specific game.
  • After making your adjustments, you can leave this window.
  • Once you finish, you can check to see if the overlay has been correctly disabled by launching or restarting your game.

Above are the steps you need to consider to disable Discord overlay for a game.

Can I Disable the Discord Overlay on Stream?

You can disable the Discord Overlay on Steam using the Overlay option. Simply adhere to the instructions given below for Chromebooks and Windows.

Yet, the “Discord Overlay” cannot be specifically disabled to solely apply to Steam games while it is still active for other game libraries. In this case, you may want to disable the overlay that comes with Steam.

Here are the steps to consider:

  • Simply, launch Steam on your device. The Steam App can be minimized in your taskbar if the Steam window won’t maximize.
  • To launch the window, double-click the “Steam icon.”
  • In the Steam window’s upper left corner, click the Steam menu. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Select “In Game” from the list of options that pops up in the left menu of the window.
  • Toggle off if the checkbox on “Enable Stream Overlay while In-game” is On.
  • To save your changes, simply click on the “OK” button located at the bottom right.
  • Finally, when you use Steam to play games, both the Steam and Discord overlays ought to be disabled.

These are all the steps to follow to disable Discord Overlay on stream.

Tips to Fix Common Discord Overlay Problems

Sometimes you might want to enable the overlay, but you just can’t seem to make it work. This can be the result of the overlay itself being disabled or another problem.

Follow the instructions below to determine why Discord may not be operating properly:

Verify if the Game Supports Discord

Double-check if Discord is supported by the game. The Discord Overlay is not compatible with all games, especially older ones. If Discord won’t work while you’re playing an old game, examine if the game’s website says it supports overlay features.

Ensure that Discord Overlay Option has been disabled

To check:

  • Use the Overlay menu to determine if the In-Game overlay has been toggled off using the procedures provided in the Windows and Chromebook section. If so, switch it on.
  • Make a check to see if the overlay has been enabled by running the game while Discord is open.

Reboot your Computer

Rebooting your computer can occasionally be all that is necessary to resolve any software issues. Restart your computer after correctly terminating Discord and your game. Open the programs once more after it has restarted.

Run Discord as Administrator

It is also possible that the Discord Overlay is unable to launch because it lacks the necessary administrator rights. The following steps must be taken to make Discord usable as an administrator.

To temporary Admin Privilege:

  • Right-click the Discord application or shortcut icon.
  • Select Run as Administrator from the menu.
  • Select Yes in the pop-up window.

To permanently Admin Privileges:

  • Right-click the Discord app or shortcut.
  • Click Properties in the step option.
  • Tap on the Compatibility tab.
  • Select the Run this software as an administrator checkbox under Settings.
  • Select Apply.
  • Launch “Discord” and check to see if the overlay may now be used.


Why Can’t I Change My Discord Overlay Settings?

Some features and settings might not be available if you’re using a Windows user profile without administrator access. Particularly with full-screen applications like the Discord overlay, this can lead to problems. You will need to run Discord as an administrator to solve these problems.

Is Discord Overlay Bad?

Your FPS may be affected by any overlay, depending on your CPU. Your game’s recording or live stream will also have an effect. Overlays can reduce your frame rate by 0 to 5 fps while recording and streaming can use 10 to 15 percent of your total frames. Discord was designed with minimal performance impact in mind.

How do I Hide Discord in a Game?

Tap on the symbol for your profile in the bottom navigation bar after opening the Discord mobile app. After that, choose “Privacy & Safety” settings. Disable the “Display current activity as a status message” toggle on the Privacy & Safety settings page.

Why is Discord So Laggy on my PC?

There may be several causes, such as a poor internet connection, improperly set up settings or faulty app data. Fortunately, there’s no need to put up with a poor Discord experience because this problem can be fixed.



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