How to Delete Facebook Page

Social media is fun but sometimes it seems to be a distraction to your goals and aspirations and you may wish to be free from its pressure.

Deleting a Facebook page is not exactly automatic and may take some time and procedures as it is a little more advanced than the usual Facebook profile.

Delete Facebook Page

If you are looking for how to delete a Facebook page then you are in the right place. This blog post will take you through the procedures needed to thoroughly be rid of your Facebook page.

But first, it is important to understand a Facebook page and how it is different from the usual Facebook profile.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is usually a business account, it helps you promote, market, and advertise your business as well as connect with already established and prospective customers.

Unlike a Facebook profile, a Facebook page is not personal, it is mostly used to promote something. Mostly a business while a Facebook profile simply helps to connect with friends and family for purely fun purposes, not necessarily used to promote goods or services.

How to Delete a Facebook Page on a Desktop

Bear in mind that your Facebook page will still be seen by your followers and the public for 14 days after deleting it.

During that time, you can reactivate your Facebook page if you begin to have second thoughts or a rethink. To begin the process of deleting your Facebook page, follow the steps below-

Step 1:

Crosscheck to ensure you are the admin of the page you wish to delete.

Step 2:

From your Facebook feed, select “Pages”.

Step 3:

Under “Pages you manage” select the exact page you wish to delete.

Step 4:

Scroll down to find and click on “Settings”.

Step 5:

From the several sections, go to the “General” section and scroll to the “Remove page” option and select “Edit”.

Step 6:

To confirm you wish to delete the page, select the option “Delete your Page name” and click ok.

Step 7:

From the pop-up, scroll down to click on the button “Delete page?”

If you have successfully followed the steps, you will see a notice that says “Page entered deletion mode” which can be canceled within 14 days, after then, it becomes permanent and cannot be undone.

How to Delete a Facebook Page on Android and IOS

If you do not have access to a desktop, there is no cause for alarm as you can also delete your Facebook page with a mobile device.

Deleting a Facebook page with a mobile device, either an Android or iPhone is quite easy, follow the basic steps below:

Step 1:

Access your Facebook app and log into your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Select and click on the three lines at the top right.

Step 3:

From the menu options, scroll down and select “Pages”.

Step 4:

Select the page you want to delete from “Pages you manage”.

Step 5:

From the top right, click on the settings icon and scroll to the “General” section.

Step 6:

Under the general section, scroll down to “Remove page” and proceed to click on “Delete Your Page Name?”.

Step 7:

Confirm your choice by clicking on the “Delete page?”.

If you have followed the above steps accordingly, your Facebook page will be permanently deleted. However, Facebook gives you the option of reactivating your Facebook page assuming you changed your mind. But this can only be done within 14 days.

Facts About Deleting Your Facebook Page

There are certain things to bear in mind when deleting your Facebook page, below are some significant ones:

  • After deleting your Facebook page, your Facebook page will not be automatically deleted, you will be given a 14 days grace to restore your page, and even after 14 days you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the Facebook page permanently, once you confirm this, then your Facebook page will be permanently deleted.
  • You will receive no email notice from Facebook to confirm your deletion. Your Facebook page will simply disappear, be sure you are sure before you delete it.
  • You can’t regain access once it’s deleted
  • You can no longer access your data, so download your data before deleting it.

Why can’t I Delete a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page is usually not so complex to delete if you are unable to delete yours. There aren’t many reasons why you may not be able to delete the Facebook page.

If you cannot delete a Facebook page it simply means you do not have administrative rights to the page. This is because administrative rights grant you access to the Facebook Page settings where the delete option will be readily available.

To solve this, you can try to look into the “Page roles” tab to see the right you have and find out the administrators of the page. Thereby reaching out to the admin to ask them to delete the Facebook page on your behalf.

Instead of Deleting my Facebook Page, Can I Sell it?

This question depends on a lot of things, it is not illegal to sell your Facebook page.

Many users sell their pages for lots of money based on their size and level of engagement however, the sales of Facebook pages may be subject to intellectual property.

It is best to consult a legal expert if you are unsure of the legality of selling your Facebook page, however, according to Facebook’s terms of service, Facebook users are not actually allowed to buy and sell Facebook pages.

Can I Cancel the Deletion Process?

Yes, Facebook makes allowances for canceling the deletion process, the deletion process usually takes 14 days, and you can cancel within these 14 days, in order to cancel the deletion process, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Pages
  • Select the page you wish to stop the deletion process
  • At the very top of the page, you will see the days remaining before your page will be deleted, beside it is the “Cancel deletion” option.
  • Click on it and confirm, the page will automatically reload and the deletion process will be canceled automatically.

Should I Delete My Facebook Page?

There are many reasons why you may choose to delete your Facebook page

  • Your Facebook page may have become a distraction to your day-to-day life
  • You may no longer want the page
  • If you are not getting your desired result, you want.
  • If the business is no longer working out.

Nevertheless, it is best to think it through or deactivate I for a while, because when you delete your account permanently, you may not get it back.

How do I Delete a Page Impersonating me?

Facebook pages are usually impersonated for nasty reasons. If you come across a page that isn’t yours but bears your name or business name and you wish to delete it, simply contact Facebook instantly and directly to take appropriate action in deleting the page.

You can also report the page by doing the following:

  • Access your Facebook account, find the page you wish to delete, and click on the three dots by the top left
  • From the drop-down menu opened, find “Report page” and select “Scams and fake pages”
  • Facebook will reveal a list of options, click on the most appropriate, for example, “Pretending to be another business”
  •  Next, click on “Which business or person is this page pretending to be?”. Then proceed to fill out the appropriate information and click on Send.

What do I do if I no longer need a Facebook Page but do not Want to Delete it?

You do not always need to delete your page you can decide to hide your Facebook page until you are ready to make use of it.

You can also choose to merge your pages if they represent similar things if you no longer need multiple pages.

What is the set time frame to Delete a Facebook Page?

Your Facebook page takes 14 days to be deleted permanently. It is more like a measure taken by Facebook to ensure you did not delete your page accidentally.

This measure also prevents someone else from hacking your account and deleting it without your consent or even a close friend could delete your page unknowingly to you, this period of 14 days helps you reactivate your account.

Bear in mind that after 14 days you cannot get back your account. If you have a change of mind, you may have to start from scratch again.

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