How to Delete a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are good platforms for like-minded people to share their passion and interests, creating such groups where people can come together is usually advantageous as you all get to learn from each other, However, with time, you may no longer be passionate about the group, thus, making it irrelevant to you.

Delete a Facebook Group

If you decided it is important you delete your group on Facebook, you might be thinking if that is possible since there is no direct place to click to achieve this. However, as the administrator of a group, deleting a Facebook group can be easy and this article will disclose the way to go about it.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Your Desktop

Deleting a Facebook group can be quick and easy, below are steps to delete a Facebook group using a desktop:

  • First, navigate to your Facebook home page.
  • From the options below, select and click “Groups”.
  • Facebook will display all the groups you manage, select the one you will like to delete.
  • On the group home page, you will see different tabs, click on “Members”.
  • Click on the dots directly next to each group member’s name.
  • From the menu, select “Remove member” and remove all the members in the group.
  • After removing all members, go to your name and select and click the button next to it.
  • Click on “Delete group”.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Your Mobile Device

Deleting the Facebook group, you created is usually quick and easy. Below are steps to delete a Facebook group using a mobile device which could be an Android or iPhone:

  • Go to the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Navigate your way to the menu tab and click on groups.
  • From the list of groups, select and click on the group you want to delete.
  • From the different tabs, click on “See All” to see all the group members.
  • Remove each group member by clicking on their name alongside “Remove from group”.
  • After the removal of all members, go back to the homepage of the Facebook group and click on “Manage”.
  • Scroll through the options, click on “Delete Group” and “Delete Group again” to confirm your decision.

Pausing a Facebook Group

If you do not want to delete the group totally, you may want to pause the group for a while. What this means is you get to pause all posts, comments, and reactions on the group for a while to continue at a later time. Pausing a Facebook group is a great method used by Facebook admins to temporarily suspend a group’s activities and restrict members from participating in the group. This feature is necessary when one needs to take a break as group administration is not as easy as it seems.

Below are the steps to take if you wish to pause your Facebook group:

  • Navigate your way to your groups on Facebook.
  • Choose the group you wish to pause.
  • Click on the three dots just next to the cover photo.
  • Click on “Pause Group”.

What is the Difference Between Pausing and Deleting a Facebook Group?

Now that you know how to pause a Facebook group and delete a Facebook group. You are probably wondering what exactly makes them different.

They are two different things but here is what makes them different:

When a Facebook group is paused, it is closed for further discussions. But group members can still have full access to the group and also view older posts and comments. However, it gives no room for new posts and comments and even new members.

All activities will be paused until the resumption of the group. This of course can only be done by the admin, this means, pausing the group is temporary and can be changed at any time.

It is necessary to be aware that when you pause a group you can still respond to an existing post. Meaning you as an admin can remain active in the group to attend to any issue on the old post while the group is paused.

Meanwhile deleting a Facebook group screams permanence, once a Facebook group is deleted. The group is gone permanently without an option to reactivate after deleting.

This means there is no room for taking back the decision to delete a Facebook group. That said, administrators of groups should be positive they do not need the group in the future before deleting it as the action cannot be undone.

Will Members be Notified When I Delete or Pause a Facebook Group?

Members will not be notified when you pause a group, other participants will see the group in their chat lists but will not be able to send messages but you as an admin will not be able to see the group in your chat list.

However, you can decide to notify members a group has been caused by announcing it and choosing a resumption date when you pause the group.

What do I do if I Wish to Recover a Deleted Facebook Group?

There is no way around recovering a deleted group, once you delete a Facebook group, it has been deleted forever. If you desire to have the group back, you will have to create another group.

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