CSIS Internship 2023 – APPLY NOW

Applications are being accepted right now for CSIS Internship in the USA in 2023. Center for Strategic and International Studies is commonly referred to as CSIS. It is an American-based think tank that investigates global issues and creates workable solutions for the world’s biggest problems. The CSIS paid intern scheme welcomes applications for both US and foreign candidates.

CSIS Internship
CSIS Internship

CSIS Internship

At CSIS, you are working with a broad group of professionals who specialize in research and analysis that influences the development and improvements of public policy as well as those working in our operational and administrative units which impact workplace culture.

Interns at CSIS participate in various activities, including research, writing, and creating projects to assist various programs and departments. In addition, interns are going to take part in events run by CSIS’ internal leadership development program, the Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy (AILA).

Details on CSIS Internship

Below are some essential details that every applicant or non-applicant needs to know about the internship.

Country – United States of America

Location – Washington D.C.

Organization Name – Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Eligibility – Both US and foreign citizens

Deadline – Available until the hiring


The following perks are accessible to interns via the supported CSIS internship program:

  • The fact the CSIS Internships 2023 program is paid for is one of its notable characteristics. With an average wage of $20 per hour, different hourly rates are provided for each type of internship.
  • This payment recognizes the intern’s efforts and offers financial support through the
  • The world’s worst issues will be subjected to interns so as to identify solutions.

Internship Fields and Hourly Wage

The CSIS has some fields that they are specialized in, they are outlined here below:

  • Strategic Planning ($16.10 – $18.10/ hour)
  • Renewing American Innovation Project ($18.10 per hour)
  • Multimedia Production (iDeas Lab) – ($16.10 – $18.10/ hour)
  • Government and Congressional affairs ($16.10 – $18.10/ hour)
  • Australia Chair ($16.10 – $18.10/ an hour)
  • Leadership and Diversity in International Affairs Project ($18.10 per hour)
  • Africa Program ($16.10 – $18.100 per hour)
  • Global Health Policy Center ($16.10 – $18.10 per hour)
  • China Power Project ($16.10 – $18.10/ hour)
  • Indian States/Wadhwani Chair in U.S. – Indian Policy Studies (Spring 2023) ($16.10 – $18.10 in an hour)
  • Transnational Threats Project ($16.10 – $18.10 per hour)
  • Freeman Chair in China Studies ($16.10 – $18.10/ hour)


Go through these eligibility criteria and provide all requirements provided by the Internship to successfully apply.

  • Must be recent graduates or at least an undergraduate in good academic standing or at least an undergraduate in good academic standing in college.
  • An individual must be able to secure employment in the US.
  • Foreign nationals require employment authorization because CSIS refuses to approve intern visas.

Required Documents

Provide the documents required for the internship below before applying.

  • Transcripts (The internship allows unofficial transcripts.
  • Cover Letter
  • Writing samples
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

How to Apply

The process of applying for the CSIS Internships 2023 is simple and ensures all applicants have equal chances.

  • Visit the official CSIS website at https://careers.csis.org/ to begin your application.
  • Go to the page about internships. You will discover full details there regarding how to apply and what documents to submit.
  • To finish your request, you must submit appropriate documentation and information.
  • Individuals who apply and live in Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) will receive a 10% accommodation discount.

Internship Deadline

On a semester basis, CSIS hosts interns. Summer (June – August), Fall (September – December), and Spring (January – May). They cannot accept applications for the opportunities applications for job openings that are available on their employment website due to volume.

Summer internship opportunities for the summer are typically posted in February, autumn usually appears in July, and spring in October.

Please visit frequently for internship opportunities as CSIS programs post their internship options while they finalize their plans. Only applications that are submitted through an online applicant record system are accepted by CSIS. Direct mail or personal paper submissions will not be accepted.


Who is CSIS?

Located in Washington, D.C., the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a think tank run by Americans. In 1962, Georgetown University’s Center for Strategic and International Studies was established.

Does CSIS Sponsor VISA?

Will CSIS support me with my visa application? It is the responsibility of the participants to apply for a visa in advance of the April program. If necessary, CSIS can offer a letter of invitation, but it won’t sponsor or cover the cost of any necessary visas or other travel-related expenses.

Does CSIS Work Internationally?

Additionally, CSIS operates Foreign Stations in strategic foreign locations, allowing for close coordination with foreign partners.

What does the CSIS Do?

Leading Canada’s national security system is CSIS. Our responsibility is to look into potential risks to Canadian security and inform the Canadian government of our findings.



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