How to Create Facebook Avatar

Avatars are cartoon-like characters that enable you to share your emotions and expressions exactly how you feel to make chatting more expressive.

Create Facebook Avatar

It is a new form of self-expression that makes chatting feel real and physical. Avatars help you react and engage more thoughtfully with family and friends on Facebook.

If you wish to create your personal Facebook avatar, this article is for you as we will show you easy ways to create an avatar.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Before you create an avatar on your Facebook application, you must upgrade your Facebook app to the latest version to enable you to access this feature.

You can get the latest version from Google Play Store or apple app store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can log into Facebook and begin.

  • Navigate your way to your Profile by clicking on the three horizontal lines by the top right of your screen.
  • You will see various options; scroll down and click “see more.”
  • “See more” shows you options, too; click on Avatars
  • Avatar samples will appear showing “next”; click “next.”
  • Click on the skin tone that best suits yours.
  • Proceed to click “next.”
  • Go through the hairstyle section and choose according to your liking or that which suits you best
  • Go through the hair color and choose according to your liking and that which suits you best
  • Follow this procedure for face shape, eye shape color, makeup, eyebrows, nose shape, and outfit, and choose according to how it suits you best.
  • If you are confused about your features as you create your averter, quickly tap the mirror icon to open your front camera.
  • After creating your Avatar to your liking, click on “check,” and it will begin to load
  • Immediately after the loading ends, you will see your Avatar, then click on ‘next.”
  • It will proceed to a page where you can see “done”; click “done.”

If you click on done, you have successfully created an avatar on Facebook.


Where can I Make use of my Avatars?

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Facebook avatar, whether you made a replica of yourself or what you wish to be. Either way now is the time to enjoy your avatars; below is a breakdown of where to use your avatars.

  • You can use your Avatar to comment on other posts and stories
  • To do this, click on “comment.”
  • Proceed to click the emoji button, where you will see your avatar stickers alongside others.
  • You can use your Avatar while chatting on Facebook messenger
  • To do this, click on “stickers” when your chat is open
  • Proceed to the icon that shows your Facebook avatar, which will show you your avatar stickers alongside others.

How can I change my Avatar from my Profile?

You can change the Avatar in your Profile whenever you like by clicking on avatars in your settings. Proceed to edit the Avatar. If you wish to delete it, then click on “delete.”

Can I use my Avatar as a Profile Picture on Facebook?

Yes, of course, you can. Do this

  • Log into your Facebook
  • Navigate your way to avatars and click on it
  • Click on the share option and select Set as a profile picture
  • Proceed to select the pose and background, then click on next
  • Choose the time frame you wish the Avatar to be your profile picture; if you do not choose, it will, by default, stay for seven days
  • Lastly, click on save.

Can I use my Avatar Outside of Facebook?

Yes, you can. But it would help if you create your Avatar on Facebook and then export them to your other social media handles.

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