How to Create an Amazon Storefront

An online store is an excellent way to connect consumers and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by e-commerce, whether you’ve selected your first product and desired to set up a shop online or established a brand and want to expand worldwide.

Create an Amazon Storefront

Fortunately, plenty of tools are available in this article on How to Create an Amazon Storefront and then simplify the process and recommendations you can apply to guarantee a positive experience.

How to Create an Amazon Storefront

Depending on your business strategy and objectives, you can sell exclusively on any social media site, build a unique DTC website from the foundation up, or open a storefront on an existing marketplace like Amazon to reach more potential customers.

Building a web storefront that enables you to manage inventory and shipping can be an important obstacle to success. Making a direct consumer website, keeping up your presence on social media, and using other online sales channels require time and money. The capacity to create a specific Amazon Storefront or Store is one of the Amazon Advertising options accessible to sellers registered in the Brand Registry.

An Amazon Store serves as your own personal, specific to the brand website on Amazon that enables registered brands to highlight their products without being distracted by goods or advertisements from other companies. With the huge customer base of Amazon, it will possess the look and feel of an actual e-commerce store.

To Create an Amazon Storefront

If an online seller registers with Amazon, they can use the Amazon Storefront without paying anything. The eBay stores, on the other hand (remember them?), charge for their storefronts.

If you are already an Amazon Brand Registry program member, now you set up an Amazon storefront account. This short tutorial shows you exactly how to set up an Amazon storefront in seven simple steps.

Start an Amazon StorefrontTo get started; you must sign into your Amazon Seller Central account. You can accomplish this by clicking on the Stores option in the main menu bar at the top of the Amazon homepage.

Create your Amazon Storefront

You will be required first to provide the information that follows:

Brand display name: the shopfront will display the business name you select, allowing customers to identify you quickly.

Logo of the brand: The logo image has to be at least 400 pixels wide and high.

Product Grid Style: You may select between a standard or tall layout for the goods in your store.

Choose your Homepage Template

The following step requires adding a page meta title for your store. You can also select a pre-made homepage template to personalize your Amazon Store further. However, you can choose from the following possibilities:

  • Marquee.
  • Product Highlight.
  • Product Grid.
  • Blank.

You can preview the options that such design offers you. Hit Create Page after selecting the design that you want to use.

Design Amazon Storefront

To enable navigation on your homepage, you can create multiple pages within your Amazon Store in the next step. Customers will find it simple to explore your catalog and see what products your business sells.

As in the previous example, you can construct numerous pages under the navigation bar and drop menus inside each.

With this tool, you may broaden the store for your company with any number of tiles you like. Additionally, there is a Popularity Slider that automatically displays the most popular items and a Recommended Products slider that populates according to previous consumer searches.

You may add items, text, videos, or photographs to these tiles to render them unique. After clicking + Add tile, you can choose the category of tile you desire.

Add your Products to Amazon Storefront

By including your goods in the listings, finish up your Amazon Store. Once you click on a section, choose the tag “product” and utilize the keyword or ASIN search to locate your product.

The items you select for listing will appear in the tile slot shortly as you do. Your product’s picture and the cost appear on the tile.

Add Pages to Amazon Storefront

Put pages on your homepage, as we have previously addressed. You need to first navigate to the Store builder’s main menu and select Add Page from the menu on the left if you want to include pages in your Amazon Store.

You have limits to desired goods and characteristics on the first page of a page-less store.

Each fresh page is additionally editable, so you may choose whether you want to highlight all of your products and related data.

Set Up Amazon Storefront

Launching your Amazon Store after you’ve finished creating it is time. From the menu bar, choose Submit for Publishing.

Your Amazon Storefront must complete a manual review process before being released (often within 72 hours).

If you want to ensure your Storefront will be accepted, check Amazon’s Content Acceptance Policy.


You may use Amazon Storefronts as an additional tool to improve customer interaction. Making an Amazon Storefront serves as a reflection of your brand if you don’t already have one.

Additionally, by employing a combination of videos, photographs, and written material to communicate your company’s narrative, you can enhance your company’s visibility in associated searches. It may be beneficial for many clients.


Who is eligible for an Amazon storefront?

Who Is Eligible to Open an Amazon Storefront? Anyone who sells on Amazon can utilize an Amazon Storefront, but first, they have to finish their Brand Registry, requiring applicants to have a registered trademark. It is what? Your online shop is then subject to review and authorization by Amazon, usually within 72 hours.

Is opening an Amazon storefront free?

An Amazon Store is a unique, multipage shopping location where different companies can present their items and tell their brand’s narrative. Businesses may create an entirely free dedicated brand store on Amazon with a customized Amazon URL.

How much can you make on Amazon?

According to this category, commissions range from 1% to 20% per sale. You can earn additional revenue by putting more effort into your shop and driving more customers to purchase what you recommend. Influencers may make just a few hundred dollars, as much as thousands a month.

Is there a mobile app for Amazon Storefront?

Yes. You may run your company on Amazon remotely with the assistance of Amazon Seller, a free smartphone application from Amazon. You may obtain the Seller app from the Apple Store or Google Play after selecting an advertising plan and setting up an account.

Are Amazon storefronts profitable?

Customers can decide to see shoppable information and product suggestions that you post to your Amazon storefront as they search for and browse products on Amazon. If anyone picks your content, you will receive onsite rates when readers click it to complete an eligible transaction.

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