How to Contact Seller on Amazon

Before or after completing an order, it is simple for you to contact an Amazon seller if you have any questions about something you ordered or purchased. Any third-party Amazon seller may be contacted once you have logged in to Amazon. Through a computer or any mobile device via the mobile app through their “About” page. Your “Orders” page or through responding to messages in your Amazon Buyer/Seller Messages inbox.

Contact Seller on Amazon

Regardless of whether you are raising a query, complaint, or comment. It would help if you only read this article attentively to determine the actions you need to follow on How to Contact Seller on Amazon.

How to Contact Seller on Amazon

If you’ve ever placed a purchase on Amazon and discovered immediately that you made a mistake, then you understand how challenging it can be to find a way to fix what went wrong.

When your order does not offer Amazon Prime delivery perks, you must communicate directly with the third-party seller. You may think that anything you purchase on Amazon is sold and sent by Amazon as you shop there. That may be the case for many purchases, particularly those with Prime shipping.

Some goods deliveries may state “Fulfilled by Amazon” or list a third-party merchant. If you have questions, contact the seller instead of Amazon customer service. Here’s how to get to a seller on Amazon before and after completing the transaction.

How to Message a Seller on Amazon

Below are the steps that you need for you to be able to contact sellers on Amazon.

  • Log into your account on Amazon by visiting the website. top-right corner of your screen is an icon that says Returns & Orders, so click there.
  • Go to Returns & Orders from Amazon’s homepage.
  • Find your order in the list on the Your Orders tab, then click the yellow Problem with Order button.
  • To report a purchase-related issue, click Problem with an order.
  • Under What went wrong? On what follows screen. Choose an area from the list.
  • Select a response to the question What went wrong?
  • Under What would you want to do? On the following page. Just choose Contact Seller.
  • Just choose Contact Seller.
  • In the Select Reason drop-down menu, select an option.
  • Select Reason, then pick a choice out of the provided selection.
  • After that, enter the message you want to send in the box that displays and press Send.

How to Contact Seller Before Placing Order

Follow the guides below for you to be able to message a seller before placing an order.

  • Click on the Seller’s Name on the Product Detail page.
  • Click Ask a Question in the top right corner of the next page.

Note: Occasionally, various sellers might have the same goods for sale. In such instances, you can see a list of accessible vendors by clicking New and Used on the product listing page. Then go to the seller’s At a Glance page by clicking the rating that you wish to get in touch with, and then click Ask a Question.

  • Complete the form. The Buyer-Seller Messages within the Message Center will send your message to the seller.

Note: Give the seller’s response two business days before responding to your inquiry.

Contact a Seller After Placing an Order

  • Access Your Orders.
  • Click on Problem with order after finding your order.
  • Select the subject from the listing appearing, and finally click Contact Seller.
  • Complete the application with every necessary information. Your message will be delivered through the Message Center’s Buyer-Seller Messages section.

Note: Give the seller’s response a full two days to react to your request for information.

Contact Seller to Request Invoice for an Item

  • Choose Your Orders.
  • Find your purchase, then click the Invoice button on the right.
  • If a choice is not available from the menu that appears, select Contact Seller for Invoice.
  • Complete the application for more information. The seller will receive your message through the Buyer-Seller Messages within the Message Centre.
  • Note: the seller will respond to your inquiry within two working days.
  • If you require assistance with a product offered through Amazon Global Store, please go to the help pages.


How Do I Contact a Seller Directly on Amazon?

After placing an order, get in touch with the vendor:

  • Access Your Orders.
  • In the list, locate your order.
  • Select An order problem.
  • Select your subject from the list that appears.
  • Select the Contact of the Seller.

Where is the Chat with Seller on Amazon?

Go to the Message Center after signing into your account to access the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. You can perform the following using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service: Check out previous exchanges with vendors on Answer messages from sellers.

How do I find seller details on Amazon?

How can I locate seller information on Amazon?

  • Inquire with a Marketplace Seller
  • On the product information page, click the seller’s name.
  • Ask a question on a seller’s profile page. The Seller Messaging Assistant will be the next thing you see. Continue chatting.
  • Click here to learn more about the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

Are Amazon Sellers Allowed to Contact Customers?

In general, you can only contact a consumer who has established a purchase from you on Amazon to fulfill a transaction or address an administrative issue. You can’t reach any customer for marketing or promotional reasons, including by phone, email, regular mail, or any other form of communication.

How Do I Open Chat on Amazon?

Visit and select Help with something else to start a live conversation with customer service. Another issue > I need more assistance. After that, you can ask a question by typing it into the text field at the bottom of the chat window that appears and pressing Send or Enter on your keyboard.

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