How to Change Your Twitter Handle

Do you think it is time for a change in your Twitter handle? Or maybe you’ve become tired of the name you chose when you first joined Twitter, and you feel it no longer represents who you are?

How to Change Your Twitter Handle

Perhaps you’re a business that recently went through a rebranding or name change. Whatever the reason, changing your Twitter handle is a simple and easy step that will make signing in more pleasant than ever before.

How to Change Your Twitter Handle

Changing your Twitter handle is a simple process, whether you’ve outgrown your previous handle or simply want to update your online profile. Here are the following steps on how to change your Twitter handle

Step 1: Go to Your Profile Settings

You’ll be taken to your Twitter feed once you’ve logged in. Click on your profile icon or image in the top left corner of the page to access your profile preferences.

Step 2: Go to settings and privacy

From you’re your profile menu there is a drop-down when you click on “settings and support”. Here you will see the settings and privacy options.

Step 3: Select ‘’Your account’’

You can make changes on your Twitter handle by clicking on ‘’account information’’. Then you go to ‘’username’’.

Step 4: Choose a New Handle

When you click on the username area, a text box will appear where you may enter your new Twitter handle. Remember that your new handle must be different; no two users can have the same handle.

If the handle you’ve chosen is available, Twitter will display a green checkmark next to it. Also, if the handle has already been taken, you will notice a red “X.” Then you click ‘’done’’ at the top right of the screen to save changes.

Step 5: Update Your followers

While Twitter will automatically transfer your old handle to your new one, it’s a good idea to notify your followers of the change. To ensure that your audience is aware of the change, tweet about it or make a quick notification in your bio.

Step 7: Patience

The changes made may take a few moments to completely spread across Twitter’s servers and platforms. Your old handle may still appear in some places during this period. Give it some time, and your new handle will soon be reflected everywhere.


Changing your Twitter account is an easy process that allows you to renew your online presence without losing followers or content.

You can easily change to a new handle that better matches your current interests, brand, or personality by following the steps provided. Remember to notify your followers about the change, and enjoy your new Twitter handle!

What if I wish to go back to my old handle after changing it?

When you change your handle, your old one becomes available for use by others. You won’t be able to retrieve it immediately. If you want your previous handle back, you must first change it to something else and then wait for it to become available again.

 How long will it take for my new handle to be shown everywhere?

After changing your handle, it may take some time for the changes to be entirely displayed across all Twitter platforms. Your old handle may still appear in some places for a little time.

 Can I add special characters to my new handle?

Yes, letters, digits, and underscores can all be used in your Twitter username. However, spaces and the majority of special characters are not permitted.

 What happens to my previous tweets and media when I change my handle?

After changing your Twitter handle, all of your old tweets, media, and information will be preserved. Twitter will instantly redirect your old handle to your new one, providing that what you have posted is still available.

Can I change my Twitter handle more than once?

Yes, you can change your Twitter handle several times, but there are restrictions on how often you may do so. Twitter has put controls in place to prevent the feature from being abused.

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