How to Change Facebook Password

Facebook Is an amazing place to be but one of the downsides is the fear of having your account scammed by hackers. For Facebook users, the fear of hackers is the beginning of wisdom. This wisdom makes them want to take proper precautions like two-factor verification and frequently change their Facebook password.

Change Facebook Password

Forgetting your Facebook password is quite frustrating as it is an example of being locked outside your own home because you lost your keys.

Remember no access to Facebook means no access to other apps connected to your Facebook. In this digital age, online security is a huge concern, luckily, this article teaches you how to change your password without any stress.

How to Change Your Password on Facebook

Changing your Facebook password is an easy task that only takes a few seconds, below are the guidelines for changing your password for Facebook App or browser:

  • The first thing is to ensure you have successfully logged into your account.
  •  Access your menu page.
  • On the menu, click on “settings & privacy”.
  • You will be shown a sub-menu.
  • On the sub-menu, click on settings.
  • You will be shown other options.
  • Scroll till you find security and log in or password and security and click on it.
  • Scroll till you find the changed password.
  • Click on edit.
  • Type in your current password.
  • Type in your new password.
  • You have successfully changed your password.

How to Change Your Password Due to Forgotten Password

Changing our password for security reasons is a different ball game when you have to change your password because you forgot your password, it is a different process as shown below:

  • The first thing is to get access to Facebook either through a browser or an app.
  • Try to sign into your account with the email and password you can remember.
  • If the details are incorrect, you will not be able to access your account.
  • Do not leave that page, click on “forgot password?”
  • You will be asked to reset your password with your Google account, email address, or phone number depending on the one you signed up with.
  • If you signed up with a phone number that has two-step verification on it, you won’t be able to reset your password with that number.
  • Use a different number.
  • You will be sent a code that will be used for verification processes, so keep the code safe.

How to Recover Your Email or Phone Number

Now that you have successfully changed your password, it will profit you to add some recovery methods as you never know the time a hacker will try to hack your account, below are the steps to setting this up:

  • First, log into your Facebook account.
  • Click on your profile image.
  • Select “settings & privacy”.
  • Scroll down and select “settings”.
  • First icon you will see by the left has general in front of it.
  • Click on it and scroll down to “contact”.
  • Click on ‘Add” under Add another email.
  • Select and click on “Add your number?
  • Type in your phone number and click “Continue”.
  • You will be sent a text to confirm the number.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.


How do I Enable Two-factor Verification on my Account?

Here are a few steps to follow in setting up your two-factor verification on your account:

  • First, log into your Facebook account.
  • Click your profile page and select settings & privacy.
  • Proceed to click on settings.
  • Scroll down and click on security and login.
  • Go through the options and find the “two-factor verification’’.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

With this, your account is fully secured from hackers and third parties.

Can I be Notified if Someone tries to Access my Account?

Yes, you can if you set your account that way. Below are steps that will help you to get alerts for unrecognized logins:

  • First, log into your Facebook account.
  • Navigate your way to “settings & privacy”.
  • Click on settings and select “security and login”.
  • Scroll down to find “setting up extra security”.
  • Proceed to select “get alerts about unrecognized logins”.
  • proceed to “notifications”.
  • and click on “get notifications”.
  • proceed to ‘’email address” and click o “receive email alerts at”.
  • now click on “save changes”.

if you followed the steps carefully, then you have successfully set up alerts for all unrecognized logins and you will be notified if anyone tries to log into your account.

Can I use my Phone Number or Something Simple as my Password?

Not really. Passwords should not be simple because several hackers are looking for ways to guess your password, if it is too simple then your account will be an easy cake to eat up.

Make your account a little complicated, if you cannot remember it, then save it somewhere safe where you can return it. Long and complicated passwords are the best deal to strike when it comes to keeping your account safe from Facebook thieves.

What do I do if the Phone Number and Email I use to set up my Account is no Longer Within my reach

Do not worry about this, Facebook has a way out for you, simply follow the following tips:

  • you can still get your account back by using the Facebook identity page.
  • Enter this: in a web browser.
  • Locate your account and follow the instructions given.

How often can I change my Facebook Password?

You can change your Facebook password every day but each day has a limited number of times. When you hit the limit, you will be restricted and asked to wait for 24 hours before resetting your password again.

Can You Change Your Facebook Password Without Recalling the Old One?

No, you cannot do that, you have to type in your old and new password to change your password. However, if you have issues recalling your old password simply open your Facebook app and click on “forgot password?” follow the on-screen instructions to get your old password back then you can go ahead to change your password.

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