Big Sun Athletics Scholarship – APPLY NOW!

Are you seeking to apply for the Big Sun Athletics Scholarship 2023? Please be informed that applications from eligible students are currently being accepted for the Big Sun Scholarship, which is entirely funded and sponsored by the BigSun Organization.

Big Sun Athletics Scholarship
Big Sun Athletics

The Big Sun Athletic Organization is committed to giving young athletes the chance to grow and succeed.

Big Sun Athletics Scholarship

The main target of the BigSun Organization is to assist young athletes in attaining their academic goals. This is something that it is quite proud of. Moreover, this scholarship scheme offers an annual scholarship opportunity to a deserving student as our way of contributing.

Regardless of their chosen sport or degree of involvement, every student-athletes are eligible for consideration. Either high school seniors or students enrolled in post-secondary institutions are eligible to apply.

Nevertheless, the Big Sun Scholarship does not define the course of study that applicants must be enrolled in or how the awarded funds must be used.

In contrast to those seeking a career in sports, your credentials for the scholarship are not lessened even if your chosen field of study has nothing to do with sports.

The Benefit of the Big Sun Scholarship

Both seniors in high school and students planning to enroll in an American post-secondary institution are eligible for the $500 reward program.

Required Documents

The following papers must be included with the application:

  • Confirming enrolment at the designated educational facility.
  • The requirement to submit an essay.
  • Proof of regular participation in sports.

Requirements for Big Sun Scholarship

There are some eligibility criteria individuals must fulfill to be eligible for the Big Sun Athletics Scholarship.

The requirements are:

  • Applicants must reside in the United States and pursue their education there.
  • Take part in any type of extracurricular sporting activity.
  • Be a college student or a senior in high school.

These are all the requirements to must fulfill to be eligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply

To submit your scholarship application, write an essay between 500 and 1000 words in which you respond to each of the following questions:

  • How did your participation in athletics during your high school years affect the way you behaved?
  • How has your involvement in sports affected your dreams and professional goals?
  • Has your involvement in sports affected how you communicate with and relate to your family?

Application Deadline

Submit your applications for the Big Sun Scholarship before June 19, 2023. Good luck in applying for this scholarship.


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What Sport Gives the Best Scholarship?

Football, soccer, hockey, and baseball may be the sports with the highest percentage of full scholarships available. Yet you should also be aware that the competition in these more well-known sports is the toughest. You’ll compete with other gifted student-athletes for a small number of available spots.

What Sport Gives the Most Money?

Basketball is the most lucrative sport in the world, with an average yearly pay of around $10.5 million in the NBA in 2023. The average salary in the NFL, which comes in at $4.5 million, is more than twice as high as this.

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