Best Steam Deck Games – These Games are Best

For a while now, several players have gotten their hands on the steam deck, and the influx of deliveries means that thousands of gamers are getting to try it every day. If you happen to get your hands on one, then you probably need the best steam deck games available. By now you should be aware that a lot of top AAA games work really well on the steam Deck console, and trust me if you have a steam deck console, you would not want to miss out on these games.

Best Steam Deck Games

At the moment, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of games that would work quite well on the steam deck, depending on how your steam library is. Well, this list entails some interesting games that all steam deck owners should check out.

Best Steam Deck Games

Below are the best Steam Deck games available. These games are really great and if you just got a steam deck, you really should try it on the console.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This game combines some elements from several great games to bring you what is an amazing game to play. The game is an adventurous, lightsaber Star Wars adventure game. Trust me this game is worth your time.

Elden Ring

Somehow, surprisingly, this game so happens to run really well on the steam deck. And in our opinion, it even plays a little bit better than on its PC counterparts. You should already know that this game is one of the trending games on PC right now, and you shouldn’t want to miss out on trying out the game.

God of war

This game on the handheld is a great choice. This thoughtful reboot reimagines the series, as Kratos gets from angry greeting God to a more remorseful father that lives in the Norse land quietly. You get to enjoy the game combat, melee, and more as Kratos returns to his violent ways.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game is another PS4 title that was ported to PC. this game is an amazing open-world game where tribal humans get to coexist alongside far advanced technology. This game features you using electric bows and arrows to take down robot dinosaurs, creatures, and more.

Death Stranding

The maker of the game metal gear solid and game design legend, Hideo Kojima, has returned to the stage with death stranding. The game features a pos apocalyptic world, where you get to unite America through a strategic package delivery.

Devil May Cry 5

This game offers you three distinct characters to select from as you bash demons into bloody pulps. Starting from Nero’s reboot arms to V’s demonic familiars, you get to craft a playstyle that feels truly your own.


This game is the spiritual successor to the Thief franchise, but even if you do not love that immersive sim, you should still take a trip to the city dun wall. In this game, you get to make use of acrobatic stealth, clockwork weapons, and some mysterious magic powers to take out the plague and corruption that is around.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal gear games are quite amazing, but the best out of them all is the Phantom pain. This game no longer confines you to a cramped hallway in secret bases, Venom Snake’s sneaking mission would now take him all over an expertly crafted open world.

Portal 2

Placing portal 2 on this list quite breaks the rules, as we recently learned that the game would be heading to the Nintendo Switch console. Still, this game is one great game that you should not miss out on. the game features new great mechanics, push the portal puzzles to mind-bending limits, and more.

Mass Effect legendary Edition

This game trilogy is quite incredible and the update that the game got created an even better mass effect. This game is the original mass effect game with a modernized gameplay experience.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

This game comes with great fighting Mechanics, and what is even better is the steam deck experience. You get to summon gangsters and vagabonds that would aid you in climbing to the top of the criminal underworld in a gorgeous RPG.

Doom Eternal

This game has gotten quite synonymous with PC gaming from the jump, pushing the hardware and evolving the first-person shooter genre with rips, tears, and chainsaws through hell. So, with this, you should know that this game on the Steam deck is entirely something awesome.

Resident Evil Village

This game happens to be the latest entry in the resident evil series, and it is at the moment not verified on the steam deck. But it has been tested on the steam deck, and surprisingly it ran very well.

There are more great games to try out on your steam deck, some of which include Forza Horizon 5, GTA 5, Control, and more. Steam Deck by now is filled with tons of options to try out.


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