Top 200 Best Movies on Starz; You Need to Watch

Are you looking for variety and volume in your movie streaming library? Starz movies are one of the best options you can count on for their epic original TV hits and a fantastic selection of films that subscribers can watch on demand.

Movie on Starz

However, Starz offers this streaming service with a huge library with over 900 collections of movies and 20+ TV shows. You can access every title using “JustWatch” to browse. It allows the filtering results based on the movie you prefer, which may include filtering for movies or TV shows, genre, top directors, release date, age rating, new titles, and more.

Movies on Starz

On the Starz network broadcast which is aimed at those who are looking to stream movies now, you can access the Starz app on-demand library, or the add-on subscriptions via hosts such as Prime Video and Hulu.

Starz offers a really excellent collection of classics, including a ton of Westerns, unlike many other streaming services. Movies such as:

  • Foxcatcher (2014).
  • The Last King of Scotland (2006).
  • The Lunchbox (2013).
  • Capernaum (2018).
  • Eastern Promises (2007).
  • Fruitvale Station (2013).
  • Pain and Glory (2019).
  • Nowhere Boy (2010).
  • The Salt of the Earth (2014).
  • A Fantastic Woman (2017).
  • Elle (2016).
  • Maiden (2018).
  • A Better Life (2011).
  • Never Let Me Go (2010).
  • The Red Turtle (2017).
  • Munich (2005).
  • Sands of Oblivion (2007).
  • Skins (2002)
  • Judy Berlin (1999).
  • Parallel Mothers (2020).
  • Happy Go Lucky (2008).
  • Toni Erdmann (2016).

Furthermore, Starz also includes a number of recent films that have dominated the box office, a collection of well-known favorites and contemporary masterpieces, and many undiscovered gems, ranging from horror to independent dramas.

Top 200 Best Movies Starz to Watch

You can explore thousands of hits on this platform featuring your favorite series and movies with special offers. This Lionsgate streaming service is focused basically on movies than TV shows.

In the list below, we will consider the top 200 on-demand movie recommendations based on their genre.

Award Winning & Nominated

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  • Die Hard
  • Emma
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • Searching For Bobby Fischer
  • ParaNorman
  • In Bruges
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Thin Red Line
  • Destroyer
  • Turner
  • Brown
  • The Natural
  • Never Look Away


  • Supercool
  • Where’s The Money
  • Dance Flick
  • Home Alone: Lost in New York
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
  • Shallow Hal
  • Movie 43
  • Click
  • Janky Promoters
  • Idiocracy
  • Domino: Battle of The Bones
  • How To be a Player
  • Paulie
  • Honey 2
  • Jingle All the Way
  • Thumbelina
  • Who Gets the Dog?
  • The Man
  • Like Mike


  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Homefront
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City
  • Triggered
  • The Misfits
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • The Marine
  • Immortals
  • X Men
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier


  • Don’t Breathe 2
  • Fantasy Island
  • Black Friday
  • Incarnation
  • Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem
  • The Strangers: Prey at Night
  • The Grudge
  • The Curse of La Patasola


  • Boyz N The Hood
  • Escape Room
  • The Unholy
  • Ray Jr’s Legit Paper
  • Honey
  • A Journal for Jordan


  • Men In Black: International
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
  • X men: First Class
  • Alien Vs. Predator

Top Directors

  • Clerks III
  • Eastern Promises
  • Aliens
  • Ali
  • Cape Fear
  • Planet of The Apes
  • End of Days
  • A Good Year
  • Made
  • Bandits
  • Raising Arizona
  • Jarhead

Just Added

  • Volcano
  • The Exorcism of God
  • Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
  • Toys
  • Rough Night
  • Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight
  • Bustin’ Loose
  • On Chesil Beach
  • Home Alone 3
  • Mystery Men
  • Beethoven
  • Beautiful

Kids & Family

  • The Flintstones
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
  • A Dog’s Way Home
  • Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs. Evil
  • Ainbo: Spirit of The Amazon
  • The Wolf and The Lion
  • Eragon
  • Little Women
  • Free Birds
  • Wings
  • The Perfect Man
  • Million Dollar Arm
  • Two By Two: Overboard
  • Red Dog
  • Babysitters Beware

Hidden Gems

  • Blood Father
  • Elle
  • Nine Days
  • 100 Streets
  • Early Man
  • The Walk
  • Before We Go
  • Destination Wedding
  • The Devils Double
  • The Laureate
  • Mansfield Park
  • 6 Days


  • Think Like a Man Too
  • About Last Night
  • I think I Love My Wife
  • Aloha
  • It Takes Two
  • The Wedding Date
  • Driven
  • The Ugly Truth
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend
  • About Time
  • A Week in Paradise

Crime Dramas

  • Set-Up
  • The Equalizer
  • 22 Jump Street
  • City of Lies
  • Measure of Revenge
  • Elle
  • Wonderland
  • Don’t Say a Word


  • The Pay Day
  • Clerks III
  • The Hurricane Heist
  • The Intruder

Black Cinema

  • A Haunted House 2
  • For the Love of Money
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Intruder
  • The Mortician
  • The Devil You Know

Trending Now

  • Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds
  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
  • Zombieland: Double Tap
  • BloodShot
  • Annie
  • Triggered
  • Oz The Great and Powerful

Screen Legends

  • Brothers
  • Annie
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Monsters ball
  • Aloha
  • X2: X Men United
  • Life
  • The Hurricane

Cult Movies

  • The Sandlot
  • Home Alone
  • Taken
  • Super Troopers
  • Doubtfire
  • The Hills Have Eyes

Hollywood Hits

  • Fall
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
  • Colombiana
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • The Wedding Ringer
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

Women Behind the Camera

  • Body Parts
  • Alice
  • Underworld: Blood Wars
  • Witch Hunt
  • Paradise Highway
  • The Wedding Date
  • Rose All Day


  • Brimstone
  • Rio Diablo
  • Bandidas
  • High Noon
  • Gold
  • Black Fox: Good Men and Bad

Starz App

The Starz app as a video-on-demand service offers captivating TV shows and the most popular original series and movies. You may watch your preferred original programs and movies directly on your TV, and it’s entirely free. Through bold storytelling and a deep library, Starz brings diverse perspectives to life.

However, the Starz application is available on both the “App Store” for iOS users and on the “Play Store” for Android users. Know you can download the latest version of the Starz application free of charge.

With your tablet or smartphone, you can download movies and television shows that you can view whenever you want.

Starz Log In

The following are steps to follow carefully to sign in to your Starz account. After signing in you access the Starz content on your various device.

To log in to Starz, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Starz website or launch the Starz app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage or within the app.
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your Starz account.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page to reset it. Starz will send an email to the address associated with your account with instructions on how to reset your password.

How to Fix Common Starz Login Issues

While the Starz login process is relatively straightforward, users may encounter some common issues. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting these problems:

  • Incorrect Login Credentials: Make sure that you are entering the correct email address and password associated with your Starz account. If you are not sure, try resetting your password or contact Starz customer service for assistance.
  • Slow Internet Connection: A slow internet connection can cause login issues. Try closing any other applications that may be using up bandwidth and check your internet connection.
  • Browser Issues: Some users may experience login issues due to browser-related problems. Clear your browser cache and cookies, and try logging in again.
  • App Issues: If you are using the Starz app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This can often resolve any issues related to app functionality.

How to Get Starz Free Trial Without a Credit Card

Although Starz accepts credit cards like American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, you can get a free a Starz free trial without using a credit card since it also accepts PayPal.

You can simply enter your PayPal details into the appropriate field to pay when you are signing up for your Starz free trial. Alternatively, you can also make use of a prepaid gift card to pay, it all depends on you.

How to Cancel a Starz Subscription

But before your trial ends, you must decide if you want to proceed with the service. Now, if you decide to cancel, here are some steps to follow to cancel a subscription.

To Cancel Using a Web Browser:

  • Launch your preferred browser and go to
  • Navigate to the login section, and enter your email address and password.
  • Once done, click the “Log In” bottom.
  • After being logged in select “Settings” and cancel the subscription.

To Cancel Using the Starz App:

  • First, select “More” in the bottom right corner of the Starz app.
  • After that, navigate to “Settings,” and then “Account Management”
  • At this moment, tap on “Settings My Subscription,” and find your provider.
  • Finally, click on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

In order to avoid being charged for your first month, you should do this before your seven-day free trial ends.


Is the Starz App Free?

You can download the app and use it for free as part of your TV subscription if you already have a STARZ subscription through your TV provider. Instead, simply register for the app and begin viewing. At this moment, be aware that Comcast/Xfinity does not permit subscribers to access the STARZ app.

Is Starz Free on Amazon Prime?

Along with its own streaming service, Amazon Prime Video now provides a seven-day free trial of Starz. Users must be Amazon Prime subscribers in order to join up for the Starz free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

Why is Starz Not Working?

Check your Wi-Fi connection first. Do other apps not function as well? If so, consider shutting down your router and letting it sit idle for a while. Try revisiting the Starz app and playing your chosen content after turning the router back on.

Does Starz Get New Movies?

Movies and TV shows are always being added to and taken out of Starz’s library. You will adore the JustWatch Timeline if you feel as though you have seen it all. You may stay current and ensure that you never miss a recently released film or television program. See all of Starz’s recent releases in the list below.

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