Best Prompts for AI Art

Nowadays, one aspect of AI tech attracting millions of individuals all over the world is the AI Art Generator program. This program is responsible for creating art with a unique, abstract, surreal look that artists desire. As a result, you might be curious to ask about the best prompts for AI art.

Best Prompts for AI Art
Best Prompts for AI Art

If you are new to this “creative AI” and are unsure of which prompts to use, taking a look at what others have created can be a good start. Moreover, this article provides some of the top-notch AI Art to prompt.

Best Prompts for AI Art

As a matter of fact, Artificial intelligence (AI) systems like Midjourney and DALL-E create lifelike images and artwork using text-to-image prompts that are written in natural language.

With these AI Art generators, you may soar even if you are not a skilled photographer or specialist in artificial intelligence technology.

in contrast to other generator programs, can produce artwork with the distinctive, abstract, or surreal appearance that artists desire.

Your images can truly convey emotions, travel across time, and experience many eras with these AI art generators. The software may produce an image using common modern color schemes and filters.

Midjourney Best Prompts for Logos

Since you can use these tools for creating logos for websites, companies, and other businesses. Once you have picked the look of your logo, you may choose from the style prompts.

However, some best prompts for logos include the following:

  • Lettermark
  • Mascot
  • Emblem

Midjourney Best Prompts for Portraits

There are numerous prompts available that you can use to produce the ideal portrait. AI-generated portraits must take into account lighting and shadow. An individual, a family, a group of friends, a pet, or a combination of people and objects can all be depicted in the image itself.

Below are some of the best prompts for portraits:

  • Posed
  • Headshot
  • Sideview
  • Eye contact
  • Photorealistic
  • Gender Identity
  • Cultural Identity
  • Close up

Also, with the use AI art generator you can create images from different time and artistic periods such as Gothic, Baroque, Impressionism, Realism, and Landscape.

Midjourney Best Prompts for Gothic Art

In the 12th century, France saw a period of Gothic flourish. Gothic, however, is a well-liked subculture in today’s music, fashion, and other industries. This creative approach is used by art generators.

The best prompts for producing gothic images are listed below:

  • Ornate gothic
  • Oil painting
  • Shadowy
  • Dark
  • Detailed
  • Dark fantasy

These are some of the best Gothic art you can prompt. Midjourney also allows the modernizing of other periods as well – Baroque, Impressionism, and Realism.

Other Prompts Available on Midjourney

Some of the best prompts available in other genres include:

  • Surrealism
  • paper art
  • layered paper
  • isometric art
  • futuristic prompts
  • blacklight
  • cyberpunk naive art
  • drawing style
  • matrix raining code

How to Create a Realistic Midjourney Portrait Prompts

To create a realistic Midjourney portrait prompt, please consider the following tips:

  • Employ a 6:9 aspect ratio.
  • Add softer, more dramatic, dreamy, or film-like lighting as a second tip.
  • Use an 80mm (or even 100mm) lens in your prompt because it is a portrait lens.
  • To switch Midjourney AI into the photorealistic mode, use –testp.

There are limitless possibilities to create and experiment with photos. Midjourney has become an art form to come up with interesting and entertaining prompts, and it has endless potential.


Is there a Free Midjourney?

Unfortunately, Midjourney is not currently available for free. Midjourney’s basic package costs $10. You can pay $60 to gain access to its premium tier if you want to take things a step further.

Yet even if you are unable to utilize Midjourney for free, there are fortunately many alternative programs available online that will produce findings that are comparable.

Can you Upload an Image to Midjourney?

Midjourney enables you to include photographs as part of a prompt. The image you want to use can be added to Discord using the Add button in the message box if you haven’t already uploaded it, and then you can drag it into the prompt to automatically add the URL.

How Long Can a Midjourney Prompt Be?

A prompt might be a single sentence or several. On Dall-E, the maximum character count is 400; on Midjourney, it is 6,000. Short text prompts or even emojis work just as well as longer ones for AI generators to make visuals. The more open to interpretation you leave a prompt, the shorter it is.



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