Best Android Games for 2022 – Must Play Android Games of 2022

If you are yet to declare yourself as an Android gamer, whether part-time or full-time, you are missing out on a lot. Every day, great interesting games are hitting the Android gaming market, and even recently, some console games are making their debut on Android devices. So, if you are in any way interested in gaming on an Android device, then you should check out the best Android Games for 2022. Trust me, these games would amaze if you are not an Android gamer.

Best Android Games for 2022

The Android gaming market has recently been filled with gimmicky cash grabs and utter trash that is not worth your time or your money. From Indie hits, retro classics, and even Nintendo-published originals happen to be among the plenty of games that the Android platform has featured over the years. Just as previously stated, there are now more comparable AAA titles on consoles and PC.

So, without further ado, I would be stating the best Android Games for 2022, so stay tuned not to miss out on the best games.

Best Android Games for 2022

Below are some of the best games that you can play in 2022. These games have gotten the attention of millions of Android users, and trust me it would get yours too. They include:

Among Us

The game Among Us, Dominated the gaming world in the year 2020 as the perfect, paranoid quarantine pastime, even though the game was officially launched in 2018. The game features a group of astronauts trying to fix their spaceship while trying to catch a secret saboteur working to kill you all. Well in this game you would have to do whatever it takes to survive, and trust nothing or no one.

Arena of Valor

When it comes to the MOBA markets, Dota 2 and league of legends are the dominant parties. Well on mobile devices, things seem to be more level. This game is from a Chinese megacorporation Tencent, and the game is one great real-time strategy game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This game cost $2.99 on Google Play Store. It is one of the most iconic games in the Castlevania series, and luckily the game is on Android devices. In the game, you get to play as the vampire Alucard and slay the demonic hordes that are haunting the castle as you work to resurrect Dracula. The game is filled with weapons, gears, spells, and more to keep the thrill alive.

Crossy Road

This very interesting simple title that you probably must have heard about or seen on the Nintendo Switch console can be played on Android devices. Trust me this game is fun-filled.

Final Fantasy VII

On Google Play, the game is Purchased at $15.99. before playing the big-budget remake on PlayStation 4, you get to enjoy the original game that took the final fantasy franchise from a popular JRPG to a beloved cultural institution. In this new Mobile Final Fantasy VII, cloud and his friends might not have as many polygons as their console and PC counterparts, but they have just as much heart.


One of the reasons why this game became the sensation it is today is because you can fully take part in its battle royale for free on mobile devices. In case you haven’t heard, this is the best battle royale game to ever hit the battle royale market.

Genshin Impact

This game takes you into an expansive action RPG that drops you into the fantasy world of Teyvat, a mysterious realm that is being ruled by ancient Gods and shrouded in centuries-old mysteries. The game would have you traveling through the world to find your lost sibling, fighting monsters, and helping anyone you meet as you travel. The game features a Zelda-like, open-world environment.


After revolutionizing the real-time strategy genre with its orcs-and-human battles, Blizzard created the MMO to end all MMOs with the world of warcraft. After that, the developers created the deep, accessible, and utterly addictive digital collectible game: hearthstone.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This game is one of the biggest MOBA genres on mobile phones today. Traditional strategies still apply as you, your team, and your minions, battle the enemy team for control of the map.


Originally, the Mobile version of Minecraft was quite the same thing as its PC and console counterparts. However, the game has ever since then been unified, with the new version largely taking from the mobile version’s foundations, ironically enough.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If there is another battle royale game that has dominated the Battle Royale world on Mobile devices, you should be looking at Call of Duty: Mobile. This game feature a lot of things that would want to keep playing all day.

There are other great Android games to play like Stardew Valley, Spaceteam, Sky: Children of Light, Rocket League Sideswipe, Reigns: Her Majesty, Threes, Apex legends Mobile, PUBG and more.


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