Best Automotive Apps for Car Maintenance

Automotive Apps for Car Maintenance: It is normal to feel more independent when you own a car. But it can be a big burden for many when it comes to maintaining it. There is a lot that goes into car maintenance, from tire rotations to fluid flushes to oil changes.

Best Automotive Apps for Car Maintenance

Fortunately, there are many apps available to assist you with all of this, if you find it difficult to remember when your car needs maintenance. In this post, we will consider some of best automotive Apps you can use for your car maintenance.

Best Automotive Apps for Car Maintenance

At a tap of a button, these apps can monitor fuel efficiency, repairs, and servicing. Your neighborhood auto repair shop may send you maintenance reminders, and occasionally your windshield may have a sticker inside indicating when you should get your next oil change.

You can schedule and automate recurring chores with a great deal of maintenance apps, so you never have to worry about missing important maintenance duties.

Furthermore, a large number of car maintenance apps are accessible to a diverse user base on both iOS and Android device. Also, there are several car maintenance apps with basic features for free.

To access additional functionalities, you can subscribe to their premium version. Now, lets consider some of the best car maintenance automotive apps and their features:


You can track servicing on up to eight vehicles with the free CARFAX Car Care app, which makes it an excellent option for large families or anyone in charge of a small motor pool. Based on your particular automobile model, it sends you service reminders and promptly notifies you of any safety recalls.

The app also has a useful feature that lets you calculate how much specific fixes will cost. If you don’t know how much something will cost, this can be a huge assistance in preventing you from being taken advantage of by a dishonest service provider.

The CARFAX Car Care app is particularly useful if you’re purchasing a secondhand car because it retrieves records based on the vehicle identification number.

Or you can probably view a virtual record through CARFAX’s system even if you don’t have physical documents of the work that has been done on a car. To locate your automobile, you will need to enter its VIN, but once you have that, you’re in business.

Because of the way CARFAX is designed to operate, it gathers and presents all of the service history for your vehicle. From there, it will suggest when to schedule your subsequent tire rotation or oil change, when to renew your registration, and more.


The free AUTOsist software has a mobile scanning capability that will appeal to those who detest paper receipts. Nevertheless, maintenance receipts are transformed into digital spending and service records that are accessible at all times, even when you’re not connected. You can print your digital service records whenever you’d like,

if you’re the type of person who works best on paper. AUTOsist allows you to share your service records to anyone with just one click if you’re trying to sell your automobile. The user-friendly AUTOsist app makes it easier for you to manage your vehicle.

All of the automobiles you’ve entered in your virtual garage will be visible when you launch the app. The free version of the program allows you to add a single vehicle.

AUTOsist offers various affordable plan to making managing your fleet easier and more economical with flexible pricing option. It provides the set of plans which includes the “Maintenance Package,” Maintenance Package + GPS,” and the “Maintenance Package + GPS + Safety Cameras.”

The starting plan which is also the “Maintenance Package” cost $6 if you are paying monthly, you have a discount $5 if you want to pay bill annually.

While the “Maintenance Package + GPS,” and “Maintenance Package + GPS + Safety Cameras” which offers more features cost $30 and $54 per month.


Another free software that tracks fuel to help you save on gas is Drivvo. It keeps track of registration and servicing fees all in one location. Both professional and personal drivers will find it convenient.

Using the app, you can control your spending by organizing automobile expense data into graphs. This software stands out for its excellent customer service as well.

You can also obtain a summary of all the prior service dates for your car as soon as you launch Drivvo. This is a really practical way to remember when you last had your tires replaced or had your oil changed on your automobile.

You can record income, service, expenses, refueling, routes taken, and future reminders by tapping the + sign at the bottom of the screen.

The software has a lengthy number of service types preloaded when you create a new service record, which makes the procedure even simpler.


Anyone who needs their information in many locations will love the Fuelly app’s smooth integration, which is available for free. Every time you enter information using the app, immediately adds it to your account.

Additionally, the software provides an email report that can be opened in Excel and allows for customized car parts.

You can interact with a helpful group of people in the forum and share advice with other drivers by using this app.

Additionally, this easy-to-use tool not only helps you save money but also promotes a feeling of community among auto aficionados. Keeps track of miles, fuel costs, and fuel economy with Fuelly.

Simply Auto

With all the features you would anticipate from a top car maintenance app, “Simply Auto” has included GPS tracking to make it simple to track all reimbursable and tax-deductible mileage. It is the only app that lets users track fuel efficiency based on octane, brand, and filling station, and it is also free of charge.

Kilowatt-hour tracking is an option available to owners of electric cars (kWh). You can track 15 journeys for free, or you can pay a one-time price of $29.99 to upgrade to the Platinum plan, which costs $9.99 each year.

Also, the home screen has a + icon that makes adding new records simple. You may enter new fill-ups, services, charges, travels, and odometer readings directly from the main screen.

However, you can navigate from the Dashboard tab to the Stats & Charts area to obtain a summary of all the services and expenses associated with your car. You may view trip statistics, average fuel statistics, total statistics, and more there.

AutoZone Technician Finder

AutoZone Technician Finder is the answer to automotive problems. One can easily schedule appointments and find qualified AutoZone professionals in their area by using this auto repair app. You avoid any financial shocks by getting clear quotes for the services you need.

This user-friendly program makes sure your automobile receives the maintenance it needs at the right time and enables you to locate nearby AutoZone auto technicians.


Fixd integrates service reminders, maintenance tracking, and diagnostics capabilities. Additionally, its intuitive design makes managing auto maintenance easier, guaranteeing the smooth and effective operation of your car. It contains tools for recording your car’s maintenance history and setting service reminders, much like iCarScanner and CarMD.


By using the OBD-II connection on your automobile to scan for DTCs and provide understandable explanations of code meanings and potential fixes, this platform provides a user-friendly experience.

It is a useful app for anyone trying to understand automotive diagnostics better.  CarMD uses the OBD-II port on your automobile to check for DTCs and gives details on potential fixes and the significance of the codes.


MyCar is a free tool created to assist you in keeping track of maintenance and determining the worth of each of your vehicles. With features and tools MyCar is design to make owning and maintaining your autos easier.

With a MYCAR purchase, the first year of service is free. Each subsequent year, it costs $39.99. MyCar is sold under various names, however all of them are identical and compatible with one another save from the sticker on the product.


Can I start my car with my phone?

Actually, you can. With a digital auto key, you can lock, unlock, and start your vehicle from your Android phone.

How do I keep track of oil changes?

Using an auto maintenance app, you can keep track of your vehicle’s repair schedule once you’ve located a reputable technician.

Modern cars have longer interval servicing requirements, which an app for vehicle maintenance can track, in addition to routine tire rotations and oil changes.

How do cars check oil life?

Simple oil life monitors merely compare the number of miles you drive to a factory-programmed mileage interval.

The technology just lets you know when you need another oil change through the driver’s information display as long as the oil level and temperature stay where they should be.

How can you choose a car maintenance app?

When choosing a maintenance software, take your requirements, financial constraints, and preferred platform into account. You can make an informed decision by trying out a few options and reading customer reviews.

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