Amazon Product Review Jobs

Are you the type of person who wants to review new items while getting paid for the time you spend there? Then Welcome to Product Review Jobs, where Amazon assists people who wish to sample things on Amazon and test such goods while receiving the product for free as well as paying for their efforts in posting their reviews online.

Amazon Product Review Jobs

That’s right, test things you receive for free on Amazon then get paid to evaluate and keep them. All you’ve got to do is read through this blog for more details.

Amazon Product Review Jobs

Product testing can be an attractive employment option for those who wish to work by reviewing products. If you’re interested in the Amazon product review job, you ought to understand the training and qualifications companies require in a candidate to guarantee you’re qualified. Understanding what steps you may take to pursue this position might help you determine whether it’s an ideal match for your interests and skills.

Advantages of Reviewing Amazon Products

Previously, Amazon enabled retailers to give customers discounts for free Amazon products in return for reviews. However, as a consequence of all the bogus 5-star reviews from customers looking for free items, the internet retailer changed its policy to ensure that sellers may distribute promo codes but not gather reviews.

This action altered the online ecosystem, with many review websites closing as the vulnerability was closed. However, more flaws emerged during the procedure. (I’ll address that later).

However, there are certain advantages to becoming an Amazon product tester. These are a few examples:

  • Shipping is free. If you have Amazon Prime as a reviewer, you can get free shipping on any items you purchased.
  • Assist purchasers. Your Amazon product feedback may assist others learn more about the item offered based on your review. Because most consumers, like yourself, are interested in learning about other people’s experiences before purchasing an item, you are contributing to the information that purchasers require while shopping.
  • Freebies and gifts are available. The primary benefit of becoming a product tester is the opportunity to advance to the position of top reviewer. Sellers will offer you free things and gifts in exchange for your feedback.

How to Become an Amazon Product Tester

Amazon’s standards regarding the company’s testing program and the way sellers can get reviewers to try to test their products in exchange for assessments and feedback are constantly changing. This implies that product companies and reviewers are going to have fewer options. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways of becoming an Amazon product tester that one can explore.

They are right here below:

Join a Facebook Review Group

Amazon review groups on Facebook exist simply as an opportunity location for vendors and testers to swap services. Amazon has no control over or manages Facebook groups. In exchange for a positive review, an advertiser might approach reviewers to offer them discounts or freebies. A free refund through PayPal is often offered.

This is in contrast to Amazon’s present regulations, which ban vendors from providing items for free in return for a review. However, it is a weakness that Amazon is going to discover difficult to close as it is not traceable. As a result, there are numerous fake reviews of goods.

Be a Part of Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a reviewer program to which you have to be invited. You have to first build your reputation as a reviewer before being permitted to join. As an Amazon reviewer, you receive a rank according to how much positive feedback you have submitted as well as how other consumers perceive your input.

Check Review Sites

If you are interested in trying a product for free in order to compose a review. However, you may sign up for Amazon review sites to get discount codes which you can use at checkout.

The coupon code can bring the price of the item to being free or very near to free, like a couple of dollars. The merchant pays the delivery price because Prime members get it shipped for free regardless. Sites such as The Crown Choice free testing Programs, VIP Power Club, Home Product testing, TestZon, Vipon, and lots more.

Then Build your Social-Media Page

If you want to be paid to test items, the most effective path for you to take is to start your own blog and develop your profile on social media.

Vloggers and bloggers have become known as micro-influencers, and numerous businesses want to attract attention by paying people who already enjoy a following to test their products. Epic Aquarium, for example, is a reputable website that tests and reviews various aquarium equipment.

How to Start Reviewing

Now that you’ve learned how to become a product reviewer, you’re ready to learn how to assess things on Amazon. Here’s the thing you should do.

Step 1:

Create an Amazon account that links to your email address. You may narrow down the areas where you consider yourself an expert.

Step 2:

Begin working on your reviews. Remember that the more frequently you leave comments on purchased things, the more visible you will be as an online reviewer. Avoid building up reviews on your profile.

Step 3:

Keep reviews brief and objective because your goal is to assist other consumers understand the product and what you liked about it.

Step 4:

Keep a watch out for new product launches on Amazon. Once you’ve published your review, it will appear among the top five review sites, where customers can vote.

Step 5:

Describe what happened to you with the product. Write down any advantages or disadvantages you have to assist other consumers decide whether the product will work for them.

Step 6:

Examine Amazon things that you truly desire. Stick to a specific field if you happen to have a particular one in mind.

Step 7:

Examine any existing reviews. If a product has a lot of reviews, it is going to be difficult for people to notice what you have said. Items with few reviews, on the other hand, can make it easy for others to read your thoughts on the product.

Step 8:

As an Amazon reviewer, you ought to constantly update and optimize your own page. Make sure that your profile includes your contact information and preferred specialization so that sellers can quickly discover you.

Step 9:

It’s always an excellent idea to start reviewing products you have already purchased. Start submitting reviews if you’d like to boost your chances of earning an invite from Amazon Vine. It is preferable to present videos or images of the goods and to be as detailed as possible with your reviews.


How Much Does an Amazon Reviewer Get Paid?

The average annual salary for working From Home Amazon Product Review in the US is $153,698 a year as of July 30, 2023. If you require an immediate salary calculator, that comes out to around $73.89 an hour.

Does Amazon Hire Product Reviewers?

Instead, it’s a part-time occupation for Amazon customers who regularly purchase from the retailer, provide their honest impressions, and help others make informed choices. This is likewise a granted invitation program, which means Amazon employs reviewers depending on their Amazon review rating.

Can I Get Paid to Test Amazon Products?

Depending on the particular program or opportunity, Amazon product testers may or might not get paid. Some product testing organizations can provide free products in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews, with testers able to maintain what they receive.

How Do I Become a Reviewer and Get Paid?

Get Reviewed is considered to be one of the best places for exploring if you want to get paid to write reviews. For sponsored reviews and blog entries, the website will pay you cash. To be accepted into this program, you have to have a self-hosted website with a domain name authority of at least 20 or higher.

Can I Get Paid to Review Products?

Companies frequently engage testers to review their products before selling them. These persons typically receive a time limit, such as one to two weeks, to experiment with a product and submit a review.

How Do you Know if Amazon will Hire you?

Unfortunately, they are unable to contact every applicant who uploads a résumé. Log into your application profile and analyze the roles you’ve applied for to figure out where you currently stand. Candidates for Amazon Fulfillment Center and warehouse opportunities can monitor the current state of their applications.

How Long Does It Take Amazon to Hire?

The hiring procedure at Amazon takes about two weeks. It may vary based on the position that you’ve applied to and the number of interview candidates. The process can be longer for management and senior posts because there’s usually more focus on finding the right fit.

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