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Airbus U.S. Space & Defense will provide individuals with the education and expertise necessary to launch a profession in anything from engineering to company operations and marketing to developing advanced satellites.

Airbus Internship

An organization that is determined to succeed and is different by design. You will serve as a genuine collaborator and contribute to real projects in your profession while enrolled in the Airbus Internship program. To get ready for the changes that are ahead, you will also have the chance to participate in offline as well as online networking events as well as growth seminars.

Our goal is to give our students the chance to strengthen their educational foundation via practical training. Candidates must be enrolled as graduates or undergraduates majoring in an associated field at an accredited university or college at the point of application.

Airbus Internship

The development of an expert mentality is a key aspect of this experience. The students are expected to grow in personality and ability to manage challenging circumstances in the real world of business.

It can be challenging to get a job through Airbus’ internship program. Why do an Airbus internship? At Airbus, employees are quite pleased with and dislike workplace services. Since it’s summertime, an internship should be fun and also educational. Employees at Airbus claim they are never bored at work. Furthermore, 100% of those polled say they have strong friendships with their coworkers.

An internship or placement program aims to provide students with the chance to solidify their academic grounding via practical experience.

About Airbus

Airbus dominates the aerospace, space, and allied services sectors internationally. The corporation has the sector’s broad range of passenger airliners and employs 130,000 people. With over 1500 employees spread over 17 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Airbus Australia Pacific (AAP) is the most significant helicopter firm in the area.

Training and Development

Through this program, Interns are given a chance to complete an internship for six months in a team that is pertinent to their area of expertise under the close guidance of a Senior Engineer. You will support the distribution of solutions for engineering for the C130J Hercules, the MRH Taipan, and the ARH Tiger.

Through the work experience program, you can regularly network and form connections among other ambitious, similar-minded individuals. You will be exposed to a wide range of intriguing works. And also challenging projects while working across various engineering groups through organized rotations ranging from design tasks to during-service support.


Below are some key tips and perks an individual can enjoy while interning at the Airbus firm.

  • There are opportunities for flexible hours with the possibility of a 9-day fortnight and hybrid working.
  • Clearly defined operational and strategic objectives with significant potential for long-term commercial success
  • Also, you get access to supportive processes, procedures, and systems that contribute to your development.
  • Discounts on travel, attractive wage packaging, wellness plans, and many more are available.
  • Culture and Vibe
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Progression

Reasons to Apply

Be your Boss: You get to choose your research subject and determine the course you are interested in, applying your expertise and skills to the commercial world.

Be an expert at the edge of innovation and technology discovery – Ph.D. projects are frequently passion projects that let you go further into an area that interests you. And after a period of three to four years, you will be considered an expert in the area you specialize in. Additionally, standing up to the existing quo and winning praise from others may be extremely rewarding.

Paid Opportunity: Most of our PhDs are considered compensated work while the study is done. A significant time, financial, and labor commitment must be made to obtain a business Ph.D. However, the rewards for passing the examination can be equally important. At Airbus, obtaining a business Ph.D. opens up extremely fulfilling career opportunities.

Travel Opportunities: Globally, they offer a wide choice of Ph.D. programs. Apply for a position that most closely fits your qualifications.


You need to be able to work in a team atmosphere and have much-developed relationship skills, in addition to solid written and verbal skills, for a successful engineering intern. However, you have to be able to live out the respect, reliability, creativity, focus on clients, integrity, and teamwork values of Airbus.

You can anticipate the ones that follow among your regular activities:

  • Assisting and collaborating with senior engineers and specialists
  • Participation in difficult but fruitful initiatives
  • Assisting in the development of engineering investigations
  • Research on specifications for products

How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply for the Airbus Internship through this link and for more information Click on the Apply on Employer Site option on the page to continue.


When is the best time to apply?

Search for our opportunities about two months before the upcoming academic year. However, certain jobs are advertised with a pressing need to fill them.

Does Airbus provide relocation for internships?

No, Airbus does not offer relocation assistance for interns. All of our internships are compensated, though.

The students must secure lodging and, where necessary, make payment for it.

Does Airbus Hire Interns?

Internship opportunities are available at numerous Airbus offices in North America and Canada. We’ll offer you the skills and experience you need to launch your career, and together we’ll make it fly in everything from engineering to human resources, supply chain to aeronautics, and everything in between.

What is the highest-paying job at Airbus?

Airbus High-Paying Positions

  • Technical Solutions Manager.
  • Embodiment Operations Manager.
  • Flight Control Systems Development Engineering Specialist.
  • Senior Project leader
  • Configuration change Structure.
  • Project Planning Manager.
  • Technical Solutions Manager.
  • Head Of Supply Management Transformation.



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