ACU International Students Scholarship 2023 – APPLY NOW!

Qualified Candidates may now submit applications for the ACU International Student Scholarships 2023 program.

ACU International Students Scholarship 2023
ACU International Students Scholarship 2023

Every student at the Australian Catholic University are eligible for this fully financed grant.

ACU International Students Scholarship 2023

Australian Catholic University (ACU) awards scholarships to overseas undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence in prior courses.

The major goal of the ACU International Student Accommodation Scholarship is to persuade international students to stay in ACU residence halls, which attract students from a variety of backgrounds and have correspondingly varied objectives and support requirements.

For a whole year, it offers a 20% reduction in rental costs at ACU Student Accommodation sites. Supporting international students with the expense of living in ACU student housing through the ACU International Student Accommodation Scholarship.

Benefits of the ACU Scholarship

The ACU International Scholarship offers the following benefits:

  • The scholarship will pay for half of your full-time tuition for the bare minimum of your course’s length (including RPL/Credit).
  • The Selection Committee may give consideration to the diversity of the source countries of applicants and the courses in which they are enrolled.

There are 20 scholarships offered each year (14 in Semester one and 6 in Semester two)

Eligibility Criteria

By the deadline for applications, applicants who complete all of the following requirements will be considered for this scholarship:

  • Citizenship of international students.
  • Any coursework degree from ACU (apart from graduate certificate and route programs).
  • The first year of education (Commencing a new ACU course in Semester 1, 2023).
  • You must take up a full-time academic load.
  • The rest of the campus.
  • You must be invited to start a postgraduate or undergraduate program at ACU in the first semester of 2023.
  • You must have at least 80% (or a 5.8 GPA on the ACU 7-point scale) in prior coursework that was finished within the last two years (for applicants applying for undergraduate degrees) or four years (for applicants applying for graduate degrees) (for postgraduate applicants).
  • You must submit an application for an ACU program at the same level of study as your current credentials or higher.
  • You are ineligible for any additional ACU scholarships or awards.
  • You cannot be an ACU exchange or study abroad student.

Requirements for ACU International Students Scholarship

Consider the following awardees in order to preserve their eligibility for this scholarship:

  • An overall course GPA of 4.75 or above (based on the ACU’s seven-point scale).
  • A minimum grade of Pass for each unit they were registered for during the previous study period.
  • After the first enrollment, the scholarship cannot be transferred to different programs or campuses.
  • For up to a year while a student is on an authorized leave of absence, the scholarship is still in effect.
  • By the appropriate due dates, students must pay the necessary tuition payments.
  • Also, successful candidates must consent to support marketing initiatives and serve as ACU student ambassadors.

How to Apply

To Apply for the ACU Scholarship follow the steps provided below:

  • Visit the ACU online portal to submit your application.
  • Click the “Apply Now” button.
  • On the next page, carefully fill out the application form.
  • Upload the required document asked.
  • After that, you can simply click the “Submit” button.

These are the steps to apply for the ACU International Students Scholarship.

Application Deadline

Any application for ACU International Students Scholarship must be submitted before October 8, 2023.


What is a Good GPA for ACU?

To be eligible you must present proof of academic merit, demonstrating completion of at least 80% of your most recent program of study on average (GPA of 5.8 on the ACU 7-point scale).

What Courses Do ACU Offer?

ACU offers students the chance to study the following courses:

  • Agriculture
  • Basic Medical Sciences.
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies.

How Many International Students are at ACU?

About 4,100 students from other countries. As a global network of more than 200 partners. seven sites spread across Australia, plus a global campus in Rome, Italy.

Does ACU Have Dorms?

At ACU, living on campus is both practical and deeply intimate. Our residential amenities include a selection of high-quality eating alternatives, use of our fitness centers, laundry and dry cleaning, shared study, and social areas, and dorm configurations to fit your ideal living situation.



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